[GUMI, Lily, Kamui Gakupo] Lost Rhapsody [Who is Vocaloid-P?!]

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9/19 (water) There will be a music quiz included in bokaro-P's "V Love 25 -Desire-", which will be released on Wednesday!
This song, a popular Vocaloid creator wrote this song!
...I wonder who produced this song, though? I hope you all enjoy it! ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Lost Rhapsody/??? feat. Gumi, Lily, Kamui Gakupo.
Lyrics, composition, arrangement: ???
Illustration: Suzu no suke (鈴ノ助) 【mylist/14615344
Animation: TSO (to sa o/とさお)【mylist/23603649】 / va-va

To answer bokaro-P's deceptive quiz, you have to use the ID that is included with the CD.
There are special goods for the lottery-winner, so hurry and apply!

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