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Te-kyu Ep.37: "Men in Black" with senpais


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Video Description:

Tomalin is an extraterrestrial girl. She lives in Marimo's house. One day, Marimo forgot to bring her lunch box, so Tomalin delivered it. She asked members of te-kyu club to guide Kameido high school, but something became strange there.
Official site: http://te-kyu.com/
CD of the theme song: azB00VQRVU14
CD of Qunka!*: azB00VRAAP8O
BD of the fourth season: azB00VPHB1GY
You can read the original manga on web: http://comic-earthstar.jp/
*The theme song of the fifth season.

Additional Information:
Episodes 37-48 are the fourth season. Niconico Channel of it is ch2606543

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早口過ぎてついていけない超高速ギャグアニメ「てーきゅう」が帰ってきた! 2015年春より待望の第4期がスタート!...

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