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  • Uploaded Oct 07, 02:27 AM

    v_flower名曲リンク -v flower「がらんどう」

    v flower「がらんどう」


    GJ I LOVE BOTH FLOWER X SOHTA OERSKDOKODKSOKRDOF _(:3_JL)_ (:3_JL)_ ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ;...

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  • Uploaded Sep 18, 03:00 AM

    v_flower名曲リンク -【flower】Break out! MMDPV Full Size【Original】

    【flower】Break out! MMDPV Full Size【Original】

    どうもゆよゆっぺです。TV SIZE /sm24181195 をまさたかさんに上げてもらっていた曲のフル尺になります!Lyricist/Composer/Arranger:ゆよゆっぺ mylist/6330215Video...

    This here. This right here, is what inspired to pick up MMD & only look before you. reach out for it, Farther, to the other s...

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  • Uploaded Apr 24, 01:00 AM

    v_flower名曲リンク -【flower】vividest【Original】


    First of all, I apologize...This is my 4th work with flower though I said my trilogy has been completed...(My previous description turned to a lie...)I am re...

    Flower's design is amazing <33 <3 Wow that boy is so hot the new design is hot it looks like a cute guy but NOPE THATS IT I C...

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  • Uploaded Jan 08, 12:00 AM

    v_flower名曲リンク -【flower】To the Girl in the Car Window【Original】

    【flower】To the Girl in the Car Window【Original】

    It's HarufuriIf only I could say goodbye.■Music・Video / Harufuri mylist/38434651 twitter:@harufuri■Illustration / Hifumin mylist/45419357 twitter:@marenitas...

    harufuri is awesome Flower is the best waifu <3 and yes flowerr!!! ilove the song already FLOWER <3 newed more songs with her...

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  • Uploaded May 23, 04:02 AM

    v_flower名曲リンク -【v flower Original】An Ambiguous Reversi【Original MV】

    【v flower Original】An Ambiguous Reversi【Original MV】

    後ろの正面だぁれ。tilt-sixです。番外編その2です。先日新ボーカロイドv flowerのお話を頂いたのでロックに特化したボカロということでロック寄りの曲を作ってみました...

    oh my god this is so nice translation here vocaloidlyrics.wikia http:/...

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  • Uploaded Apr 30, 04:00 AM

    v_flower名曲リンク -【flower】Bouquet Ballad【Original】

    【flower】Bouquet Ballad【Original】

    Hello. This is LiveP.I tried presenting a bouquet stylishly.What is your favorite Vocaloid song?Music: LiveP (ライブP) mylist/12089241 Community co41390Illu...

    wtf this is so good? omg why is this not more popular Que buen manejo de una voz potente. :) 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Aug 14, 04:01 AM

    v_flower名曲リンク -【flower】「Vague Lust Lover」【Original】

    【flower】「Vague Lust Lover」【Original】

    Hello. It's Denporu-P「電ポルP」or koyori. A kinda stupid love. Mylist mylist/12125866 Lyrics ar598089 Karaoke Version http://piapro.jp/t/I0FL Twitter ...

    flower i love you! Fav part everrrr <3 <3 Flower love <3 (._.) ƪ(‘-‘ƪ)(ʃ‘-‘)ʃ(/._.) fav part <3 deeee yyyooo saa...

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  • Uploaded Oct 14, 08:10 AM

    v_flower名曲リンク -【v_flower】The Woodpecker Cries at Night【Original】

    【v_flower】The Woodpecker Cries at Night【Original】

    Good morning, good evening. I'm Yuukizu. This is my 7th submission.『Thye Woodpecker Cries at Night』Music・lyrics・mixing・video/Yuukizu (mylist/46747353)(...

    this song deserves more love flowerr!! nice song :3 GJ

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