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vip店長とは、ニコニコ動画で活動している歌い手、実況プレイヤーである。女性だと疑われがちだが、性別は男性である。概要透き通った中性的・女性的な高い声が特徴。両声類の一人として有名だが、本人曰く「俺は...Read more

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  • Uploaded Dec 24, 07:25 PM

      Ranking -【Merry Christmas!】 Tried to Sing Jingle Bells ver InuNekoTenchou

    【Merry Christmas!】 Tried to Sing Jingle Bells ver InuNekoTenchou

    Tenchou 'Kuro-chan..' 96Neko 'Tenchou...' Kogeinu 'Eh!? What about me?!' Three of them "Merry Christmas!         (´◕言◕)・・(∪ŏ□ŏ∪)・・(◕言◕` )"...

    putting panties on your tree? jingle jingle soft kitty, warm kitty pantsu MERRY CHRISTMAS! Lalala~ A cat in the card! JINGURU...

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  • Uploaded Jul 10, 04:01 AM

      Ranking -【InuNekoTenchou】Setsuna Trip Sang it

    【InuNekoTenchou】Setsuna Trip Sang it

    「Setsuna」so、at a moment。Recored in Team Pet Shop's 2nd ALBUM「Continued・InuNekoTenchou」。Product Page⇛ Song:sm17720979Com...

    tENCHOU i lOVE YOU ! Is this Tenchou's last song?!?!?!! NO Т___Т neko looks so angry mirai! tenchou please dont leave QAQ n...

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  • Uploaded May 01, 01:27 AM

      Ranking -Tried to Sing Matryoshka ver. 96Neko and vipTenchou ※Free

    Tried to Sing Matryoshka ver. 96Neko and vipTenchou ※Free

    Tenchou "Kuro-chan・・" 96Neko 'Tenchou・・・' together "bloomers (panties) are the best.              (´◕言◕)・・・・(◕言◕` )" Great Orig...


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  • Uploaded Feb 07, 03:58 AM

      Ranking -【smiley*2G】けったんなう!【らむ生誕祭2012】


    漆黒の堕天使ことらむだーじゃんの誕生日なので 「けったんなう」を2Gの皆で歌ってみました。 素晴らしい本家様:sm16539814 イラスト:くらゆう様 動画:マツ...

    dem face I hear tenchou T_T come back tenchouuuu 'wwwwwwwwww' http://onsenjikan.dr 8888888888888888888.

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  • Uploaded Jun 27, 03:00 AM

      Ranking -【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing shockingparty

    【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing shockingparty


    Too Perfect <3 Oh my god they're singing Arise's song. lol SO SPARKLY 96nekoooooooooo! LET ME DO is it just me, or do they so...

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  • Uploaded Oct 22, 12:02 AM

      Ranking -[vip tenchou (店長)] I'll Make You Miku Miku! [Vocal Cover]

    [vip tenchou (店長)] I'll Make You Miku Miku! [Vocal Cover]...

    Hello, I'm vip tenchou (vip店長). The music brings back memories, so I sung it. Original→sm19069321 My List→mylist/1000485

    Tenchouuu Remember friends; This person is 101% male. so many miku mmd models MikuMiku dance <3 mmd xD\ 美玖美玖にして...

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  • Uploaded Jul 03, 07:25 AM

      Ranking -Meltdown Sang it vipTenchou

    Meltdown Sang it vipTenchou

    Hot, and high. Original Song→sm8089993MIX:YU(mylist/33916910)Model:Satomi(The・Fucking Assholes)Vocals:vipTencho(MyList mylist/1000485)On the 26th ...

    88888??? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wwww? so sad D: ;_____; ;-; I'm not the only one who makes hand movements when they sing xD I'm ove...

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  • Uploaded Mar 13, 08:25 PM

      Ranking -We tried to sing "SMOKYTHRILL" Ver. InuNekoTenchou

    We tried to sing "SMOKYTHRILL" Ver. InuNekoTenchou

    vipTenchou「Kuro-chan・・」 96Neko「Tenchou・・・」 vip96「Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」 KogeInu「Eh, White d」 vip96「M E R R Y ー C H R I S T M A S...

    it's coming- wait for it qt miss them, lol lol, he looks so girly, though lol, tenchou is a lot higher lol koge.... lol sparkly

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  • Uploaded Sep 25, 04:03 AM

      Ranking -君の知らない物語  歌ってみた(vip店長)

    君の知らない物語  歌ってみた(vip店長)


    아겁나귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㅓㅏ 오늘밤별을보러가자 wow eeeee Babu babu *_* TENCHOU wwwwwwwwwww 赛高 030 I...

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  • Uploaded Jul 31, 03:20 AM

      Ranking -Clock Lock Works (covering it) VipTenchou/Vip店長

    Clock Lock Works (covering it) VipTenchou/Vip店長

    It is a boy. sang it/covered Hot's Dehaki-san's clock lock works. Mix: Suzumu/スズム→mylist/20737161 Song: VipTenchou/vip店長→mylist/1000485 encode: YU→myl...

