On Aug 18 "Niconico Dance Master 5" Announcement Trailer

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Video Description:

Important Announcement from "Niconico Dance Master" Festival on "Danced it"

■Time and Date:
 Scheduled to start at 18:00 (in JST) on August 18 (Sunday), 2013
 Differ Ariake
 【Real Tickets】
   Advance tickets: 2,000 yen on sale with great popularity
 【Internet Streaming Tickets】
   ・ Free of charge for the main part of the program
   ・ 500 points to enable viewing until "The END" part
    For purchasing Internet streaming tickets:
     - https://secure.live.nicovideo.jp/event/niconicodancemaster2013

For purchasing advance tickets (Real Tickets)
 - http://ex.nicovideo.jp/danmas/danmas5ticket

Reserve now for timeshift viewing: lv137169667

Official page on the details on Dance Master (in Japanese)
 - http://ex.nicovideo.jp/danmas/

♪ Music (1st song): BANQO.(rest or stay?) "FINAL DANCE" sm17876539
♪ Music (2nd song): Lunachu "Forbidden Girl Plus A" sm20629698

◆Official pages on Master Festivals in this summer (in Japanese)
 - http://ex.nicovideo.jp/natsumaster/

Rebroadcasting "Dance Master 4" has been determined!!
■Time and Date:
 21:00 - 25:15 on July 20 (Saturday) in JST: lv144779006
 Don't forget reserving timeshift also on this!!

[ Commentary from the Translator ]

18:00 in JST on Aug 18 is 9:00 in UTC on Aug 18.
 JST is always 9 hours ahead of UTC and has no summer time.

500 points (ポイント) on Niconico correspond to 500 yen (円).
・On purchasing 500 points on Niconico, start from clicking the blue button
 "ネットチケット購入" (to purchase streaming tickets) on the page: lv137169667
・Then click the red button "ポイントを購入する>>" (to purchase points)
 at the bottom of the next page.
・Then click the button "500ポイント購入" (500 points purchase) and then choose
 the payment method.

Below is a part of explanation on lv137169667 for timeshift viewing on Dance Master 5:

【Sale Period (of Internet streaming tickets to enable viewing until "The END" part)】
 ・Until 23:59 (in JST) on September 17 (Tue), 2013.

【About viewing the program after the end of its live broadcast (Timeshift viewing)】
 (This item is probably applied to both the main and "The END" parts of the program)
 ・Timeshift viewing (viewing after the live broadcast) is available with this program
  after the end of its live broadcast.
 ・Timeshift will be available since about 30 minutes after the end of the live broadcast.
  It will be available until 23:59 (in JST) on September 24 (Tue), 2013.
 ・Timeshift viewing will expire at the time of "the program hours + 24 hours" after you
  begin to view it.
 ・Timeshift viewing will expire after 23:59 (in JST) on September 24 (Tue), 2013 even if
  you are on viewing it.

 ・Purchased points cannot be refunded regardless of any reasons.
  (The points are probably available also for other paid programs on Niconico.)

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