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VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り(ぼーかろいどぴーぶいでんどういり)とは、VOCALOIDを利用したPVに付けられる登録タグの名称である。概要VOCALOID-PV殿堂入りには以下の二種類の意味がある。...Read more

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  • Uploaded Jan 05, 05:36 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Hatsune Miku PV】Rondo of Possible Worlds

    【Hatsune Miku PV】Rondo of Possible Worlds


    best singer wh else is watching this wish america was this cool hissssssssssssssssss i love that version off miku...

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  • Uploaded Jan 30, 05:22 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Hatsune Miku】Po Pi Po PV【Bottoms Up!】

    【Hatsune Miku】Po Pi Po PV【Bottoms Up!】

    おこんにちわ。ラマーズP様の「ぽっぴっぽー」があまりに素晴らしいのでPVを作ったりしちゃったりしました。 100万再生ありがとぅワァーーーーーーーーーーイィ!! ┗(...


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  • Uploaded Aug 10, 05:41 PM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【PV Full Ver.】 The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku  -DEAD END- 【MotionGraphics】

    【PV Full Ver.】 The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -DEAD END- 【MotionGraphics】

    初音ミク Vision 収録版 sm14608578 cosMo and everyone, thank you for supporting me! Read the following text if you want to learn more. ■Original:sm2937784 ...

    Crys Bye bye Crys evry time So sad noooooooo thrfgfdgdfgdfgdfgdfg thth...

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  • Uploaded Dec 17, 03:16 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -[Drew_it] Kagerou Days [Fanmade PV]

    [Drew_it] Kagerou Days [Fanmade PV]

    Completed! [sm16015426] (Incomplete version). I drew a PV for Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)'s "Kagerou Days" with my selfish self-interpretation! This is the amazi...

    The PV that started it all who the blue hiyori what is going on what a life melhor musica de kagepro!!! love this song i love...

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  • Uploaded Oct 20, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -[Nekomura Iroha feat.VY2] The Glow Enveloped Boundless Future [Original MV]

    [Nekomura Iroha feat.VY2] The Glow Enveloped Boundless Future [Original MV]

    We are Team Kamiuta. It's now being distributed via DAM and JOYSOUND! Here is an uprising, the divine wind blows.This is a story that I heard on a certai...

    OMG crazy crazy... who r u ? HEY my name is ding SHET I dont think I have been able to read more than 3 lines of the translat...

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  • Uploaded Nov 05, 10:58 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【初音ミク】ゆっくりしていってね!!! 【PV】

    【初音ミク】ゆっくりしていってね!!! 【PV】


    :3 ahhhhh~~ the nostalgia hits me hard~ EASY Ok? (´・ω・`) take it easy jp _,,....,,_ _人人人人人人人人人

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  • Uploaded May 27, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Hatsune Miku・Kagamine Len】Yi Er Fanclub【Arrange Cover】

    【Hatsune Miku・Kagamine Len】Yi Er Fanclub【Arrange Cover】

        ( ¦3っ )っ a dreamy state of mind( ¦3っ )っ     Original Song:sm18623327     Music・Lyrics:みきとP(MikitoP)(mylist/19099704)     Music...


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  • Uploaded Jun 21, 08:50 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -Tried to Draw "sineP ruoY☆kliM/Kurumi☆Ponchio"

    Tried to Draw "sineP ruoY☆kliM/Kurumi☆Ponchio"

    さやの付くえろ豆ですお前が 起きるまで 俺は ねるのを やめないOriginal Song [ sm8686165 ]

    disturbing yet very hot oh god Oh. ... why am i still listening to this song... .... what did i just watch cool song NO, NO, ...

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  • Uploaded Nov 15, 04:02 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【MV】The Transient Apple Salesgirl / GUMI

    【MV】The Transient Apple Salesgirl / GUMI

    It has been a while, how's everyone? I'm yukkedoluce. I'll tell you a story about a girl damned with the fate of death. 『La La Lu La Lucky!!』 [Music] ...

    Testing I'm hungry >v< OTL moe :'( GUUUUUUUUMI good! love wins happy l love it happy the feels man, the feels ;_; cool:D awn ...

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  • Uploaded Aug 10, 02:35 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Hatsune Miku】Coin locker baby【Unofficial PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】Coin locker baby【Unofficial PV】


    all: WUPWUP wtf is happenign at the end kaneki ken, anyone? A teru teru bozu? Eerie... very dark Creepy song "идикчер...

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  • Uploaded Feb 13, 12:00 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Electric・Angel【ArrangeCover】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Electric・Angel【ArrangeCover】

    Original:sm1249071 Hand drawn Anime:sm1894085 Lyrics/Composition : Yasuo(ヤスオ) (mylist/5214338) Illustration/PV:Nishiki Koi(二色鯉) (mylist/19232830) Mu...

    I love the PV :3 KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII sways in the quantum breeze It's...

