Track all finally found [Miku Hatsune]! ? Promotional video for the over-the-counter "Hatsune Miku-P

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What what this cherry ーーー っ! ? · · · We are sorry and would fret. Yes, yo is one of the last songs Senbonzakura! ! So elaborate a little on PV, further details in the full version if you can enjoy the world! Now accepting applications still "Hatsune Miku-Project DIVA-F"! Ne, please come and get pretty good because it can also strap Book Award. I think here is the video at the end of January and can be seen in the shop, please ー not tasted in the shop means the force of the big screen! → official site "Hatsune Miku-Project DIVA-F" → official site "SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project" (No. 1) It is published unsparingly feat twitter account → official. HATSUNE MIKU Project to PV for over-the-counter "Hatsune Miku-Project DIVA-F" [Miku Hatsune]! [Project DIVA F] → watch/1354523132 (C) SEGA (C) Crypton Future Media, Inc.