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vip店長とは、ニコニコ動画で活動している歌い手、実況プレイヤーである。女性だと疑われがちだが、性別は男性である。概要透き通った中性的・女性的な高い声が特徴。両声類の一人として有名だが、本人曰く「俺は...Read more

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  • Uploaded Feb 24, 03:08 AM

    vip店長 -【Sang it】5 Vocalists & 2 Animals Sang Maji LOVE 2000%

    【Sang it】5 Vocalists & 2 Animals Sang Maji LOVE 2000%

    Congratulations on the 3rd quarter of UtaPri! (latepost) Dasoku「It's low...」mylist/9258972 Soraru「I was worried whether everyone's voice would match ea...

    MAFU WHERE ARE YOU 赤ティン♡♡♡♡♡ THAT WAS BEFORE THIS PART tbh I never thought of neko as a trsp because she al...

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  • Uploaded Jul 03, 07:25 AM

    vip店長 -Meltdown Sang it vipTenchou

    Meltdown Sang it vipTenchou

    Hot, and high. Original Song→sm8089993MIX:YU(mylist/33916910)Model:Satomi(The・Fucking Assholes)Vocals:vipTencho(MyList mylist/1000485)On the 26th ...

    Good work Tenchou, you will be missed but your works will be adored. lol he sings more girly than me, a girl and a soprano te...

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  • Uploaded May 01, 01:27 AM

    vip店長 -Matryoshka (Duet Cover) - 96neko & vipTenchou (96猫&vip店長)

    Matryoshka (Duet Cover) - 96neko & vipTenchou (96猫&vip店長)

    vip "Kuro-chan..." 96 "Tenchou..." together "Bloomers (Panties) are the best.              (´◕言◕)・・・・(◕言◕` )" Original song (sm11809...

    Roku jo, Roku jo! ROKU JO, ROKU JO! 33333333333333333333 22222222222222222222 귀여운...

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  • Uploaded Dec 24, 07:25 PM

    vip店長 -Heart à la Mode (Cover) - 96neko and vipTenchou (96猫&vip店長)

    Heart à la Mode (Cover) - 96neko and vipTenchou (96猫&vip店長)

    VIP "Hey... it's Christmas, right?" 96 "Yeah..." VIP "...just one song, okay?" 96 "...Okay." Original song (sm24606671) written by DECO*27, vocals by 96neko...

    This is a kiss sceneeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;-;;;;;;; THE DESCRIPTION IM CRYING THE DESCRIPTION Ahhh!!! To cute!!! awwwwww /-3-)/ Ahh!...

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  • Uploaded Aug 10, 01:00 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】CD Crossfade

    【InuNekoTenchou】CD Crossfade


    KAWAII!!! wwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ~ 22 euro waaaayyyy miru 96neko <3 cute !!! this cd is <3<3<3 <3 waaa...

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  • Uploaded Dec 24, 07:25 PM

    vip店長 -【Merry Christmas!】 Tried to Sing Jingle Bells ver InuNekoTenchou

    【Merry Christmas!】 Tried to Sing Jingle Bells ver InuNekoTenchou

    Tenchou 'Kuro-chan..' 96Neko 'Tenchou...' Kogeinu 'Eh!? What about me?!' Three of them "Merry Christmas!         (´◕言◕)・・(∪ŏ□ŏ∪)・・(◕言◕` )"...

    xDDDD I'm in luv! xDD xDDD asssssssssssssssssss yaoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LOL cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kogue...

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  • Uploaded Mar 13, 08:25 PM

    vip店長 -We tried to sing "SMOKYTHRILL" Ver. InuNekoTenchou

    We tried to sing "SMOKYTHRILL" Ver. InuNekoTenchou

    vipTenchou「Kuro-chan・・」 96Neko「Tenchou・・・」 vip96「Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」 KogeInu「Eh, White d」 vip96「M E R R Y ー C H R I S T M A S...

    LOOOOOL i love you 96neko!!! 96neko san maji tensi!!! 96neko~!!!!!! lovely sss s KUURRRO KURO So the subs aren't moving, Koge...

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  • Uploaded Jun 27, 03:00 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing shockingparty

    【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing shockingparty


    ho ho ho ho ho~~~ 88888888888888888888 Eh, the avatar is fitting for a ryouseirui Nekooooo♥♥♥ tenchouu...

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  • Uploaded Dec 25, 01:51 AM

    vip店長 -After School Stride  Sang It ver. InuNekoTenchou

    After School Stride Sang It ver. InuNekoTenchou

    Hello, this is Team Pet Shop. We all aspire to get into Mikagura School. 96neko(Former Basketball Club Member)「Why haven't I grown taller(。≖ˇェˇ≖。)」 Ko...

    96neko!! che carino~~!!!! i miss tenchou ;-; :-( This song is so cuuuuuute 96neko♥♥♥ wow wos wow 大好き❤❤ 大好...

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  • Uploaded Jul 10, 04:01 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】Setsuna Trip Sang it

    【InuNekoTenchou】Setsuna Trip Sang it

    「Setsuna」so、at a moment。Recored in Team Pet Shop's 2nd ALBUM「Continued・InuNekoTenchou」。Product Page⇛ Song:sm17720979Com...

