Menimeni Manimani (Theme Song of Te-kyu Second Season) - PV

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This is a promotional video of Menimeni Manimeni. It is the theme song of Te-kyu second season, and sung by Nasuno Takamiya. She is voiced by Kyoko Narumi.
CD of the song is now on sale!
Te-kyu is a very fast anime! The first season was broadcast in Q4 2012. Then, the second season came in Q3 2013!
On the CD jacket, Nasuno Takamiya is dancing the samba!
The full version, the TV version, the arranged version, the Instrumental and Te-kyu reading dramas* are included in the CD.
CD of this song: azB00D7803HM
BD of the second season: azB00DSLI6Y0
Niconico Channel of the second season: ch2576296
Niconico Channel of the first season: ch1212
Official site:
*In reading dramas, voice actors of the anime are reading episodes of the original manga aloud.

Additional Information:
Te-kyu episodes 13-24 are the second season.

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あのカオス過ぎる超高速アニメが帰ってきた! 「てーきゅう」2期の公式ページ。 最新話は1週間無料。

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