Now, the road of the future

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It's been four years since the Great Earthquake. It 'something that belongs to the past. However, the affected areas are still rebuilding. This reconstruction of events is a short animation made with the aim to stop the nightmare memory and appreciate the reconstruction work done so far. At the Tokyo Medical University, Jun Azuma aims to become a doctor in Tokyo, Kaorutaira Sato was considered a fisherman born. One day, suddenly, the Great Earthquake struck their hometown. Atsushi thinks highly of becoming a local doctor. Kaorutaira hate the sea. he will go away from home, meet with agriculture in mountainous areas. Four years after the earthquake, Atsushi decide to visit the disaster area, Kaorutaira is saved by agriculture. Agriculture is the hope.

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声優・松岡由貴がMCを務め、毎週様々なゲストをお迎えする声優バラエティ番組! みなさまの乾いた“魂”にうるおいを与えます!...

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