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Te-kyu Ep.24: "Ratatouille" with senpais


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Video Description:

Udonko gives coupons of her udon restaurant to Kanae and Yuri. They go there, but its building and serving are too extraordinary.
CD of the theme song: azB00D7803HM
The original manga vol.6: az4803005079
BD of the second season: azB00DSLI6Y0
Niconico Channel of the second season: ch2576296
Niconico Channel of the first season: ch1212
Official site: http://te-kyu.com/

Additional Information:
Ratatouille is a film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. In Japanese, the film is called "レミーのおいしいレストラン". Part of the character string is used in Japanese title of Te-kyu Episode 24.
Episodes 13-24 are the second season.
The next episode is #25. Episodes 25-36 are the third season.

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あのカオス過ぎる超高速アニメが帰ってきた! 「てーきゅう」2期の公式ページ。 最新話は1週間無料。

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