Te-kyu- Ep.1 "My senior and once-in-a-lifetime encounter

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Te-kyu- is expressive style of tennis like lawn tennis or tenetz. Two girls stand in the tennis court, their names are Yuri and Kanae. Yuri want to practice tennis as usual tennis club activities, however Kanae continue to take crazy pose and action repeatedly, then....
There is Ep.2 link at the last of Japanese description.
This is official Japanese anime broadcasting. It means "not illegal". So have a fun.

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2012年10月7日よりTOKYO MXにて放送開始する、TVアニメ『てーきゅう』のニコニコ動画チャンネル。アニメの見逃し配信や、ニコニコ生放送な...

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