    96neko san maju tensi!!! aaa cuuuuuuuuute tenchou :-( SHES WEARING A SKIRT u love i kuro nandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i miss him his ...

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  • Uploaded Aug 19, 05:00 AM

    vip店長 -from Y to Y Sang it vipTenchou&96Neko【「Shikakubatsu」Tracklist】

    from Y to Y Sang it vipTenchou&96Neko【「Shikakubatsu」Tracklist】

    「from Y to Y」(sm6529016)MOVIE:Awashima(mylist/29895351)MUSIC&LYRICS:Jimmy Sam-P(mylist/8538985)ARRANGEMENT:hisakuniVOCAL:vipTenchou(mylist/1000...

    I CANT aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the feels tencho :-----( :-( tHIS ISN'T THEIR LAST SONG! But the duet uploaded ...

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  • Uploaded May 01, 02:00 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】 Heaven and Hell Sang it

    【InuNekoTenchou】 Heaven and Hell Sang it

    Koge「I want to go to heaven」Tenchou「Please go」96「Please go」Koge「Wait」■Original:sm20686131+Music&Lyrics:Hitoshizuku×Yama△mylist/8159174 mylist/163...

    i'd go to hell len's hot wwwwwwwww anywhere with 96neko <3 lol ikemen's voice !!!! <3<3<3 ` // w //` ` w ` dem angles arent bad

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  • Uploaded May 22, 06:02 AM

    vip店長 -【Hijirikawa Masato】I sang 恋桜 (Koi Sakura) Kogeinu feat. vipTenchou【Character Song】

    【Hijirikawa Masato】I sang 恋桜 (Koi Sakura) Kogeinu feat. vipTenchou【Character Song】

    ダム様オリコンデイリーランキング1位おめでとうございます。演歌ってすんげえ難しいですね。たまげました。唄 : コゲ犬 mylist/18683744 co203737 【Twitter:@kogein...

    i'm shivering lol wut I got so used to Koge's higher pitch that this is too wierd for me XD WHAAAAAT o(-( OMG so cute wwww ky...

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  • Uploaded Aug 03, 02:00 AM

    vip店長 -magnet sang it ver 96Neko&vipTenchou

    magnet sang it ver 96Neko&vipTenchou

    96neko「No one is more important to me than-」Tenchou「Bloomers」Both『(´◕言◕)・・・・(◕言◕` )』+Music&Lyrics:minato/流星P様 mylist/4348647+Illust:砂...

    that harmony *^* Not really tenchou is like 10 years older :v left koge out? what do you mean he was never in XD tenchou's vo...

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  • Uploaded Aug 23, 04:51 AM

    vip店長 -Tried to Sing Matryoshka vipTenchou

    Tried to Sing Matryoshka vipTenchou

    hello everyone, I am a male. この曲からなんとなくエロスを感じ取ったので歌わざるを得ませんでした。 Original Song-san→sm11809611 My List→mylist/1000485

    TRAAAAAAp i miss you vip店長!!!! i miss you tenchou!!! I'M S C R E A M I N G hoW HE IS A GUY aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ *screaming inte...

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  • Uploaded Aug 04, 12:09 AM

    vip店長 -ワイルド三人娘のキューティーハニー 歌ってみたクソ

    ワイルド三人娘のキューティーハニー 歌ってみたクソ



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  • Uploaded Sep 10, 04:01 AM

    vip店長 -[10人の]マトリョシカ[合唱]



    o.o ;D のぶなが! のぶなが~~~:D のぶなが :3 tane~~ AZ loves Tane jump

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  • Uploaded Aug 02, 06:00 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing At God's Mercy

    【InuNekoTenchou】We tried to sing At God's Mercy...

    Koge「I want to become God」Tenchou「Okay.」96「If you say so.」Koge「(ㅍ_ㅍ)…。」Original:sm22831329Song and Lyrics:rerulili(mylist/16274546)MIX:Tamayu...

    96猫めっちゃいい AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE♥♥♥ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づThats right just leave...

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  • Uploaded Jun 02, 05:00 AM

    vip店長 -聖Smiley学園文化祭2014~ダンス動画~



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  • Uploaded Aug 29, 01:06 AM

    vip店長 -√5の『MERRY GO ROUND』 歌ってみたクソ

    √5の『MERRY GO ROUND』 歌ってみたクソ


    <3333 i love you tenchou!! wwww uwaaah~ <333333 tenchouuuu kawaaaiii satomi! tenchou!!! <3 ちょっとなんだかわい

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  • Uploaded Dec 10, 02:24 AM

    vip店長 -【C85】ザ・クソヤロウズ/BAD TRIP【クロスフェード】

    【C85】ザ・クソヤロウズ/BAD TRIP【クロスフェード】


    tenchou!!! hashiyan's rap were lyrics used!!!! yay!!! tenchou so cute I just wanna see your face so badly, tenchou. :) tencho...

