【Dance Matsuri Official】15 Choreographers'「Highway」Original Choreography, We want everybody to Dance It

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A miraculous collaboration by 15 Danced_it choreographers! During the NicoNico Dance Festival, every one choreographed a small part of the song to make this happen. The song used for choreograph this time : 「Highway」 sm13009777 ■Choreographers: Ashibuto Penta, Apricot*, Kyouhu。, Keitan, Get2, Sacchaso, Turutei, Fine Bookie, Bouto, Manako, Miume, Melochin, Yakko, Rabumatsu (Kusarine Project) (Sorted by Japanese Syllabary Order) ■Filming Sponsor : Bunshichi Bunkei ■A Danced_it Festival by Everybody 「NicoNico Dance Festival」This is a dance festival project of gathering NicoNico Dancers who make original choreography, let them choreograph one song together, and have everybody dance it! On the 20th of this month at TFT Hall 1000, these 15 choreographers will be doing lessons for this song. We welcome everybody to join us that day!! Everybody please watch this video and practice up, and lets all dance together!! NicoNico Dance Festival Official Homepage http://ex.nicovideo.jp/23htv/dance.html

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