    88888888888888888888 www

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  • Uploaded Sep 10, 04:00 AM

      Ranking -【vip店長&らん鹿】鹿店長で民法第709条 歌ってみた

    【vip店長&らん鹿】鹿店長で民法第709条 歌ってみた

    ミオヤマザキさんの民法第709条を歌わせてもらいました!不倫は犯罪です不倫は文化ですいい子のみなさんはやめましょう◎。本家様 → sm25052776Vocal:vip店長(@viptentyo...

    TENCHOOOUUUU ♥♥♥♥ techouuuuuuuuuuuuu

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  • Uploaded Feb 18, 07:41 AM

      Ranking -Tried to Sing Panda Hero  vipTenchou

    Tried to Sing Panda Hero  vipTenchou

    hello everyone, I am vipTenchou. I like giraffe, but I like elephant more. panda is...  Original Song-san→sm13386216 My List→mylist/1000485

    voice change in 3...2..1... omg the voice so cute! "no, it's me!" Pa-Pa-Panda V-V-ip *w* I Love This Song Oooow Su Voz ♥ ...

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  • Uploaded Dec 25, 01:51 AM

      Ranking -After School Stride  Sang It ver. InuNekoTenchou

    After School Stride Sang It ver. InuNekoTenchou

    Hello, this is Team Pet Shop. We all aspire to get into Mikagura School. 96neko(Former Basketball Club Member)「Why haven't I grown taller(。≖ˇェˇ≖。)」 Ko...

    kawaiiii ループが止まらんwww 大好き~ Soo cute <3 This just gives me the impression of Cardcaptor Sakura :/ Hooouka...

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  • Uploaded Aug 23, 04:51 AM

      Ranking -Tried to Sing Matryoshka vipTenchou

    Tried to Sing Matryoshka vipTenchou

    hello everyone, I am a male. この曲からなんとなくエロスを感じ取ったので歌わざるを得ませんでした。 Original Song-san→sm11809611 My List→mylist/1000485

    1 2 1 2!!!! This is a guy btw Yes, Tenchou is a guy. もらったチケット i love u so much it hurts my souö 888888888888...

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  • Uploaded May 23, 04:43 AM

      Ranking -螺旋迷宮~Spiral labyrinth~ 歌ってみた vip店長

    螺旋迷宮~Spiral labyrinth~ 歌ってみた vip店長

    4:3の動画の扱いに長けています。原曲→sm3222021MIX:アンジェリーナ・フジィ(ザ・クソヤロウズ)モデル:里美(ザ・クソヤロウズ)歌:vip店長(マイリスト mylist/1...

    xDDD He sings with so much emotion! wwwww It's like a Michael Jackson hat I thought it was real xD LOL That hair MMGGHH AH as...

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  • Uploaded Mar 13, 03:01 AM

      Ranking -I tried to sing Rolling Girl(vipTenchou)

    I tried to sing Rolling Girl(vipTenchou)

    どうもお久しぶりですか?vipTenchou。喉が裂けそうになりましたが、おかげさまで男のままです。原曲さん→sm9714351 マイリスト→mylist/1000485  後半はなんか期待裏...

    XD :LOL やっぱり店長は最高で this kinda reminds me of kuroneko-san somehow all hail king tenchou tf WHY DA VI...

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  • Uploaded Jul 17, 03:25 AM

      Ranking -Liar Sang it vipTenchou

    Liar Sang it vipTenchou

    I want to breath while squeezed between thighs. Original→sm14703600MIX:YU(mylist/33916910)Vocals:vipTenchou(MyList mylist/1000485)On the 26th of Augus...

    i would love this song if it stopped buffering お疲れ様でした!お幸 Omg, how is he able to sing so cutely!!!!!...

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  • Uploaded Feb 25, 01:15 AM

      Ranking -【ぺにーぱふぱふ】TINTINTIN


    どうもvip店長です。「タンタンの冒険」って原題は「Les Aventures de Tintin」って言うらしいですよ。MIX:ふぁねる→mylist/22821203その他:vip店長→mylist/100048520...

    I got it! omg wat am i watching So baaad xD It goes up Tin xD WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Woops qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq Per...

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  • Uploaded Jul 25, 05:00 AM

      Ranking -vipTenchou Last Album「Shikakubatsu」Sang it in a medley

    vipTenchou Last Album「Shikakubatsu」Sang it in a medley

    My head's been damaged by the heat。VOCAL:vipTenchouARRANGEMENT:hisakuniMIX:Angelina Fuji(The Kusoyarous)MOVIE:Maru-PMODEL:Satomi(The Kusoyarous)vip...

    88888888888888888888 we'll miss you tenchou!!!!!! my child.......... nuuuuu dont leave tenchou ;v; Bye bye...