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  • Uploaded Jun 25, 05:39 AM

    vip店長 -色気を込めてラ行で『え?あぁ、そう。』歌ってみた※歌詞付き


    どうもvip店長です。ラ行で歌えば更にエロく聴こえるかと思って歌ってみましたが、なんと言いますかね・・・き も ち わ るry  みんなで楽しく歌えるように歌詞...

    OMG XD MY GOODNESS ........ what is this video... i dont know anymore... tenchou... y... 올ㅋ t enc hou plesase god bless v...

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  • Uploaded Jan 02, 11:01 PM

    vip店長 -【InuTenchou】We Sang SPEED OF WHITE LOVE

    【InuTenchou】We Sang SPEED OF WHITE LOVE

    Tenchou「Thank You!I was from Okinawa Actor's School!」Inu 「Liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」In that winter, 2 guys sang a song。暇な時にでも...

    cute doggo :") No Entiendo Nada TwT Pero Esta Linda La Voz *w* Koge ! o.o ....nice art. It's so cute! that picture tho this i...

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  • Uploaded Mar 07, 02:00 AM

    vip店長 -【parody MV】The Fox(What Does The Fox Say?)【I tried variously】

    【parody MV】The Fox(What Does The Fox Say?)【I tried variously】

    We tried variously to present Ylvis's 'The Fox' which gives the whole world a great hit. Sang it, danced it, played it, then tried to act like an actor and m...

    DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaa kok ngakak love it This is so funny and awesome at the same time So cuuute Hahahaha THIS IS BETTER ...

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  • Uploaded Sep 25, 04:03 AM

    vip店長 -君の知らない物語  歌ってみた(vip店長)

    君の知らない物語  歌ってみた(vip店長)


    みにいこうじぇ!!!!!! :3 大好き 여긴한국어써도되요? 아겁나귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㅓㅏ 오늘밤...

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  • Uploaded Jul 25, 05:00 AM

    vip店長 -vipTenchou Last Album「Shikakubatsu」Sang it in a medley

    vipTenchou Last Album「Shikakubatsu」Sang it in a medley

    My head's been damaged by the heat。VOCAL:vipTenchouARRANGEMENT:hisakuniMIX:Angelina Fuji(The Kusoyarous)MOVIE:Maru-PMODEL:Satomi(The Kusoyarous)vip...

    そっち行く かっこいい かわいいいいいいいい dance cool wwwwwwww wait... thats a guy voice ?!! whoa.... ...

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  • Uploaded Jul 13, 08:00 AM

    vip店長 -vip店長 描いてみた【SO-MA】

    vip店長 描いてみた【SO-MA】



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  • Uploaded May 03, 01:00 AM

    vip店長 -┗|∵|┓『Detained Teacher』 sang it 【Amatsuki x Rumdarjun】

    ┗|∵|┓『Detained Teacher』 sang it 【Amatsuki x Rumdarjun】

    3 years Z-Gumi!The fallen teacher!Rum「煩わしい太陽だな、運命に導かれし我が子羊達よ   今宵の宴も秘められし闇の力を存分に開放するが良い」Amatsuki「Good m...

    don't cry cute that's funny 好きですよ❤❤ はい ❤❤ WHATS HAPPENING YES LIPS SENSEIII I LOVE THIS AMATSUKIIII YES...

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  • Uploaded Sep 02, 02:04 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】 Sang Secret Police

    【InuNekoTenchou】 Sang Secret Police

    KogeInu「Day after day, looking at youーhahaha<●><●>」 96「 Creep 」Tenchou「 Pervert 」Koge「 W-wait 」Original Song:sm12695779Song・Lyrics:Buriru-sam...

    This is so cute, I love it xDD <3 I can´t sing this xDD sooo good!! Human yay and they sound really good together this is so...

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  • Uploaded Feb 18, 07:41 AM

    vip店長 -Tried to Sing Panda Hero  vipTenchou

    Tried to Sing Panda Hero  vipTenchou

    hello everyone, I am vipTenchou. I like giraffe, but I like elephant more. panda is...  Original Song-san→sm13386216 My List→mylist/1000485

    I Miss Tenchou T.T it's sad that tenchou is quitting :( 自分、この声に憧れま

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  • Uploaded Mar 28, 02:09 AM

    vip店長 -「START:DASH!!」歌ってみた 【vip店長、えあろげる、YU】

    「START:DASH!!」歌ってみた 【vip店長、えあろげる、YU】


    only kotori looks ok XD honoka XDDDDDD poor umi XD wwwwwwwwwwwwww GOD! HELP! XD Just imagine them actually sounding like that...

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  • Uploaded Sep 12, 02:00 AM

    vip店長 -【InuNekoTenchou】 Tried to sing Sweet Magic

    【InuNekoTenchou】 Tried to sing Sweet Magic

    The masses of youth. Original Song:sm14044008 Lyrics・Composition:Junky(mylist/13804993) MIX:Tamayura360(mylist/44658558) Illustration:Satou Iruno...

    NEKO X TENCHOU I miss 店長! k kawaii (He might of actually started his family irl when he retired) Aww they are worried he'...

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