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VOCALOID視覚芸術展とは、VOCALOID-PVに付けられるタグのひとつである。概要派生元タグとして「ニコニコ視覚芸術展」が存在し、このタグは特にVOCALOID関連の非常に優れた動画・PVに贈...Read more

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  • Uploaded Jun 18, 05:36 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -[Hatsune Miku Append Dark] Common World Domination [Original PV]

    [Hatsune Miku Append Dark] Common World Domination [Original PV]

    Nice-to-meet people, this is nice-to-meet PinocchioP. After finally going to the pool, I have improved on my breaststroke. If you've realised it already, I'l...

    :3 kasane teto la canta hermoso 2 spoopy 4 me purple big DING Miku-chan kaaawwwaaiii >_< Kyaaaaaaaaa >_< Best Song of Project...

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  • Uploaded Jan 07, 06:00 PM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【VOCALOID Fukase】ALICE【Original】

    【VOCALOID Fukase】ALICE【Original】

    Lyrics/Composition: ATOLS mylist/20696547  Twitter http://twitter.com/ATOLSXYouTube https://youtu.be/GShmxMURZRgI was allowed to make an original song with...

    fetus mazimus FUKASEEEEREE this song is good fucj off HIS VOICE MAKES ME MOIST wow FUKASEEEEEEH~ i got goosebumps CCOOL !! damn

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  • Uploaded Jun 20, 05:30 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Kagamine Rin】 Hell Pops 【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin】 Hell Pops 【Original】

    It seems that Rin likes strange music.This is my 42nd Vocaloid work. It's about a subculture. UtsuP (music) mylist/6385075 Semu (video) mylist/14864225 ...


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  • Uploaded Oct 31, 04:01 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【IA】  Chimera  【MV】

    【IA】 Chimera 【MV】

    ■Vocal IA ROCKS+IA■Lyrics/Music/Movie ATOLS mylist/20696547 ■Twitter・for latest news and more → http://twitter.com/ATOLSX■YouTube → http://youtu.be/OgCj6Op...

    eight I want more bloooooooooooooooooo when I saw this frame before, I was thinking that they were IA & IA Rocks like it, bru

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  • Uploaded Jan 07, 06:00 PM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【VOCALOID Fukase】 Beginning of the world【Original Song】

    【VOCALOID Fukase】 Beginning of the world【Original Song】

    三年ぶりのご無沙汰です。2016年1月28日リリースの『VOCALOID4 Library Fukase』にて曲を作りました。世界はきっと君の思うままに回ってる。作詞・作曲・編曲・動画:キ...

    Cute high voice <3 look at his little jig :"> HE DANCE Idk why but I'm crying ;.; cute this is like my new fav song hahaahha ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 22, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hatsune Miku】Babel Circus【Original MV】

    【Hatsune Miku】Babel Circus【Original MV】

    「バベルサーカス」/ Diarays「マジェンタ」→ sm20691503▼詞・編曲 コウ (mylist/51987906)◼︎https://twitter.com/kou_diarays▼曲 rins◼︎https://twitter.com/rins_di...

    88888888888888888 i really like this PV :0 he fixed the ib references I love how crazy this song is GJ Oh thanks TRANSCRIBE T...

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  • Uploaded Jan 18, 06:52 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【VY1】犬魚雷【オリジナル曲】


    犬mylist/37046105遊さん歌ってみた→sm27132315 オケを少々リメイク、動画に入れ忘れの絵を少し追加

    woooowwwwwww GJ! wow, the animation.. 888888888 WHAT IS THIS GOD TIER ANIMATION?! FOR GOD SAKE THE ANIMATION AND SONG IS HEAV...

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  • Uploaded Nov 09, 08:33 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【GUMI】SF【Original Song】

    【GUMI】SF【Original Song】

    I'm FABRICOPOPS. This is my 4th work. It's a techno pop samba song.Vocal: GUMI Performance: The FABRICOPOPS Lyrics: Kazuhiro Nakazawa Music: Kuni Sugimoto...

    88888888888888888888 Hopefully, tomorrow will also be… A fiction muc...

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  • Uploaded Sep 21, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hatsune Miku】Atoropa【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku】Atoropa【Original】

    歌詞見づらくてすみません。■音・詞・映像:Lemm■一部レース模様素材:「亡き王女のための研究室」様よりお借りしました。           →http://capri.s3.xrea...

    wonderful song with stunning visuals.. instantly mylisted I'm mesmorized... wow gooood 좋다 nice 88888888888888888888 ah....

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  • Uploaded Jul 22, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【VOCALOID】ウミガミエル【オリジナル曲】


    【IA】hugてるん!http://pc.dwango.jp/portals/music/2115031 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/umigamieru-single/id1154811341?l=en 歌詞 画面の文字で かゆ...

    niiiice Sutafakkusu I like song and video, favorited! Title is "see the sea"? Serious topic. Why the hell...

