【Odottemita Off Official】15 Dancers Choreographed "39" and Danced it, so We would like to Dance with All of You

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Miracle collaboration with 15 dancers!
The song that we choreographed this time: "39"(Thank you) so18274463

Mirrored version is here→watch/1424613142
Mirrored and 75% slower version is here→watch/1424614063
The broadcast for this choreography composition is here("live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv209016287")
※This video was filmed after the choreography had been composed without sufficient practicing,
because we hoped that you were able to practice it as soon as possible.

■The dancers who joined to choreograph
Kozue Aikawa (愛川こずえ) Kyoufu (恐怖。), Kento Kurou (九瓏ケント), Gets (ゲッツ), Sacchaso (さっちゃそ), Tadanon (ただのん), Turuti (つるてぃー)
Torasan (とらさん), Fine (ファイン), Bouto (暴徒), Manako (まなこ), Miume (みうめ), Melochin (めろちん), Yakko (やっこ), Imamegu (いまめぐ)

Bunshichi (文七)

■"Nico Nico Odottemita Off"
March 1st, 2015 at the Nico Nico Odottemita Off place
15 dancers will take a lesson for dancing with this choreography.
Let's practice dancing with watching this video, and let's dance together!
Let's dance together and contribute your videos, even though you'll join the event or not!


◆Orientation lesson for dancing@Nico Nico Main Office
①February 23rd (Mon.) Details here ("nicohonsha.jp/archives/1875")
②February 27th (Fri.)Details here("nicohonsha.jp/archives/1955")

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