【galaxias!】 galaxias! 【Music Video】

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Video Description:

Shibasaki Kō, DECO*27 and TeddyLoid have become a new creative music group, "galaxias!"

From our debut album 『galaxias!』 which will be released on November 23,
this is the music video of the preview of the title song 「galaxias!」, where a MMD model for "galaco" appears!

all produced by galaxias!
web http://galaxias.jp/
twitter http://twitter.com/galaxias_staff/

Shibasaki Kō
web http://official.stardust.co.jp/kou/
twitter http://twitter.com/ko_shibasaki/

web http://deco27.com/
twitter http://twitter.com/DECO27/

web http://teddyloid.com/
twitter http://twitter.com/TeddyLoidSpace/

◆Model Designer
Lat mylist/18662870

◆Movie Production
MASATAKA mylist/13058155
Yumiko mylist/11553956

Brought to you by the following channels:
U/M/A/A ch. (ユーマチャンネル)

新世代クリエイターである sasakure.UK や DECO*27、kous が所属し、海外で活躍する Jeff Mills や The Orb 、 Señor Coconut 、 Joseph Nothing...

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