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vip店長とは、ニコニコ動画で活動している歌い手、実況プレイヤーである。女性だと疑われがちだが、性別は男性である。概要透き通った中性的・女性的な高い声が特徴。両声類の一人として有名だが、本人曰く「俺は...Read more

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  • Uploaded Jun 27, 03:00 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing shockingparty

    【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing shockingparty


    GOD BLESS DANCING DANCING Original is by A-Rise PET SHOPPPP!! i want them to show this on TV for real The main is yourself, y...

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  • Uploaded Apr 18, 12:10 AM

    vip店長 -Tried to sing Cherry Blossom Banquet vipTenchou

    Tried to sing Cherry Blossom Banquet vipTenchou

    声が映像と合わなさすぎて桜が散りました。Original Song→sm20364432My List→mylist/1000485

    such a pretty voice! ^^ tenchou <3 his voice is so beautiful! Such a lovely voice donkey Wow. This is just amazing voice tale...

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  • Uploaded Feb 24, 03:08 AM

    vip店長 -[Sang_it] 5 Vocalists & 2 Animals Sing Maji Love 2000%

    [Sang_it] 5 Vocalists & 2 Animals Sing Maji Love 2000%

    Congratulations on the third quarter of UtaPri! (latepost) Dasoku [its low...] mylist/9258972Soraru[I was worried whether everyone's voice will match each o...

    mY OVARIESSSSSSSS akatin's pose tho OH MY GOD <3 Ishigantou is such a cutie ugh! :3 <3 Soraru and 96Neko emeghed kyaaaaaaaaaa...

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  • Uploaded May 01, 01:27 AM

    vip店長 -Tried to Sing Matryoshka ver. 96Neko and vipTenchou ※Free

    Tried to Sing Matryoshka ver. 96Neko and vipTenchou ※Free

    Tenchou "Kuro-chan・・" 96Neko 'Tenchou・・・' together "bloomers (panties) are the best.              (´◕言◕)・・・・(◕言◕` )" Great Orig...


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  • Uploaded Aug 02, 06:00 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing At God's Mercy

    【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing At God's Mercy...

    Koge「I want to become God」Tenchou「Okay.」96「If you say so.」Koge「(ㅍ_ㅍ)…。」Original:sm22831329Song and Lyrics:rerulili(mylist/16274546)MIX:Tamayu...

    lalalalalalala T___T I LOVE THEM uwaaaaaaaa :3 good (^o^) OMG! So goddamn cute! ~O///O~ ;LKJHG \KJHBGF ESXERFDVC RFTGVBHJUNM....

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  • Uploaded Feb 25, 01:15 AM

    vip店長 -【ぺにーぱふぱふ】TINTINTIN


    どうもvip店長です。「タンタンの冒険」って原題は「Les Aventures de Tintin」って言うらしいですよ。MIX:ふぁねる→mylist/22821203その他:vip店長→mylist/1000485

    wwww wat but it's so cute >o< wtf again xDDD wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ......

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  • Uploaded Mar 07, 02:00 AM

    vip店長 -【parody MV】The Fox(What Does The Fox Say?)【I tried variously】

    【parody MV】The Fox(What Does The Fox Say?)【I tried variously】

    We tried variously to present Ylvis's 'The Fox' which gives the whole world a great hit. Sang it, danced it, played it, then tried to act like an actor and m...

    ishint mysteriee ~ HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH Such a loli xD hahhahahahahahahahah HAHAHAHAHA OMG. ELAPHANT. xD LOL 888888888888888888 ...

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  • Uploaded May 22, 06:02 AM

    vip店長 -【Hijirikawa Masato】I sang 恋桜 (Koi Sakura) Kogeinu feat. vipTenchou【Character Song】

    【Hijirikawa Masato】I sang 恋桜 (Koi Sakura) Kogeinu feat. vipTenchou【Character Song】

    ダム様オリコンデイリーランキング1位おめでとうございます。演歌ってすんげえ難しいですね。たまげました。唄 : コゲ犬 mylist/18683744 co203737 【Twitter:@kogein...

    OMG so cute wwww kyaaaaa ///////////////// sounds like shouta aoi.. Ooooooo kakkoii ///// OSFIZHsodriJFDG love his vibrato so...

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  • Uploaded Jul 25, 04:00 AM

    vip店長 -【St. Smiley School】Guren no Yumiya (Parody ver.)【smiley*2G】

    【St. Smiley School】Guren no Yumiya (Parody ver.)【smiley*2G】

    St. Smiley School(smiley*2G)with everyone the topic is "I Tried to do a Parody Version".Song:Kageinu, vipTenchou, Rumdarjun, YU, Mi-chan, Kettaro, MucchiO...

    88888888888888888888 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ERMAGASH WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YAASSSS HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Sep 02, 02:04 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】 Sang Secret Police

    【InuNekoTenchou】 Sang Secret Police

    KogeInu「Day after day, looking at youーhahaha<●><●>」 96「 Creep 」Tenchou「 Pervert 」Koge「 W-wait 」Original Song:sm12695779Song・Lyrics:Buriru-sam...

