【sasakure.UK×DECO*27】39【Music Video】

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Video Description:

This is the music video of Hatsune Miku's 5th anniversary song,「39(San-Kyuu/Thank You)」.

Starting from August 14 to September 10, this song will be the song for「Miku LOVES Famima!!♪ Campaign」's TV CM!

A thank you scene from UK that transcends time and space!!!!
To the "important" you and to everyone who has supported me, thank you very much.

Thank you for connecting me to a lot of people!
From now on, please take care of me too
thank you, 39!!!!!!!!!!

Music by sasakure.UK
Lyrics by DECO*27
Arranged by sasakure.UK & DECO*27

Guitar:DECO*27 & yuxuki waga (s10rw / fhána)
Programming:sasakure.UK & DECO*27

Concept Design:akka

NEW!! The 3rd Collaboration!"AoHaru No.0.99" Theme Song「Blue Sky Spring Sight」 ▶watch/1363279524
♪The 2nd Collaboration!Christmas・Song「Snow Song Show」 ▶watch/1355246064
♪ And it has been decided that this song,「39」, will be in the SEGA's HATSUNE MIKU Project! ▶watch/1356079385

Translator Notes :
- 39 could be read as San-Kyuu (3=San, 9=Kyuu), that could mean "Thank You" if written in katakana.
- 39 could also be read as Miku if written in kanji (3=Mi, 9=Ku), hence the lines by Miku in the song that said that "Thank You" sounded like its name.
- The meaning of UK in sasakure.UK is...? I don't know, and it looks like Sasakure hasn't given out the true meaning of UK in his name too.
- The "感" and "謝" in Sasakure's thank you scene, "\\└(感´⌒ω⌒`謝)┘//", is thank you, or feeling grateful.

Brought to you by the following channels:
U/M/A/A ch. (ユーマチャンネル)

新世代クリエイターである sasakure.UK や DECO*27、kous が所属し、海外で活躍する Jeff Mills や The Orb 、 Señor Coconut 、 Joseph Nothing...

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