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VOCALOID名PVリンクとは、特定のVOCALOID-PVを纏める登録タグ。概要ユーザーにより投稿された、KAITO、初音ミク等のVOCALOIDを用いたオリジナル曲のプロモーションビデオの中でも...Read more

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  • Uploaded Jul 17, 03:30 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【手描き】 罪の名前 【PV】

    【手描き】 罪の名前 【PV】

    本家様 sm29021785 Special Thanks:ひぃ (user/19526489) 動画:小猫まり (mylist/37798939) @mari_kosaji

    she is too pretty for a monster ._. this is pretty cool the folks there probably have something really against white hair i g...

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  • Uploaded Jun 08, 12:54 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【初音ミク】なんだかとっても!いいかんじ(長編)【オリジナル】



    ww VV W? I wish I was motivated enough to learn Japanese hi Cuteee wwwww awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww This is so cute~ vv wwwwwwwwwww...

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  • Uploaded May 27, 02:56 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Hatsune Miku】SLoWMoTIoN【Original PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】SLoWMoTIoN【Original PV】

    Nice-to-meet people, I'm nice-to-meet PinocchioP Because the title is like this, a slow shout was received. Lyrics・Song・Video/Pinocchio mylist/11284855 3DC...

    한글이다아주신기한데 CUTE MOE MOMENT MOE MASTER MIKUMIKUMIKUMIKUMIKU i love you! happy Damn it Miku!!! why so ...

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  • Uploaded Dec 20, 11:41 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【PV】オールドラジオ【手描き】



    https://www.youtube. this is beuatiful =) wow

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  • Uploaded Sep 02, 08:54 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -2015 Hatsune Miku 八周年誕生祭・中国合同大制作

    2015 Hatsune Miku 八周年誕生祭・中国合同大制作


    > n < I can't see the video! There's a video? I thought it was just audio and a black screen? :( It's awesome that you know t...

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  • Uploaded Jul 25, 12:34 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Kagamine Rin】Always Be ^o^【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin】Always Be ^o^【Original】

    The first time I made it This is a VOCALOID song^^Music :StaticP (@_Static_P)Lyric/Movie: einshine (mylist/51217673)(@einshines)Illust: nyan (pixiv/id=1361...

    ALWWAZ BEE HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY すごいいーです すごいい #ALWAYSBEHAPPY >w< NAU dont worry be happy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~..

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  • Uploaded Jan 11, 07:24 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Hatsune Miku】ElectroSaturator【With Original MV】

    【Hatsune Miku】ElectroSaturator【With Original MV】

    Nice to meet you. This is my first composition. This is a song for those who love electronic music, dupstep and rock, and without enough courage. The superb...

    <3 very good!!! Aww yeah.......wahhh??? Great animation!!!/ normal WHoa ?? what the.... /normal LAST DUBSTEEP! Beautiful.... ...

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  • Uploaded Jan 22, 11:32 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Original Song with PV】Panda Hero【GUMI】

    【Original Song with PV】Panda Hero【GUMI】

    How are you doing, this is hachi here. I wrote the hero song.。 From the 2nd Album「OFFICIAL ORANGE」。I changed the arrangement。 At the beggining it was「...

    kaneki??? org melayu nk tompang lalu kejap ehh :v pspsspsspsps papaapapapaapapap itik itik quack mende dowh korg fake 233333 ...

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  • Uploaded May 13, 09:33 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -[Nekomura Iroha] In Reverse [Original song]

    [Nekomura Iroha] In Reverse [Original song]

    いろはさん、お誕生日おめでとう! ということで、生演奏コンピに収録されている私の曲を、再びR太さんのアニメーションつきで公開します。 是非生演奏コンピ(sm17089...

    be one of my favourites after years.... thank you for this song! it's breathtakingly beautiful and it continues to funny deep...

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  • Uploaded Aug 21, 04:34 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Hatsune Miku】 Throbbing 【ATOLS】

    【Hatsune Miku】 Throbbing 【ATOLS】

    Maca maca■Lyrics/Music/Animation ATOLS■MMD model Tda■Mylist mylist/20696547■Twitter http://twitter.com/ATOLSX■YouTube https://youtu.be/3xfEu520ZpM■https:/...

    Crystal TDA Miku. Priceless! :lol: *A* WUUT great video! and the awesomeness of an ATOLS song very good!! I do, it's good & i...

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  • Uploaded Feb 10, 09:46 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【PVつけてみた】みずたまり



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  • Uploaded Sep 25, 06:43 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -初音ミク - エレクトリック・ラブ MMDPV

    初音ミク - エレクトリック・ラブ MMDPV

    新作(初音ミク - Melody Line)公開中→sm13328142殿堂入り感謝記念!壁紙配布中!http://wakamura.livedoor.biz/WPMMD02elec.zipミクでキュートでエレクトロでポップなPV...

