【Itowokashi】Share,We are【Pocky】

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Hello, we are LeftyMonster and Itou Kashitarou!
This time, we have tried makign a song responding to the theme of「Share」.
We have made the video with the cooperation of everyone in Itabashi Inari Street Shopping District (http://www.inari-st.jp/).
Everyone welcomed us, two suspicious people warmly...!
It is a lovely shopping district so, do drop by the street if you are somewhere near!
After watching this video, we would be really happy if a weight was lifted off your hearts.
Thank you in advance!!

Lyrics LeftyMonster/Itou Kashitarou
Music LeftyMonster
Video-recording Taltor
Appearance, Cooperation Itabashi Inari Street Shopping District
(Itowokashi:LeftyMonster/Itou Kashitarou)

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ポッキークリエイターズ 【音楽部門】


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