【Q’ulle】Because It's Warm (Attakaindakaraa♪) -Super Cuticle ver.-Danced_it【Kumamushi】

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Video Description:

This is a miracle collaboration with Kumamushi!

We danced together to the choreography that Mr. Hasegawa choreographed and Q'ulle arranged.

At the Q'ulle's event for commemorating the debut single CD, "mic check one two", Kumamushi, from a comedian combination, entered the stage as a surprise guest in an encore.
Kumamushi introduced his song, "Attakaindakaraa♪", which was from his debut single CD released on Februaly 4th, the audience livened up.
Kumamushi Hasegawa dreamed that he danced in the center of an idol group. He offered Q'ulle to dance together to the uptempo arranged version song, Attakaindakaraa♪ -Super Cuticle ver. Thus, this collaboration was realized.
Watch Q'ulle's effective dance and Kumamushi's powerful image that Hasegawa, beared face and bald man, danced wearing costumes like idols!!

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