    MIKU CHAN o (≧▽≦) o This is the first song of miku!! Why view is so low. So cute miku!! すこいです Juste sublime! ...

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  • Uploaded Jul 24, 04:20 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -[VOCALOID Musical] Alice in Musicland [Original Song]

    [VOCALOID Musical] Alice in Musicland [Original Song]

    TL of below: I'm the "thoroughly satisfied from being soaked wet from watching a dolphin show on this memorable summer afternoon" uploader. [...

    This musical could fit perfectly in a Vocaloid concert kawaiiiiiii Aww AHHH Super Cute KAWAII >^< KYAAAAAAA LEEEEENNN-KUUUNNN...

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  • Uploaded Mar 28, 03:42 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Hatsune Miku】The People Dance【Original Song】

    【Hatsune Miku】The People Dance【Original Song】


    great love it うわぁ~~~~~~~ I like those effects 88888888888888888888 scary coooo...

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  • Uploaded Nov 05, 02:10 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -Hatsune Miku - Sweet Devil PV (Full Version)

    Hatsune Miku - Sweet Devil PV (Full Version)

    Next week! Miku devil! Sweet Devil PV full version public! (`・ω・´)  By the end, many videos will be available starting with this PV! Has been misundersto...

    miku♡ shes gun eat cha This song is so good omg 八王子さま!!!!!!! Do she got booty? She dooooooooooooooooooo ;-3 kawai...

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  • Uploaded Dec 04, 07:32 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -MEIKOでオリジナル曲「金の入日に手風琴」



    really good song ! <3 :3 MEIKO :D love this song!

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  • Uploaded Aug 14, 05:00 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【15th MMD Cup finals】+♂(Plus Boy)【Kagamine Len】

    【15th MMD Cup finals】+♂(Plus Boy)【Kagamine Len】

    レン君に力いっぱい暴れてもらいました。Dancer AshibutoPenta-sama:sm23446219Music GigaP-sama:sm23134050Choreography:sm23136590Video:Natto Cheese-sama my...

    *cough cough* Creep *Cough* this is so amazing Soo Cute <3 i love this omg ... Len After Everything... like always ! <3 Soo K...

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  • Uploaded May 13, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -(Miku Original Song PV) O Light (Kikuo)

    (Miku Original Song PV) O Light (Kikuo)

    This is Kikuo. O Light.~Karaoke source~ http://kikuo.jp/karaoke/hikari.zip●Song・Lyrics:きくお (Kikuo) mylist/19082290 @kikuo_sound●Video:Otori mylis...

    amazing artwork yassssssss i love this MMMMMMMMMMM this is legit illuminti vocaloid ver. kikuo esque love the feeling ♥♥♥MIKU♥♥♥

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  • Uploaded Jan 29, 03:08 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -[Hatsune Miku] Tell Your World MAD Full – Made it

    [Hatsune Miku] Tell Your World MAD Full – Made it

    "This is a promo-video that I made after seeing the Google CM. Music; Tell Your World (livetune, kz) 00:24-00:40 (From the Google CM) 01:37-02:02 (From Hats...

    my smol child awww popipo all of the people love miku loook at the numbers Polska jest zajebista, byczeeeeeeeeeeeeees ! \(T-T...

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  • Uploaded Feb 17, 03:53 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Vocaloid 8】The Form of Dreams【Original】

    【Vocaloid 8】The Form of Dreams【Original】

    I am Fuwari-P! PV&Illustration by Nekomura-san! This is the ninth work。 Predecessor: sm15557881 Karaoke: sm17008148 The first collaboration for a new s...

    Replaying this over and over and over Really soft and soothing song. Sweet song... OwO where is kaito... Anh càtím.... GAKU...

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  • Uploaded Jan 25, 03:24 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -ある逃避の/カラスヤサボウ (Vo.鏡音リン)

    ある逃避の/カラスヤサボウ (Vo.鏡音リン)

    music&movie:カラスヤサボウ [@tghgworks_krsy]mylist/10883206 mastering:かごめP [@kagome_p] mylist/13631314一部イラスト:葉守碧 [@Hamori_Aoi] http://hamori-ao...

    Beautiful song and unique video! I love you maker of this video please let my heart reach yours ♥♥ upotsuu!!!! love every...

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  • Uploaded Apr 30, 01:40 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Kagamine Len】The Riddle Solver Who Can't Solve Riddles【Hand-drawn PV】

    【Kagamine Len】The Riddle Solver Who Can't Solve Riddles【Hand-drawn PV】...

    ◆Favorite original song→【Kagamine Len】Nazotoki (sm10005591) It's a habit of mine to can't solve a mystery。Sister does the encoding every time。Thank you, ...

    boku - me boku boku no namae no RIN NAW :O assterisk Cover I love this song! woo man how interesting. and the second video re...