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  • Uploaded Jul 02, 12:59 PM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【初音ミク・3DPV】machine muzik

    【初音ミク・3DPV】machine muzik

    初めまして!Deinoと申します。初投稿&初制作動画です。色々しょっぱいですが楽しんで頂けたら嬉しいです。「machine muzik」の3DPVです。本家より音質が悪くなってる...

    CALCIUM IS BEAUTIFUL Calne 's is best wiafu calne ca!!!!!! I'm amazed how she can type with those ..when does miku/calcium ac...

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  • Uploaded Nov 02, 01:46 PM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Kamui Gakupo】Dancing ☆ Samurai【Handwriting PV】

    【Kamui Gakupo】Dancing ☆ Samurai【Handwriting PV】

    Kanimiso-P's「Dancing ☆ Samurai」 PV ⇒sm4136912。Sorry the quality and the dancing movements are bad(sweat) ⇒My List mylist/5928390

    So many comments. how does ddr work on a flip phone my jam of 2016 cute~~ LEN ~ <3 LEEENN-KUUNNNN~ rai mu sa HYA~ so smexy <3...

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  • Uploaded Oct 28, 09:30 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【神威がくぽ・鏡音レン】全裸で書いたラブレター【バナナス・PV付】


    ロマンポルシェ。「全裸で書いたラブレター」を、殿こと神威がくぽ様に男らしく歌っていただきました。あと踊っていただきました。 ■ イラスト・コンテ by あがたのみち...

    lol lamo I'm genuinley terrified wtf I regret clicking this video CHILL GAKUPO BRO LOL WTF ?! OMG WRRYYYYYYYYY?!?!? DAFUQ OH ...

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  • Uploaded Jan 24, 07:41 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Hand-drawn PV】I Wish They'd Just Die 【っぽいもの】

    【Hand-drawn PV】I Wish They'd Just Die 【っぽいもの】...

    Hey, he's pretty honest! (I had to redo it because the PV looks like Melt) I have to say...What a video(ry since it rose in video rankings! Video→sm5858956 m...

    Yes, this song represents me well. This song reminds me of the song " Dou demo ii " x) Shineba ii no ni ♪Shineba ii no ni ...

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  • Uploaded Dec 15, 05:50 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Hatsune Miku】melody...3D PV ver1.50

    【Hatsune Miku】melody...3D PV ver1.50

    a really cool song!!!

    WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH WHITE VANS len and rin :) wings :D love it so much :D so cool... WARNING Awwwwwwww...

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  • Uploaded Jan 31, 08:58 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Ungrateful】Another: World is Mine

    【Ungrateful】Another: World is Mine

    原曲:sm3504435アナザー歌詞:あにまさん使用曲:sm3604990 少しでも笑ってくれたら幸いです。途中動画での応援ありがとうございました。このような内容ですのでこの...

    I would happy keep him.0 ^ miku is not impressed OAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA scarfy, welcome back AAAAAAAHHH! A...

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  • Uploaded Apr 11, 03:55 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Self-interpretation】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Hand-drawn PV】

    【Self-interpretation】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Hand-drawn PV】

    Happy second anniversary.I loved it so much I made this.If you wish, please watch.【広告主様・格別のお引き立てを賜り心よりお礼申し上げます。】※There is a pai...

    GJ ON THE PV!! IA X IO♥XD IOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so good! love wows silver hair... i dun like them hurting him.. the feels OMGG...

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  • Uploaded May 21, 08:49 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Kagamine Rin】The Riddler Who Won't Solve Riddles【Hand-drawn PV】

    【Kagamine Rin】The Riddler Who Won't Solve Riddles【Hand-drawn PV】...

    ◆Favorite original song→【Kagamine Rin】Nazokake (sm10500112) I still try to make (sm10565123) previously。In recent years, I have come to the conclusion tha...

    would I have not took it from you? If I had known that before was used to play the piano That arm you saved me with "Welcome ...

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  • Uploaded Jun 11, 02:12 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【KAITO】『お兄さんは心配性』【勢いでPVシリーズ】




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  • Uploaded Jul 09, 08:00 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -«Trailer» you try to anime PV [handwriting] Akunomusume, evil Servant [informal]

    «Trailer» you try to anime PV [handwriting] Akunomusume, evil Servant [informal]

    http://youtu.be/xxO1Mh_Zv98 YouTube-there carlmary.jp /)) English lyrics

    Can we at least have what's left?? СлаваУкраїні!! nice So sad ;( I wish this was a real anime This is so awesome ...

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  • Uploaded Dec 03, 09:30 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【がくぽ】ダンシング☆サムライ【手描きネタPV】


    カニミソP様の「ダンシング☆サムライ」の手描きPVです。 素敵な原曲はこちら(100万再生おめでとうございます!)→sm4136912 友人いよかんの歌ってみた(sm5131036)...