    SMSMSMSM 88888888888888888 96969696969969696969 i love this omg TEAM PET SHOP!! SO CUTE DAT FACE xDD miru <3 YEAH Secret P...

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  • Uploaded Mar 13, 08:25 PM

    vip店長 -We tried to sing "SMOKYTHRILL" Ver. InuNekoTenchou

    We tried to sing "SMOKYTHRILL" Ver. InuNekoTenchou

    vipTenchou「Kuro-chan・・」 96Neko「Tenchou・・・」 vip96「Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」 KogeInu「Eh, White d」 vip96「M E R R Y ー C H R I S T M A S...

    /switch Poor Koge :'( but he's so cute xD <3 xDD Koge anata wa kawaii desu!!! <3 <3 the height differences XD /switch The Fac...

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  • Uploaded Feb 15, 02:10 AM

    vip店長 -[Vip manager solo CD "YES", "NO" cross fade [2/22 release]

    [Vip manager solo CD "YES", "NO" cross fade [2/22 release]

    It is really Vip manager is a male (vip店長です). It was decided to issue a CD by some freak coincidence. Please watch the video because I had also made a...

    I was not expecting this wwwwww

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  • Uploaded Sep 12, 02:00 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】 Tried to sing Sweet Music

    【InuNekoTenchou】 Tried to sing Sweet Music

    若さの塊。 Original Song:sm14044008 Lyrics・Composition:Junky(mylist/13804993) MIX:Tamayura360(mylist/44658558) Illustration:Satou Iruno(mylist/15...

    Kawaii >A< waaaaaaaa lol WWWWWW AAAAHHH WAAA I LOVE THIS so cute~~~~~~~~ cri いい KAWAIIIII >_< Kawaii >< =(^-^)= This is s...

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  • Uploaded Aug 23, 04:51 AM

    vip店長 -Tried to Sing Matryoshka vipTenchou

    Tried to Sing Matryoshka vipTenchou

    hello everyone, I am a male. この曲からなんとなくエロスを感じ取ったので歌わざるを得ませんでした。 Original Song-san→sm11809611 My List→mylist/1000485

    he is I'm trying my hardest to picture him as a guy... this is sooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this voice wattttttttttttt heeee...

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  • Uploaded Aug 10, 01:00 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】CD Crossfade

    【InuNekoTenchou】CD Crossfade


    cute wTF xdd WE NEED SUBTITLES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA waaaaaaaaaaaaaa TENCHOU'S VOICE /// ....wwwww yesh 888888 XD MIRU KEISATSU HIM...

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  • Uploaded Dec 25, 01:51 AM

    vip店長 -After School Stride  Sang It ver. InuNeko Tenchou

    After School Stride Sang It ver. InuNeko Tenchou

    Hello, this is Team Pet Shop. We all aspire to get into Mikagura School. 96neko(Former Basketball Club Member)「Why haven't I grown taller(。≖ˇェˇ≖。)」 Ko...

    우왕 애프터스쿨!! 앗찻챠챠 예전에는이거가사도다 96!!!!!!! ㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇ

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  • Uploaded Jan 02, 11:01 PM

    vip店長 -【犬店長】SPEEDのWHITE LOVEを歌ってみた

    【犬店長】SPEEDのWHITE LOVEを歌ってみた

    店長「どうも!沖縄アクターズスクールから来ました!」犬 「うそだ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」ということで冬ですね。野郎二人で頑張って歌いました。...

    ....nice art. It's so cute! that picture tho this is already so prettyyy I wonder who drew this? xD *cries of happy tears* bu...

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  • Uploaded Jul 28, 05:09 AM

    vip店長 -サキガツモル 歌って・・・み、た?  vip店長

    サキガツモル 歌って・・・み、た?  vip店長

    無茶した!かなり無茶した!よく考えたら俺麻雀って魔の字も知らなかった!! おまけは完全に左右に振ってません。70%ずつくらいです。 本家さん→sm9595431 マイリ...

    yes . XD my life is complete MANLY TENCHOU OMFG FINALLY ...

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  • Uploaded May 31, 06:25 AM

    vip店長 -I Tried to Sing World's End Dancehall and I am dying afterwards(vipTenchou)

    I Tried to Sing World's End Dancehall and I am dying afterwards(vipTenchou)...

    Hello everyone, I am a male that sounds like female. however my throat is dead. Original Song-san→sm10759623 video→sm10763513 eh this is not the video of o...

    <3 screeches happy b-day tenchou! XD LOL cute wwww cute~~ !! LOL beautiful I love you Tenchou~ ! kawaii tenchou >v< TRAP >w< ...

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  • Uploaded Sep 09, 02:24 AM

    vip店長 -般若心経ロック 歌ってみたけど何も悟れなかった vip店長

    般若心経ロック 歌ってみたけど何も悟れなかった vip店長

    どうも煩悩の塊です。動画は「こんな感じで・・・」って言ったらsakuさん(mylist/10107695)が作ってくれました。マジ感謝。 教祖→sm11998050 マイリスト→mylist/100...

    yay hello that face... -_-

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  • Uploaded Aug 04, 12:09 AM

    vip店長 -ワイルド三人娘のキューティーハニー 歌ってみたクソ

    ワイルド三人娘のキューティーハニー 歌ってみたクソ


    TENCHOU. SHOW US YOUR FACE. NOW too cute! honey huh? It's kind of amazing how many people don't seem to realise it's a wif Te...