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  • Uploaded Apr 28, 07:32 PM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hatsune Miku ( Toku )】ARiA【Original song PV】

    【Hatsune Miku ( Toku )】ARiA【Original song PV】

    〜君に逢えるなら 奇跡さえもユニゾン(味方)にして〜カラオケジョイサウンド配信開始(12/1)作詞:lino mylist/6686337, とく & 木緒なち 作編曲:とく http://headp...

    amazing ARiA!!! ≧﹏≦ aluh akba :v solo abrazame ;-; ARiA!!!! ≧﹏≦ te amo Miku!!!" ≧﹏≦ mi tercera cancion favorita ;-; 43qlly lo...

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  • Uploaded Sep 19, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hatsune Miku】Last smile【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku】Last smile【Original】

    はじめましてCROSSといいます。 26曲目です。『あなたのおかげで最期は人として終れるの』Music/CROSS→mylist/31045403vocal/初音ミクoff vocal、歌詞→http://piapro.jp...

    88888888888888888888 *sweet. dang swet pv oooooooh The song is lovely and Miku's voice is lovely

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  • Uploaded Sep 17, 05:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【映像を】 cloudland 【つけてみた】

    【映像を】 cloudland 【つけてみた】

    空の向こうへ私の声をのせてとても素敵な曲だったので、動画を付けてみました。偉大な原曲様はこちらから☞ sm14844186

    かっこいい おおおおおおお

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  • Uploaded Jul 21, 10:39 PM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hatsune Miku】 Breaking Things into Pieces 【Original Song with PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】 Breaking Things into Pieces 【Original Song with PV】

    きくおです、ボカロ曲第八弾です・・・! カラオケ・歌詞→http://bit.ly/nIkdmq 制作データ売ってるよ→https://gumroad.com/l/cOt 次作「I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry」→s...

    One of my favourite songs *-* 88888888888888888888 きくお..! きくお OMG..Love this WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?!?! paraparapara o...

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  • Uploaded Feb 25, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【VOCALOID Fukase】Dead End Street【Original Song】

    【VOCALOID Fukase】Dead End Street【Original Song】

    VOCALOID Fukaseさんに歌って頂きました。Mah mylist/37046105offvocal https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fvmal15r5xsoa6n/AACXqsN_WDon9EC6RmxhcNK8a?dl=0『VOCALOID4 Libr...

    Ooooooh amazing

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  • Uploaded Jul 30, 04:20 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -[Hatsune Miku] At The Mercy Of A Dream [Original MV]

    [Hatsune Miku] At The Mercy Of A Dream [Original MV]

    Nanami-chan is angelic This time around, I surprisingly asked 84yen for a PV! At the mercy of a dream. Mercymercymercy. Mercymercymercymercymercymercy <(。ε...

    ずっと! Rest in peace, Shiina Mota. i lik this dream translyrics by Katerinu2 At The Mercy Of A Dream* man. This PV... For...

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  • Uploaded Feb 13, 07:29 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hatsune Miku】maboroshi (illusionary) sweetheart【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku】maboroshi (illusionary) sweetheart【Original】

    はじめまして。beaconsと申します。第一作目です。よろしくお願い致します。■動画 曲 歌詞 beacons

    th-thank you? this aint no yukkuri O_O i... uh.... オフボーカル? my fingertips can only touch a flickering illusion. My...

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  • Uploaded Sep 23, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -「Healthy End」siinamota feat. Hatsune Miku

    「Healthy End」siinamota feat. Hatsune Miku

    Music by siinamota (Powapowa-P)■ mylist/14312330Movie by Yuma Saito ■ mylist/25488373Special ThanksDMYM Exhibitors work for FRENZ 2015

    Thank You for all your songs friend RIP Why PowaPowaP. Why??? If only I knew, I could have showed the other side. Like your s...

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  • Uploaded Feb 14, 02:51 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hand-drawn MV】ONE OFF MIND【Hatsune Miku・GUMI】

    【Hand-drawn MV】ONE OFF MIND【Hatsune Miku・GUMI】

    友人とワチャワチャ作りました。楽しんで頂けたら幸いです!MAIN VOCAL&CHORUS:Hatsune Miku/GUMIMUSiC:VAN DE SHOPTwitter →https://twitter.com/van_deshopMember...

    AWESOME! (y) i love the sound <3 crazy intro It's no one else but my meaning I finally realized it, I finally met you It's pr...

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  • Uploaded Jan 26, 08:13 PM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【IA】Dusty, Dusty, Curse【Original Song】

    【IA】Dusty, Dusty, Curse【Original Song】

    I'm Kikuo, this is my 10th Vocaloid song...! Karaoke・Lyrics→http://bit.ly/AfIuhu Selling the work data here →https://gumroad.com/l/rYn Recent Work「A Hap...

    Pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi Chiri chiri chiri chiri chiri chiri chiri chiri chiri chiri...

