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VOCALOID殿堂入り直前とは呼んで字のごとく、VOCALOID殿堂入り直前(10万再生間近)のVOCALOID動画にのみ付ける事が許されるタグの名称である。「VOCALOID殿堂入り」タグの派生…...Read more

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  • Uploaded Jun 26, 04:12 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【GUMI】Leave【Original_PV】


    Two red strings do not cross☆Happy Birthday, Gumi!!music : Akagami mylist/30008149lyrics : Maryillustration & movie : AO mylist/20921516web : http://akagami....

    my feels ;-; leave <3 ,3 oni-chan o-o Gumi is always the best always it does SOO SAD that feeling duh T_T i know what this is...

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  • Uploaded Aug 15, 07:02 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -Lily Original Song『Scarlet Rose』

    Lily Original Song『Scarlet Rose』

    seleです。Chloe1周年ありがとうございます&Lily1周年おめでとうございます!作詞/作曲/編曲 : sele (http://ufena39.blog61.fc2.com/)イラスト : 優木きら さん■イラ...

    Great Song I love this song so much, I wish ut was more popular Awesoome oh yes this song Lily is Live Lily is Love <3 Tan ta...

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  • Uploaded Dec 18, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Kagamine RIn】Look Ahead and Smile【Original MV】

    【Kagamine RIn】Look Ahead and Smile【Original MV】

    ■近づいている君との距離 届き始めたテレパシー(以下、敬称略)◆Collaborators☻Φ串Φ (mylist/4173849) @kushi94 うたってみたVer⇒sm27813938◆Creator☻Vocal:鏡音リン☻...

    this is too cute this is so cute!! wwwwwwwwwwwwwww so nice! thx for subtitle Getting impatient won't get me anywhere. I'll ga...

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  • Uploaded Mar 05, 05:42 PM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【VOCALOID Original】 Crystalline 【Gumi English】

    【VOCALOID Original】 Crystalline 【Gumi English】

    Hiii! It's Crusher-P! Sorry the video was down before. It's back now!Thank you so much on all of the support with ECHO! It meant so much that you like my and...

    i like the drawing hi The rest are just... no So does Luka Gumi best eng voice Love Circrush Gumi Fixations, withdrawls AAAAA...

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  • Uploaded May 13, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -(Miku Original Song PV) O Light (Kikuo)

    (Miku Original Song PV) O Light (Kikuo)

    This is Kikuo. O Light.~Karaoke source~ http://kikuo.jp/karaoke/hikari.zip●Song・Lyrics:きくお (Kikuo) mylist/19082290 @kikuo_sound●Video:Otori mylis...

    amazing artwork yassssssss i love this MMMMMMMMMMM this is legit illuminti vocaloid ver. kikuo esque love the feeling ♥♥♥MIKU♥♥♥

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  • Uploaded Aug 23, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku】Drowsy Chest【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku】Drowsy Chest【Original】

    毎秒眠いっす…【曲とか】梅とら (mylist/28524172) twitter @umetorara【イラスト】まー twitter @muv_seinerイラスト http://piapro.jp/t/4DcIオケ→http://piapro.jp/...

    眠い。。。。zzzz ฅ(๑•̀ω•́๑)ฅ kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Awesome ^^ Cute! xD Kawaii <3

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  • Uploaded Feb 26, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【GUMI】Life Game【Original Song】

    【GUMI】Life Game【Original Song】

    It's Elm(エルム). I'm in the middle of this shit game called life.Music, Video:Elm(mylist/39084163)https://twitter.com/Elm_NiconicoIllustration: Akitsuki ...

    сукаждослез lol fa Gumi ??? tfw no gf nice I play game with friends, but still no girl friend or friend girls... h...

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  • Uploaded Mar 01, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【CUL】 Happy Trap【original with PV】

    【CUL】 Happy Trap【original with PV】

    Good evening、i'm Junky。 Magic exists!! って中学生くらいまで思ってた!! だってあの時本当に指先がひかtt(ry ♪movie : ke-sanβ mylist :mylist/1463916...

    Oh, I get it. She sounds like Rin. Kawaii Amo a la Gupy :3 amenme mortales!! XD AMAZING! Cute~ Give love to the lesser-known ...

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  • Uploaded Jan 04, 06:30 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【MEIKO】Seven Bells【Original】

    【MEIKO】Seven Bells【Original】


    <3 Really good! < & once again, the bells shall ring. Reversing time, from red to white, of the ticking second hand. lullaby ...

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  • Uploaded Mar 12, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -Idola no Circus/DIVELA REMIX feat. Kagamine Len

    Idola no Circus/DIVELA REMIX feat. Kagamine Len

    ゲーミングサーカス始動GAMING CIRCUS ACTIVATEYo, Divela here.This time I was privileged to do a remix of Neru-san's "Idola no Circus" using synthesizers.I requested ...

    lenchan <3<3<3<3 good -------------------- wow this is. so gooddddd HYPE HYPE wow!! a...