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  • Uploaded Oct 24, 09:06 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -3D MikumikuPV

    3D MikumikuPV

    ニコニコの3D職人は変態揃いか!(仕事しろって言うなよ…)LW+unReal,AEで制作。 俺の大好きな半目ミクのオリジナルはこちら→sm1142379 ★お借りしました★ ●みくみくにし...

    오 Yay HELLO 为什么我看不到弹幕 wow!!!! ミクミクミク lol Miku is God i love all your songs maybe it is becaus...

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  • Uploaded Jun 22, 04:51 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Megurine Luka】Hot Milk【Original】

    【Megurine Luka】Hot Milk【Original】

    Lyrics・Composition:明太Rocker (MentaiRocker)Picture・Video:あちこあこ (Achiko Ako)Works so far: mylist/25184074

    is this on spotify those sweet, hot tears getting caught in my throat that's gone dry, until I fall into paradise... I'll des...

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  • Uploaded Jun 07, 01:28 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -[PV] 39 [Hatsune Miku]

    [PV] 39 [Hatsune Miku]

    sasakure.UKさん&DECO*27さんの曲、「39」のPV です。(ノ゚▽゚)ノ*:・キャー!! ミクサーン!!ってなる原曲はこちらからぜひ → watch/1341499584また本動画製作にお...

    miku-chan gue suka miku play la miku de verde, la miku de rojo, el miku de azul XDDDD miku en toda sus versiones XD Aww :3 It...

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  • Uploaded Oct 04, 08:23 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -「チョコレート・トレイン」【初音ミク】に絵をつけてみた(PV風)


    PENGUINS PROJECTさんのオリジナル曲「チョコレート・トレイン」(→nm3883201)がとっても良くて、毎日ガタンゴトンしているうちに動く絵を付けたくなり、勝手にPV風で...

    People don't know where to put looks as if it's bearing attentions Kalan-Kolon By your foot. An empty can bending slightly fo...

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  • Uploaded Apr 09, 04:15 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -Town of Jade/Hatsune Miku/Manga MV

    Town of Jade/Hatsune Miku/Manga MV

    #10 Fall To Heaven"Our normal lives overflow with happiness..."□ Music & Lyrics : メル (Mer)Twitter ( @________mer )( mylist/45003418 )□ Movie & Comics :...

    nooooooooooooooooooo Very cute chara design :3 my life.... oasidfoaswk PLS DONT KIL ME i wanna cover this song i'v...

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  • Uploaded Jul 01, 04:19 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【VY1V4】カザミ鳥【オリジナル曲】



    :3 hahahha very cute :3 Animation master <3 fantastic animation and very cute song!! 8888888888888888 PV art style is amazing...

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  • Uploaded Sep 20, 09:05 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Kagamine Len】Feelings of a Cactus【Original MV】

    【Kagamine Len】Feelings of a Cactus【Original MV】

    サボってんなよ/Don't neglect me (pun on "cactus")┌|∵|┘Music: キッド/Kid (mylist/8978552) (@kid_NnDS)Lyrics: 残鏡P/Zankyou-P (mylist/6435576) (@kk_kaze)Arra...

    kawaiiiiiiiiii~~~~(≥ I want to hug Len so very much. Poor thing. LOL me too so cute <3 Is that link :p omg how cute is th...

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  • Uploaded Nov 29, 02:14 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Hatsune Miku】Refrain【Original Song with PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】Refrain【Original Song with PV】

    JOYSOUND配信中です。http://joysound.com/ex/search/song.htm?gakkyokuId=622275 PVもJOYSOUNDで配信されました。http://joysound.com/ex/search/ranking.htm?selSongN...

    you can't see the stars to a night when & let's say good-bye so that you can always stand back up Slip, fall so that you can ...

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  • Uploaded Jun 23, 12:33 PM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Megurine Luka】Track【I drew】

    【Megurine Luka】Track【I drew】

    過去に元気をもらった巡音ルカの動画から、ぽぷりかさんと殴り合いながら、ひとつの轍を描いてみました。曲 :ハヤシケイ/KEIさん sm16061957 mylist/5113852絵 :が...

    Miku looks so proud of Luka <3 NUMBE1 ! ALWAYS GOT HER! HA!! GOOO!!! ATACK!!! Keito you derp go go go LUKA!!!!! WOOOOHH reall...

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  • Uploaded Apr 11, 03:55 AM

    VOCALOID名PVリンク -【Self-interpretation】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Hand-drawn PV】

    【Self-interpretation】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Hand-drawn PV】

    Happy second anniversary.I loved it so much I made this.If you wish, please watch.【広告主様・格別のお引き立てを賜り心よりお礼申し上げます。】※There is a pai...

    GJ ON THE PV!! IA X IO♥XD IOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so good! love wows silver hair... i dun like them hurting him.. the feels OMGG...

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