    YEEESSSS THIS VERSION IS THE BEST!!! lol WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT wtf SWEET JESUS what is happening??? holy shiet i cri evry ti...

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  • Uploaded Feb 12, 08:42 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【4th MMD World Cup Finals】Chaining Intention【MV】

    【4th MMD World Cup Finals】Chaining Intention【MV】

    Did not arrive achievements of all the kinetic energy ...Between the three years, We supply the table landlord love miku basis above Ten million blessed.Hear...

    Niconico/playstation :3 ... YES AAAAAAA So it's still good- Fave Miku song <3 Miku for president EVA Angels. ~_^ Best video e...

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  • Uploaded Jan 19, 08:56 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Hatsune Miku】Day Of Grace【PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】Day Of Grace【PV】

    I was allowed to make a PV for Koho-P-san's Day Of Grace[sm3412350] Previous work [sm2952684] HP http://www12.plala.or.jp/moripate/index.html

    under my curses. fairy garden be submerged and may your nadir of the earth, Let it echo all the way from the be Hell, or the ...

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  • Uploaded Oct 10, 10:53 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -初音ミク - Sweet Devil MMDPV

    初音ミク - Sweet Devil MMDPV


    예쁘다아아아 (๑•̀ω•́๑) eternal dance 졸귀 The cute Miku is here. Miku-tan again :3 카와이이ㅣ이이...

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  • Uploaded Jan 14, 01:49 PM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Hatsune Miku】*Hello, Planet.【Animated PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】*Hello, Planet.【Animated PV】

    はるか みらいの おはなしです。ごしゅじんさまと はなればなれになってしまった ロボット。ほし の いのち みんなのおもいを うけついだ ロボット。かのじょ...

    Chorus is the best part LIGHT & FIRE EARTH (I think) HELL REAL LIFE WATER SPAM ANTENNA that is luka.... WAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaHH.

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  • Uploaded Oct 12, 01:09 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【グロ注意】 恐怖ガーデン 【PV】

    【グロ注意】 恐怖ガーデン 【PV】


    One fell off rip SWAG GODDESS RAVE (again) wtf Lren-kun nooo Ship it Goddess SWAG LORD GODDESS RAVE!!! Len-kun mah BEBEH :'O ...

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  • Uploaded Oct 24, 09:06 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -3D MikumikuPV

    3D MikumikuPV

    ニコニコの3D職人は変態揃いか!(仕事しろって言うなよ…)LW+unReal,AEで制作。 俺の大好きな半目ミクのオリジナルはこちら→sm1142379 ★お借りしました★ ●みくみくにし...

    为什么我看不到弹幕 wow!!!! ミクミクミク lol Miku is God i love all your songs maybe it is because of you IS IT...

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  • Uploaded Mar 13, 07:01 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【手書き】鏡音三大悲劇を映画ダイジェスト風にしてみた【PV】


    お待たせしました。全員で鏡音への愛を全力でぶつけました。上映開始です。・原曲、元ネタ「悪ノ娘(sm2916956)」「悪ノ召使(sm3133304)」悪ノP「soundless voice(sm4977...

    SERVANT OF EVILLL nvm... Daughter of evil Servant of evil? ;A; nO YESSSSS DAUGHTER OF EVIL This animation is beautiful! Sound...

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  • Uploaded Oct 04, 04:17 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Hatsune Miku】Soleil【Original MV】

    【Hatsune Miku】Soleil【Original MV】

    AOさんとコラボさせて頂きました!*Lyrics / Music / Vocaloid Manipulator : てぃあらmylist:mylist/25325878twitter:http://twitter.com/tiara0207*Arrangement :...

    This looks amazing o-o woa wow amajing sekaleh :v currently obsessed with this song XD Awesome!!!! すごいです~!(im sor...

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  • Uploaded May 27, 06:24 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -【Kagamine Rin】Butterfly on your Right Shoulder (PV version)

    【Kagamine Rin】Butterfly on your Right Shoulder (PV version)

    久々にボカロもの作りました。「右肩の蝶」特別版です。許可もらえたのでフル公開しちゃいます。作詞:水野悠良/作曲:のりぴー (mylist/6478395) 元祖リンver:sm66094...

    RIN MARRY ME PERFECT!!!!!!! Riiinn love it! El video estámuy bueno!

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  • Uploaded Oct 22, 01:56 AM

    VOCALOID-PV殿堂入り -[MAD Handwriting]VOCA-ON! ! [K-ON! ! OP Palody]

    [MAD Handwriting]VOCA-ON! ! [K-ON! ! OP Palody]

    VOCALOID+UTAU達でけいおん2期前半のOPパロです。 描いてほしいとの声があったので挑戦してみました。

    TETO!! 테토는우타로이드아닌 Burger Len Mio as Len グミ好きですよ ヲオオオオオオオオ!! かわい...

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