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  • Uploaded Dec 10, 02:24 AM

    vip店長 -【C85】ザ・クソヤロウズ/BAD TRIP【クロスフェード】

    【C85】ザ・クソヤロウズ/BAD TRIP【クロスフェード】


    hashiyan's rap were lyrics used!!!! yay!!! tenchou so cute I just wanna see your face so badly, tenchou. :) tencho <3 tenchou...

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  • Uploaded Feb 29, 04:00 AM

    vip店長 -聖Smiley学園卒業式2012 ダンス講座

    聖Smiley学園卒業式2012 ダンス講座


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  • Uploaded Dec 24, 07:25 PM

    vip店長 -【Merry Christmas!】 Tried to Sing Jingle Bells ver InuNekoTenchou

    【Merry Christmas!】 Tried to Sing Jingle Bells ver InuNekoTenchou

    Tenchou 'Kuro-chan..' 96Neko 'Tenchou...' Kogeinu 'Eh!? What about me?!' Three of them "Merry Christmas!         (´◕言◕)・・(∪ŏ□ŏ∪)・・(◕言◕` )"...

    Jingle Balls Minnaaa~<3 Bloomeeers! XD it's a Nekoping X) 私はこれが殺される読

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  • Uploaded Mar 13, 03:01 AM

    vip店長 -ローリンガール  を歌ってみた(vip店長)

    ローリンガール  を歌ってみた(vip店長)

    どうもお久しぶりですか?vip転調です。喉が裂けそうになりましたが、おかげさまで男のままです。原曲さん→sm9714351 マイリスト→mylist/1000485  後半はなんか期待...

    TEEENCHÔÔÔÔÔÔÔÔÔ!!! tenchou sugoii 王さま。。。。。 rolllll I like this more boyish voice! omg >.< so good r...

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  • Uploaded Sep 25, 04:03 AM

    vip店長 -君の知らない物語  歌ってみた(vip店長)

    君の知らない物語  歌ってみた(vip店長)


    l can't understand he is man this guy is not girl.... he is famous man he is famous by girl's voice owo> TENCHOU O7O So beaut...

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  • Uploaded Jul 09, 05:31 AM

    vip店長 -vip店長のカカカタ☆カタオモイ-B  loomer

    vip店長のカカカタ☆カタオモイ-B  loomer


    www The Calling

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  • Uploaded Jan 18, 07:22 PM

    vip店長 -男女を歌ってみたついでにイルカに躍らせてみた


    sm1989010を見てつい歌ってしまいました。ついでに100均で捕獲したイルカ殿に踊っていただきました。振り付け指導は罪袋様→sm2013967  カラオケ動画、音源はこちらsm2...

    wwwwww XD This is so funny! \(^w^)/ wwwww bahahahahha Is that really him? O__O Finally!! I get to hear his male voice ^.^ <33...

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  • Uploaded Mar 15, 06:14 AM

    vip店長 -I tried to sing [Double Lariat] vipTenchou

    I tried to sing [Double Lariat] vipTenchou

    Zangulla can throw a SUPER ULIA up with pushing 3 kick buttons. Oh, long time no see! I'm vip店長(vip tencho) I ordered other person to make this video this ...

    eng sub: animelyrics-ArtemisA vocaloid.wikia, yt- [Moetron-Subs] pKjd5 please be by my side When I get worn out from spinning,

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  • Uploaded Apr 12, 08:00 AM

    vip店長 -ニコニコワンダーランドのテーマ 【ワンダーランドの仲間たち】

    ニコニコワンダーランドのテーマ 【ワンダーランドの仲間たち】


    JRTJETRJTKJTKEJRT PEFECT love SO MUCH CANT HANDLE THE CUTENESSSSSSS wtf why so cute so cute!! Mr.wolf!! I would kill for this...

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  • Uploaded Jun 13, 04:44 PM

    vip店長 -悪ノ召使 ヲ歌ッテミタ(vip店長)

    悪ノ召使 ヲ歌ッテミタ(vip店長)

    ドウモvip店長デス。今回モ真面目真面目ノ大真面目ダヨ。サムネ?知ラナイヨ。全然知ラナイヨ    本家→sm3133304 音源→sm3204333  マイリス→mylist/1000485

    wow Tenchou,ur so cool i want to meet chu and just pinch ur kawaii Cheeks~! :D beautiful... tenchou you're freaking awesome h...

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  • Uploaded Jun 25, 05:39 AM

    vip店長 -色気を込めてラ行で『え?あぁ、そう。』歌ってみた※歌詞付き


    どうもvip店長です。ラ行で歌えば更にエロく聴こえるかと思って歌ってみましたが、なんと言いますかね・・・き も ち わ るry  みんなで楽しく歌えるように歌詞...

    t enc hou plesase god bless viptenchou honestly O_O OMG...

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