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  • Uploaded Jul 15, 07:39 AM

      Ranking -【vip店長・赤飯】合鍵ガンマンと合鍵忍者 を歌いました。【vipエレキ飯】

    【vip店長・赤飯】合鍵ガンマンと合鍵忍者 を歌いました。【vipエレキ飯】

    赤飯とvip店長で vipエレキ飯(ヴィップエレキハン)です<◎><◎>二人で全力で悪ふざけしました<◎><◎>とくに何かひっかかるようなものはないと思いますのであんまり細かい...

    Those are both guys, yes. too mcuh >/////< xDDD tenga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they voice is girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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  • Uploaded May 31, 06:25 AM

      Ranking -I Tried to Sing World's End Dancehall and I am dying afterwards(vipTenchou)

    I Tried to Sing World's End Dancehall and I am dying afterwards(vipTenchou)...

    Hello everyone, I am a male that sounds like female. however my throat is dead. Original Song-san→sm10759623 video→sm10763513 eh this is not the video of o...

    何これ 何このイラスト 可愛いいいいいいいい

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  • Uploaded Jul 15, 03:01 AM

      Ranking -【犬猫店長】マリオカートをしながら続・犬猫店長クロスフェード



    Wait If Tencho is retiring that means team pet shop will disband?? CENDRILLION!! YES I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS A LONG TIME!!...

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  • Uploaded Apr 27, 04:43 AM

      Ranking -all night the, idea of two tried to sing vip tenchou

    all night the, idea of two tried to sing vip tenchou

    As taking one of the almost one shot.Original:sm23189603MIX: Angelina Fuji(The Kusoyarous)Video General: Satomi(The Kusoyarous)vocal: viptenchou(Mylist...

    tenchou.. I gonna miss u so much 88888888888888888888 I know what his face looks like! Lol that mo...

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  • Uploaded Jul 21, 06:29 AM

      Ranking -Tried to Sing Mozaik Role (vipTenchou)

    Tried to Sing Mozaik Role (vipTenchou)

    hello everyone, I am a male. なんかいつもより落ち着いた感じになったと思います。賢者タイムです。今日0721の日だしな!! Original Song-san→sm11398357 My List→...

    kawaiiiii <3 <3 大好き店長 so smooth かわいいいいいいい VIPTENCHOUUU I really love your voice <3 OMG... It's so...

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  • Uploaded Apr 03, 02:24 AM

      Ranking -アイシンクアンシン を歌ってみた(vip店長)

    アイシンクアンシン を歌ってみた(vip店長)

    どうも、vip店長です。若干男です。原曲さん→sm3622567 マイリスト→mylist/1000485 動画製作者(sakuさん)のマイリスト→mylist/10107695 動画の素材は豆柴さん(htt...


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  • Uploaded Jul 31, 03:02 AM

      Ranking -キミボシ 歌ってみた vip店長

    キミボシ 歌ってみた vip店長


    88888888888888888888 QwQ This makes me cry every time!! ;-; TT ^ TT 88888888888888888888 ;n; ! wow

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  • Uploaded Feb 15, 02:10 AM

      Ranking -[Vip manager solo CD "YES", "NO" cross fade [2/22 release]

    [Vip manager solo CD "YES", "NO" cross fade [2/22 release]

    It is really Vip manager is a male (vip店長です). It was decided to issue a CD by some freak coincidence. Please watch the video because I had also made a...

    Wah xD Ouuuu *__* I was not expecting this wwwwww

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  • Uploaded Apr 17, 09:04 AM

      Ranking -歌ってみたよ ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバー vip店長

    歌ってみたよ ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバー vip店長

    あ、どうもvip店長です。キー下げて歌ったら悪徳業者みたいなのが混ざってきました。本家→sm6119955 ついでにたこルカ歌ってみた→sm6777207

    The pitch is low xD Dame dame you! X3

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  • Uploaded Jul 25, 11:51 PM

      Ranking -雌豚閣下のネットラジオ(ゲスト:vip店長)



    <3 i love him He likes Sound Horizon? =D Me too~ LOL FUTANARI WHA HAHAHAHA Tenchou-san >.< vipTechou The way he laughs (*´Д...

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  • Uploaded Jul 09, 05:31 AM

      Ranking -vip店長のカカカタ☆カタオモイ-B  loomer

    vip店長のカカカタ☆カタオモイ-B  loomer


    tenchou cantas hermoso muero de ternura al escuchar tu voz a y dile a 96neko que la amo ♥ www The Calling

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  • Uploaded Jun 19, 02:30 AM

      Ranking -流行りの「あったかいんだからぁ」を勇者特急にして歌ってみた。



    Ikanaideeeee 88888888888888888888 Oh my God.. I am so sad TT^TT 888888888

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  • Uploaded Apr 07, 01:22 AM

      Ranking -カンタレラを歌ったれらー(vip店長)



    omggggggg whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 888888888888 かこいい!!! wah >\\\\< 素敵〜

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