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ke-sanβ(けーさんべーた)とは、VOCALOID楽曲を題材とした映像作品(PV)製作者の一人である。男性。概要2009年9月21日に「uzP」の楽曲「Sweet Sweet Cendrillon...Read more

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  • Uploaded Dec 24, 06:44 AM

    【つけまつける】歌ってみた ver.Gero

    【つけまつける】歌ってみた ver.Gero


    <3 OOOOOOOOOh CHUCHUCHUCHUCHU chuchu YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA lord give me strengh adtszgfk CHUCHu JK yeaaaah better WTF GERO wwwwwwww...

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  • Uploaded Aug 05, 03:00 AM




    say OOHHH omyyygod power is in this GERORIN <3 THAT RAP <3 ○□○)!!!! omgg 88888888888888888888 (* v* )!!!! 에ㅔㅔㅔ~ awesome 8888...

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  • Uploaded Jul 30, 04:00 AM

    「Even If That Is Your Happiness」I tried to sing KK

    「Even If That Is Your Happiness」I tried to sing KK

    Don't go. Ahead, along with me.Music/Lyrics : Heavenz  sm20503793Illustration : Ame-Mura『飴村』 : ke-sanβ mylist/146391...

    kk 8888888888 888888888888 please do not write korean.............. 8888888888 I love your song KKsama!! 聲... KK ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 24, 05:53 AM

    I sang 『Reincarnation』【un:c】

    I sang 『Reincarnation』【un:c】

    Good evening! I'm un:c. I was allowed to sing kemu's Reincarnation. ◆Original song:→sm20423253*I was allowed to use male key.◆Encode: kenken mylist/1352532...

    good!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! quack YAAAAAAAAAAAAS so good... damn ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡...

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  • Uploaded Feb 02, 02:01 AM




    i can't believe this goes on for 4 whole minutes WWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHH ...

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  • Uploaded Dec 20, 02:00 AM

    【GUMI ・Kagamine Rin】Invisible【Original Song・PV】

    【GUMI ・Kagamine Rin】Invisible【Original Song・PV】

    kemu, here。「The boy who wanted to be a nighthawk」Vocals:GUMI・Kagamine RinIllustrator:Hatsuko (mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2Video:ke-sanβ(mylist/1463...

    runpapp Anybody play mirai and remember this song? KISS SCENE HELLO kemu <3 Rin~ la la la Omg she suicided So she commited su...

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  • Uploaded Feb 28, 08:15 PM

    Sang Akatsuki Arrival ver96neko & Kogeinu

    Sang Akatsuki Arrival ver96neko & Kogeinu

    コゲ「犬と猫だから」96「チームペットのみ」コゲ・96「どうぞよろしくお願いします。」本家様⇛sm17064620Music&Words⇛Last Note.様 (mylist/22274906)Arrange・MIX(M...

    Inuneko *^* ANO HIBI NO They look so bishie together <3 my favorite <3 NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU NUU ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 11, 03:55 AM

    【IA】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Original Song with PV】

    【IA】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Original Song with PV】

    It's kemu [The boy became human] Vocals: IA Illustration: Hatsuko (mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 Video: ke-sanβ(mylist/14639164/co171193) twitter→keis...

    ia kawaiiii ☺_☻♥_♥♦_♦○_◙♂_♀♪_♪♫_ 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Sep 10, 02:00 AM

    【IA】Remote Paranoia【Original】

    【IA】Remote Paranoia【Original】

    I had enough. I had enough.TOTAL OBJECTION(mylist/38083435) ako(mylist/30251822)Animation: ke-sanβ(mylist/14639164)Off ...

    ke-sanβ♥ wow The piano o-o Those Ke-Sanβeffects DONT Hey Gumi o-o that changed i hate this girl. gr afffection... "try to...

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  • Uploaded Dec 03, 03:00 AM

    【GUMI】Rubik's Cube【Original】

    【GUMI】Rubik's Cube【Original】...

    冫,) otetsu here。 You know, i like Rubik's Cube。 Music & lyrics: otetsu Guitar: 町屋 (Machiya) Illustration: riria009 http://pia...

    :) <3 This song. LOVE THE SONG! 88888888888888888888 Love this song, l...

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  • Uploaded Jul 08, 04:00 AM

    【Gero】NOT EQUAL【Original MV】

    【Gero】NOT EQUAL【Original MV】

    Hello, I'm Gero. (・`ェ´・)This is the first time I'm releasing one of my own works. Thank you for watching.Because I'm using this song in my mini-album [Road]...

    coooooooool 888888888 ♡♡きゃあ~Gero♡ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ OOOOOOH Wow Kyaaaa so cool *O* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ dang that r...

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  • Uploaded Sep 27, 02:42 AM

    【Original PV】Pierrot【Mi-chan】

    【Original PV】Pierrot【Mi-chan】


    wow! how softly! QnQ ALL ABOARD THE FEELS TRAIN Precioso Wow, really good! :O uwaah nice TT w TT Lovely voice ❤︎⃛❤︎...