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  • Uploaded Jan 21, 03:49 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hatsune Miku】Babel【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku】Babel【Original】

    sm20484110※5月3日リリース, Amazonでのご予約も開始しました。

    Is really Miku? Awesome! Nice beat! great song what amazing song

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  • Uploaded Aug 10, 06:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -Hatsune Miku / Flying Train of Happiness

    Hatsune Miku / Flying Train of Happiness

    終わりがない 永遠の宇宙の旅行 なんて素敵!月の星座 ほどこされた星の刺繍 止まらない!inst → http://piapro.jp/t/pnF4youtube →  https://youtu.be/9Uketb9...

    the flying train of happiness. Round and round it turns— there'll be bouncing, swimming, dancing. Heightened reception—once i...

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  • Uploaded Mar 14, 05:24 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【VOCALOID】フェノメノン【アニメPV】



    Cool! I realy like it

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  • Uploaded Mar 18, 07:25 PM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -世界の中心で中指を立てた馬鹿者にPVつけてみた


    元動画様 sm17023715【初音ミク】世界の中心で中指を立てた馬鹿者【オリジナル曲】原題:Peace out Peace now本動画には配慮すべき表現が含まれています。過激な描写が...

    so coooool

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  • Uploaded Jul 30, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【IA】ブルーフランカー【オリジナルMV】


    「冗談だって今にも言えそうだ」○music, words, movie:バブル (mylist/32578087)○illustration:SHEEP (@ss_she_ep )六度目まして、バブルと申します。落ちていく歌を...

    here we go! so cute!! Nice end. Wait, this is from Digimon! Awesome! Why black? Niiiiiiiiice♪ In the beginning remember me a ...

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  • Uploaded Mar 28, 04:03 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 - [Miku Hatsune] The Circle Of Geometry [Original PV]

    [Miku Hatsune] The Circle Of Geometry [Original PV]

    「割り切れないものは割り切れないのですよ。」 ●Music kous mylist/7345364 web http://kous1128.mods.jp/hp ○Encode 7@ user/10114232 ●Picture & Video  ...

    Fart on my stinky balls interesting Pi X (love - tears) the circle of geometry 3.14 I know the definition 3.14 broken tears H...

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  • Uploaded May 04, 01:55 PM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -Hatsune Miku「Uninstall」

    Hatsune Miku「Uninstall」

    お前をアンインストールしてやろうか!■music ulldull(mylist/37563656)■movie Lost Hiyori/Mayoiko Hiyori(mylist/18222693)

    Uninstall Uninstall Uninstall Uninstall uninstall uninstall uninstall ×××××Uninstall××××××

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  • Uploaded May 25, 01:01 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【GUMI】bloom【Original MV】

    【GUMI】bloom【Original MV】

    「I will always be cheering you on.」先日、朝顔の芽が顔を出しました。季節は夏に移り始めていますね。前曲から約10ヶ月が経過してしまいました。車のスピーカーで少...

    mikasa??! is dat u? pretty love this melody squeals! 8888888888 what a wonderful song ; v ; (After all that, you are beautiful)

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  • Uploaded Aug 21, 04:34 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hatsune Miku】 Throbbing 【ATOLS】

    【Hatsune Miku】 Throbbing 【ATOLS】

    Maca maca■Lyrics/Music/Animation ATOLS■MMD model Tda■Mylist mylist/20696547■Twitter http://twitter.com/ATOLSX■YouTube https://youtu.be/3xfEu520ZpM■https:/...

    Crystal TDA Miku. Priceless! :lol: *A* WUUT great video! and the awesomeness of an ATOLS song very good!! I do, it's good & i...

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  • Uploaded Jan 09, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -【Hatsune Miku Original MV】 The Weight of a Heart 【Dubstep】

    【Hatsune Miku Original MV】 The Weight of a Heart 【Dubstep】

    Long time no see, Camellia here.How much do you think the heart weighs?I don't know it myself, but I think it's probably not much of a light thing.It's that ...

    simply heart warming with a strong sense of depth~ omg Ready to die. wtf Damn this is amazing! the feels... epic beat drop ha...

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  • Uploaded Jun 30, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -ドライフラワー/Vocaloidと人の声


    『 』前作→幻灯会(sm28500687)次作→初音ミクは死ぬことにした(sm29552925)■紫嶌 開世→music,movie▷mylist/52710683▷Twitter→@shizima0(100%フォロー...

    ドライフラワ->rom for doraifurawa->engl for dryflower, just as they mention who's the voice here? wha?

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  • Uploaded Sep 23, 06:53 AM

    VOCALOID視覚芸術展 -Computer Overture [Hatsune Miku] [Original Anime MV]

    Computer Overture [Hatsune Miku] [Original Anime MV]

    is mt.pt. What was it the words I type on the computer for the first time Overture Overture =? Encountering the computer that we are using all the time, is t...


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