【Merli Demo Song】Justitia【Daisuke-P】

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This is VOCALOID3 Merli's demo song, "Justitia".
This library is 100% done.

<<VOCALOID3 Merli Release Date>>
Downloadable version: December 24, 2013
Packaged version: Late January 2014

At Comic Market 85, the album "Merli ~Light and Darkness~" will be on presale.

『 Justitia 』
Vocals: Merli
Music and Lyrics: Daisuke-P
Illustration: CARNELIAN

【Merli Demo】 Fate Leading star 【Beat Charger】→ so22473369
【Merli Demo】 Immature world 【Taishi】→ so22473387

i-style Project: http://i-style.surpara.com/
twitter: http://twitter.com/i_style_vc3
Music CD "Merli ~Light and Darkness~": http://music.glaive.net/i-style/cd_merli.php
Sleep-inducing app "Goodnight Merli": http://i-style.surpara.com/app_oyasumi2
Escape game "Lapis and the Magical Melody": http://i-style.surpara.com/app_melody

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