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  • Uploaded May 17, 06:29 AM



    オリジナルアレンジアルバム、7-2.5~My Hobby~に収録されているトオリャンセを動画をつけていただき投稿させていただきました。もう気温も暑くそろそろホラーの時期に...

    now it comes Breathtaking ;w; <3 AAhhhh <3<3<3<3 oohhhhh yessSSSSSS<3 MACHIYA AND MI-CHAN ARE MY FAVORITES!

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  • Uploaded Aug 07, 04:00 AM

    【C90】Addict to Zest / GtoZ -XFD-【かんせる】

    【C90】Addict to Zest / GtoZ -XFD-【かんせる】

    お待たせ2016.8.22 RELEASE!!GtoZ 1stフルアルバム「Addict to Zest」公式HP:アニメイト通販:とらのあな...

    Can you just speak to my ears forever *heart attack* <3 the hyPE MY BODY IS READY まふまふ!? Please enable international shipping...

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  • Uploaded Jun 26, 03:01 AM

    [GUMI] Earth's Final Confession [Original/with PV]

    [GUMI] Earth's Final Confession [Original/with PV]...

    It's kemu. "The boy wanted to say it" Vocals: GUMI Picture: Hatsuko (ハツ子) (mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 Movie: ke-sanβ (mylist/14639164/co171193) tw...


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  • Uploaded May 07, 04:00 AM

    【IA】 Two-Faced Negotiation 【Original Song】

    【IA】 Two-Faced Negotiation 【Original Song】

    This is my 3rd song.I'm Moz." The evil side of this honoured student is playing with this world. "Music.Lyrics:MozSound(@moz_sound) mylist/40805916http://...

    Mylisted♥ Good Special Thanks: Google Translate Translation and subs: Siri To conquer by brainwashing the people who rebell...

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  • Uploaded Jun 28, 07:00 AM

    【IA】Blind Declaration of War【Original PV】

    【IA】Blind Declaration of War【Original PV】

    It's my first post.My name is Moz(モズ)"Is it really a good choice"Sound:Moz(@moz_sound) mylist/40805916・Movie:ke-san...

    I loved it. Keep writing Moz, your music is good. Ill make sure to watch out for more songs >w< song* Really good for his fir...

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  • Uploaded Jan 27, 01:00 AM

    【IA】 End Discord# 【Original PV】

    【IA】 End Discord# 【Original PV】

    This is my 2nd song.I'm Moz."That day, all noise disappeared."Sound:Moz(@moz_sound) mylist/40805916[TEST](@hiroki_test...

    Pianoooooo♥ MOZ This is cool <3 Goodbye. Disappear into foam. Even the last, swirling sight I see, Despair; revenge; Your v...

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  • Uploaded Dec 23, 11:00 AM

    【Lon】I Tried To Sing At The Ruins Of Ateliester【Soraru】

    【Lon】I Tried To Sing At The Ruins Of Ateliester【Soraru】

    Merry Christmas! I want to become healthy(´・ω・`)!本家さま:sm12821199music/words:cosMo@暴走P さん(mylist/3335347)illustration:MACCOさんmovie:ke-sanβさん...

    SORALON MAKE MA DAY❤ ♥SORALON♥ Handsome soraru♥ SORALON♥^0^♥★★★♥♥★♥★ ♥*^0^*♥ soraru♥

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  • Uploaded Jun 11, 03:14 AM

    【Arrange】Guren no Yumiya - Vocaloid cover -【Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, GUMI, IA, MAYU】

    【Arrange】Guren no Yumiya - Vocaloid cover -【Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, GUMI, IA...

    150P here. サシャが好きだと言うと笑われます。うちにあるボカロさん全員引っ張り出してきて使ってみました!どっこいしょぉ٩( 'ω' )وArrange:150P  (mylist/136105...

    BR :V chills! IAAAAAAA♥ LEN <333333 Len Jaeeega Jager! Kawii ! Jaaaaagaaaaaa i don`t understand lol HA HA HA HA JAEGER GOD ...

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  • Uploaded May 06, 06:38 AM

    【GUMI】Boy of Defeat【Original】

    【GUMI】Boy of Defeat【Original】

    「The boy had missed out on becoming a god.」by KEMU VOXX

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 이분나카무라이네임 죽어라불륜남 Gumi woah chill baby Chitoge Team//////// what the ..

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  • Uploaded Jul 22, 04:00 AM

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Maerchen Boyfriend and Maerchen Girlfriend【Original PV】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Maerchen Boyfriend and Maerchen Girlfriend【Original PV】

    This is Nem。こういう恋愛はしちゃダメです。■Music&Lyrics:Nem→mylist/11859415■PV:サクマ→mylist/25063133■Guitar:[TEST]→mylist/2779693■Encode:ke-sanβ→mylis...

    this pv is so beautiful This isn't even yandere. Just two immature people who can't trust& great pv rinN!!!! Gaaaah! What is ...

