【Aikawa Kozue x Goto Seina】we danced LukaLuka★Night Fever 【Original x Marshmallow Girl】

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An unexpected collaboration with the original, Aikawa Kozuke, has came true!! Marshmallow Girl Goto Seina is(^ω^)panting, in many ways Please watch even after we strike the final pose!!! To everyone who helped with filming this collaboration, thank you so much!!! Original Choreography Video : sm7517202 Sourced Music : sm6132406Original Music : sm6119955 Filming (sukeb.) : im1713647 Location : Kouenji Pundit Clothing Sponsor : Yume Tenbou Info of these two dancers!! ↓ Aikawa Kozue Official Web Site Aikawa Kozue twitter Aikawa Kozue Danced_it Videos : mylist/8105413 Goto Seina Official Blog Goto Seina twitter Goto Seina Danced_it my list : mylist/47136617 Bunkasha Channel

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