【DECO*27】Love-Lost Elegy feat. marina【Music Video】

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Video Description:

The title song from my 2nd Album「Love-Lost Elegy」(release: 2012/12/15)
This is the music video for "Love-Lost Elegy feat. marina".

Vocals:marina(Girls Dead Monster / Angel Beats!)
Guitar:Seiya Nagatomo(Captain Straydum / ARUYO)
Drum:Takeshi Kajiyama(ex.SPARTA LOCALS)

The Trifectionaries are...
DECO*27 mylist/9850666
blog http://deco27.com/
twitter http://twitter.com/DECO27

akka mylist/18414724
blog http://pixiv.cc/akka_1172/
twitter http://twitter.com/akka_1172

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twitter http://twitter.com/mirt0

「Aimai Elegy」album crossfade is here→ watch/1291715313
"A Bird's Love Song feat. GUMI" PV is here→ watch/1292299336
「The Theory of Loving Each Other」album crossfade is here → sm10422048

▼kous' first album「Synthetic Flower Laboratory」(release: 2011/6/22)
"Floating Dreams" PV is here→ watch/1305622933
"Camellia Princess' Love" PV is here→ watch/1305990352
"Shadow, Overlap feat. ef" PV is here→ watch/1306130573

 New song「Light Lag」watch/1309334231

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