[Official] Cho Party III Performers - "Thieves Night Trick" [Vocalist Only]

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Vocalists who're performing at Nico Nico Cho Party III (April 26/27th, 2014 @ Makuhari Messe) have
come together and made this collaborative video!
(※ Please note that these aren't all the singers who will be performing at the time of the
creation of this collaboration; there were still more performers to be cleared.)

Original song written by Yucha feat. GUMI (sm20008695).
Illustrations provided by May-Disease Mario (co22256) and Ariko (co518306).

Nico Nico Cho Party 2016 is coming back to the Saitama Super Arena, November 3rd!
Official Site: http://choparty.jp/

■Nico Nico Cho Party 2016 Outline
Date: November 3rd, 2016
Venue: Saitama Super Arena

■Ticket Sales
・Real Ticket: 6800 Yen/$66.67 USD(for designated seats at the Live Stage)
・Net Ticket:Details to be announced.
Be sure to check the site for more details! http://choparty.jp/

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