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  • Uploaded Apr 29, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -[Kagamine, Rin & Len] Remote Control -Cyber Punk Mix- [Original PV]

    [Kagamine, Rin & Len] Remote Control -Cyber Punk Mix- [Original PV]

    This is ワンオポのマイナス. (Minus Wanopo) This is a collaboration with Perico. Arrangement:マイナス (Minus) Illustration & Animation:Perico @perico_op Ly...

    ;u; I'm in love ;-; but where is mp3? I wish I had a chair chair WOW 88888888888888888 kvjanrkjfrkjfhrskjfr LR LR STOP...

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  • Uploaded Mar 12, 06:05 PM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【初音ミク】Wonderful Days【PVつきオリジナル】

    【初音ミク】Wonderful Days【PVつきオリジナル】


    I will never forget this song.

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  • Uploaded Dec 01, 02:09 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Kagamine Rin】 who am I? 【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin】 who am I? 【Original】

    Yuyoyuppe : "It's been a while since I let Rin sing. Mr. WakamuraP worked hard on the video! Thank you very much!" Wakamura: "From the hard 'sound' A v...

    ああああ- ! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA tienes razon :V no la tienes :3 Rinny!!!!!! RIN IS SO CUTE!!! lies LOL HUGE COMME...

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  • Uploaded Aug 30, 06:14 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Kagamine Rin】Unwonted Snow【Original Song】

    【Kagamine Rin】Unwonted Snow【Original Song】

    This is Rin's original song。m(__)m mylist/19086235 I want to be at Nagashi-Somen 

    awesome song Hey, this is nice :D I am here, biding the day of winter those are the passing & dying days is stealing away thy...

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  • Uploaded Aug 13, 04:29 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku】Wanderers【ATOLS】

    【Hatsune Miku】Wanderers【ATOLS】

    Music Ω ATOLS //  (mylist/20696547)Twitter&Message ∞ http://twitter.com/ATOLSX ビートパーカッション以外は、ミクの声をシンセ化し鳴らしています。9月1日...


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  • Uploaded Jan 24, 12:00 PM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -[Miku miki Yuki] Platinum Romance [Original with PV]

    [Miku miki Yuki] Platinum Romance [Original with PV]

    ■Re:nGです。 ■ドキ生で新曲発表しませんか、というのにホイホイ乗ってみました。ライブに来て下さった方、バンドのみなさまお疲れ様でした。 ■2月7日ボーマス11/とらの...

    Suteki :3 yuki ♡ too cuuutee minnna kawaii

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  • Uploaded Sep 17, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -Regret / Toa feat. Hatsune Miku

    Regret / Toa feat. Hatsune Miku

    This Toa.Do you know?A nice Illustration: Fusano Sei-sama(http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2272648)A nice mix: Yohei Takita-samaWords, Music, Arrangement...

    it reminds me of a keyblade ...I understand that... the way it was before, right? You understand that it can never go back to...

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  • Uploaded Oct 21, 08:12 PM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -Hatsune Miku「New Worlds God」【Original Song】

    Hatsune Miku「New Worlds God」【Original Song】

    It's fine if its made by those hands. Illustrations by Piapro and Dew Dolphin http://piapro.jp/t/GNbR ■Lyrics・Instrumental→http://piapro.jp/samfree ■VOCAL...

    Bom de mais ;D I love this music! 멜로디좋네요 nice timing miku love god ??o <3 Hatsune-New World's Goddess-Miku Her vo...

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  • Uploaded Jul 13, 11:59 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【カバー】GUMIで「STEP TO YOU」

    【カバー】GUMIで「STEP TO YOU」

    19作目です。今回はGUMIで40㍍Pさんの「STEP TO YOU」をカバーさせていただきました。オリジナル曲のカバーということでいつもと勝手が違いましたが、これまでの経験を...

    This is amazing!! emejing Cool cool !!!!! whoa

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  • Uploaded Sep 17, 03:18 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Megurine Luka】Can you feel the purple  truth【Original】

    【Megurine Luka】Can you feel the purple truth【Original】

    どうも、ゆよゆっぺと無力Pとどんです。 Hello, we are Yuyoyuppe (ゆよゆっぺ), Muryoku-P (無力P), & Don (どん). ゆよゆっぺ「個人的には漬物がいいです」 Yuyoyu...

    amazing I listened to this like 50 times :3 the piano is gorgeous hontoni sugoi!!!! Sugooiiiiii

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  • Uploaded Jan 19, 02:05 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -女子中学生、禁断の事情



    miki voice is so good wtf YES! SLAVE VVR Good song!

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  • Uploaded Aug 30, 09:21 PM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -Uni【Hatsune Miku/Original】

    Uni【Hatsune Miku/Original】


    Can i have? Everything's still moving...WHAT KIND OF WIZARDRY IS THIS しゆと 何かかわいい miku is still moving :: wh...

