Te-kyu Ep.61: "Backdraft" with senpais

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TOKYO MX and SUN-TV broadcast Te-kyu sixth season.
It's very cold, so Kanae and Marimo are shivering at the schoolyard. Nasuno is with them, but she feels warm because she is wearing a jersey lined with fur. Kanae and Marimo are jealous.
Official site: http://te-kyu.com/
CD of the theme song: azB0162MR5FM
BD of the sixth season: azB0166EMO9S
You can read the original manga on web: http://comic-earthstar.jp/
The EarthStar Honpo*: http://shopping.hobidas.com/earthstar/index.html
*Sells products which are about contents of Earth Star.

Additional Information:
Episodes 61-72 are the sixth season. Niconico Channel of it is ch2614800

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てーきゅう 6期


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