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  • Uploaded Nov 07, 06:33 AM

    【GUMI】 Life Reset Button 【Original song・With PV】

    【GUMI】 Life Reset Button 【Original song・With PV】

    I'm kemu。 「The boy wanted to be fastidious」 Song GUMI-san Picture Hatsuko-san (mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 Movie ke-sanβ-san (mylist/14639164/co1...

    kakoi Kaiba Sensei=Cube cubes CUBE CUBE IS LUV, CUBE IS LYF kemu gumi dame dame~ dndndn plp CCCCUUUUBBBBEEEE gugu LOL? I love...

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  • Uploaded Feb 08, 05:37 AM

    【GUMI】Life-cheating Game【Original with PV】

    【GUMI】Life-cheating Game【Original with PV】

    Kemu here. "The boy wanted to live in peace." Singer:GUMI Artist:Hatsuko (mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 Video:ke-sanβ(mylist/14639164/co171193) twitte...

    that shadow.... Gotta love the graphics in Kemu's songs RIP CUBE CUBE CUBE CUBE CUBE joker wa 8 99999999999999999999

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  • Uploaded Apr 21, 08:59 AM

    【GUMI】 Checkmate 【Original PV】

    【GUMI】 Checkmate 【Original PV】

    My name is Yucha. Nde is a weak chess can not win. "If it is not far from the ideal kit" song: Yucha picture and video (mylist/11120757) @ ychhhh: child lead...

    ミリオンおめでとうご kemuboxx? 在此 wHAT omg yes a duet i spot some code geass in this good グミ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 13, 05:03 AM

    Tried singing【Yoshiwara Lament】ver. Gero

    Tried singing【Yoshiwara Lament】ver. Gero

    Hello, I'm Gero. (・`ェ´・) This time, I was allowed to sing "Yoshiwara Lament," posted by Mayo Oyamano. I'm really sorry. ※If you do not like the jokes/trol...

    Something bad just happen What!? wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwww wwwwww wwwwwwwww 私は雨~ wwwwwwwwwww 吉原ラメント!! ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 02, 04:00 AM

    Megurine Luka『Even If You Assume That It is Your Happiness 』Original Song

    Megurine Luka『Even If You Assume That It is Your Happiness 』Original Song

    I'm Heavenz.Is it possible for me to stop it?■SoundHeavenzMylist : mylist/12119625Twitter:■IllustrationAmemuraPixiv:  http://...

    :"""& TOO PERFECT beautiful Thank you ruka ooooooooooh! I love it 888888888888888 Wonderful song T_T i lov this song I l...

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  • Uploaded Apr 18, 05:00 AM

    【Hatsune Miku】MiKUSABBATH【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku】MiKUSABBATH【Original】

    Looks like Hatsune Miku is enjoying herself at VOM@S. This is my 36th Vocaloid single. I was asked to make a "VOM@S theme song," and somehow this was the en...

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!...

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  • Uploaded Apr 19, 04:00 AM

    【GUMI】Childhood Blue【Original】

    【GUMI】Childhood Blue【Original】

    "────because you're like that, I fell in love."■This is Last Note. I've always wanted to have this kind of love, but it's just a pipe dream, for my childhood...

    kawaii SUGOII!!!!!!!!!!! kawaiiiiiiiiii This is just like an anime.. KAWAII CONFESSSSS Ahhhhhhh...... Omg this would be Kirit...

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  • Uploaded Mar 10, 03:13 AM

    【Hatsune Miku】  SECRET DVD  【Original PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】 SECRET DVD 【Original PV】

    みきとP 2011.03.10 publ●哀苦、呑マセ 愛シテ喚ケmusic :ミキト (mylist/19099704) illust :ヨリ (mylist/21982659)movie :ke-sanβ (mylist/14639164)mix&mas...

    Very lovely. 5 *nose blood* *nose blood**nose blood* *nose blood* It's sekushi 4 3 2 1?

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  • Uploaded Dec 04, 03:00 AM

    Heart Connect Sang it【Suzumu×Rib】

    Heart Connect Sang it【Suzumu×Rib】

    I've waited for this for so long, this ephemeral dream.Lyrics and Music:SuzumuMovie:ke-sanβArtwork:tokiti・No.734Mix:yasu@tinkle-popGt:Gibson・Ba:Kei Nak...

    This is so great <3 . !!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ \('ω')/ りぶ♡♡♡♡♡♡ 初め聴いた...

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  • Uploaded Aug 26, 07:37 PM

    【Hatsune Miku】First Love Cider【Original Song】

    【Hatsune Miku】First Love Cider【Original Song】


    I like the vid art Its cute 5 years and still no subs? sounds like Melancholic ^^ it got a nice rhythm to it

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