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  • Uploaded Apr 18, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Miku・Rin・Len・IA・MAYU】The Diary of Oblivion【Original】

    【Miku・Rin・Len・IA・MAYU】The Diary of Oblivion【Original】

    ——Forgotten Diary——Work Diarays(mylist/28691500)Last chapter「Forgotten Diary」 【Composition・lyrics・video】Kou(@kou_diarays) 【Art】Uni(@unio04)...

    “Just kidding." “I love you, Night." feelings you have right here, right now? I hate you, Night. But rather than being fo...

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  • Uploaded Jun 25, 08:57 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -[Megpoid with CV GIRLS] DRIVE TO THE MOON [original songs with a PV]

    [Megpoid with CV GIRLS] DRIVE TO THE MOON [original songs with a PV]

    DJ Lily Presents SUPER VOCALOID will be included! / U-ji (P primates) is. Thank you for viewing this. I tried to make the song Megpoid. → http://piapro.jp/co...

    Go Go Gumi!!

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  • Uploaded Apr 22, 03:50 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -Kagamine Rin Original Song 『Time's Emblem』

    Kagamine Rin Original Song 『Time's Emblem』...

    曰向電工です。  mylist/27644950  Twitter http://twitter.com/FLOAT178  piapro http://piapro.jp/float178  前作→グロッキーラッキーゲージ(sm23308260)※...

    Rin >.< 88888 no, there's been songs out there copying Hinata's works in April This is awesomw! If only there was a pv This i...

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  • Uploaded Sep 26, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -What a bother / Hatsune Miku

    What a bother / Hatsune Miku

    どうも。瀬名航です。22作目です。疲れますね。 素敵な写真はpiaproより、テルハさんからお借りしました。 http://piapro.jp/t/qm0U ◆作詞/作曲:瀬名航(mylist/33...

    Niceeee I just feel like that Ahh, every now & then I feel like that, I hate summer, I hate fall, I hate winter Ahh shoulderi...

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  • Uploaded Apr 20, 07:55 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku(Gunyo)】Buttercup Flowers【Tried Composing】

    【Hatsune Miku(Gunyo)】Buttercup Flowers【Tried Composing】

    要望を頂きましたので…オケはこちらです→http://piapro.jp/t/AK0A    ? ⑤⑨①□□□■■■ ■■□■□■ ■■□□□□③②□□□■■□  ■■□□□■⑥ □■□■□■ ⑧   ⑦①落とすと焦る②○○園③飲み...

    represent eternal happiness, and sorrowful memories.) (In the language of flowers, buttercup flowers for I know I won't be al...

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  • Uploaded Oct 26, 10:29 PM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -純情☆ファイター ver.GUMI

    純情☆ファイター ver.GUMI


    This song gives me energy YAY~! Is this the original one? o,O

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  • Uploaded Mar 07, 07:17 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku】The Gloomy God of Daeth【Original】PV

    【Hatsune Miku】The Gloomy God of Daeth【Original】PV

    kousです。アヒルアルカナに収録した曲です。今回もhieさんに動画を作ってもらいましたほかのメンツがヤバすぎたのでw→公式HP http://twistedducks.com/CDデモsm611523...

    So I'm going to disappear. you won't have to die, I'm sure. As long as I go away first, Even if that's what fate dictates. se...

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  • Uploaded Oct 19, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Kagamine Len】Today, The Day After Tomorrow, Any Time【Original】

    【Kagamine Len】Today, The Day After Tomorrow, Any Time【Original】

    『 ホラ サア ボクヲミチビイテ 』『 Look, come, I'll guide 』■Vocal - 鏡音レン(Kagamine Len)■Music/Lyric - Daiki Ogawa          @GurenHimawari [my...

    LENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN TT^TT amazing 88888888888888888888 ;v; ohmycdof...

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  • Uploaded Dec 16, 03:01 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku】eve*2【Original Song with PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】eve*2【Original Song with PV】

    (12/28)新曲「雪に願いを」→sm22551906かりそめの恋の歌。すこっぷです。ミクオリジナル曲19作目。曲 → すこっぷ絵 → まつとり他の曲 → mylist/11827900 HP →...

    a sorrowful kiss... we exchange as I cry to you that I'm sorry, my lips I say to repress "Is this what we wanted it to be?" f...

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  • Uploaded Sep 27, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOID殿堂入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku】 Hello・New World【n.k】

    【Hatsune Miku】 Hello・New World【n.k】

    n.k here.'Hello' is a wonderful word isn't it!With that said, the best world is waiting for you!●Lyrics・Composition・Video:n.kMylist:mylist/41600871Commun...

    GJ!!! nananananananananann but it's really good :) it sounds like a mix of 40mp and emon(tes.) what? xD shake i...

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