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  • Uploaded Jun 03, 04:00 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Hatsune Miku】Whimsical Mercy【Original Song+PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】Whimsical Mercy【Original Song+PV】

    ■Hi, this is Hachioji-P.■This is a song about a girl who keeps getting twisted around her partner's little finger. ■Kakichoko-san's version→sm28976441□Music ...

    kimagure mercy This song is awesome ^w^ ♡ fans servise 100000% Emotionless face D: Japanese legs XD 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded May 27, 02:56 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Hatsune Miku】SLoWMoTIoN【Original PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】SLoWMoTIoN【Original PV】

    Nice-to-meet people, I'm nice-to-meet PinocchioP Because the title is like this, a slow shout was received. Lyrics・Song・Video/Pinocchio mylist/11284855 3DC...

    haha , why always show flat expression idk what scares me the mikudayo or the weird voice triggered bc mikudayo gr8 KAWAII<3 ...

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  • Uploaded Jul 02, 03:00 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Kagamine Rin】Three Centimeters【Original song】

    【Kagamine Rin】Three Centimeters【Original song】


    subsss https://www.youtube. omfg so cute has nobody translated this yet? omg its so cute still my fave...

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  • Uploaded Jul 25, 12:34 PM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Kagamine Rin】Always Be ^o^【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin】Always Be ^o^【Original】

    The first time I made it This is a VOCALOID song^^Music :StaticP (@_Static_P)Lyric/Movie: einshine (mylist/51217673)(@einshines)Illust: nyan (pixiv/id=1361...


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  • Uploaded Jun 23, 12:33 PM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Megurine Luka】Track【I drew】

    【Megurine Luka】Track【I drew】

    過去に元気をもらった巡音ルカの動画から、ぽぷりかさんと殴り合いながら、ひとつの轍を描いてみました。曲 :ハヤシケイ/KEIさん sm16061957 mylist/5113852絵 :が...

    Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Much love IKEIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! Miku looks so proud of Luka <3 NUMBE1 ! ALWAYS GOT HER! HA...

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  • Uploaded Jun 08, 12:54 PM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【初音ミク】なんだかとっても!いいかんじ(長編)【オリジナル】



    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww w wwwwwwwwwww ww vv wwwwwwww ww VV W? I wish I was motivated enough to le...

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  • Uploaded Aug 14, 05:00 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【第15回MMD杯本選】Innocence【DIVA】


    【theme:一期一会】【予選sm26741712】MMD杯公式サイト= http://mmdcup.org/ 本選公式1=mylist/49274819 本選公式2=mylist/49274820 Angel-CUP= http://angel-cup.ch2.c...

    I can download the motion or not.?/ your motion datas are amazing id love to use them in my concert at AVcon

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  • Uploaded Apr 09, 04:15 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - Town of Jade/Hatsune Miku/Manga MV

    Town of Jade/Hatsune Miku/Manga MV

    #10 Fall To Heaven"Our normal lives overflow with happiness..."□ Music & Lyrics : メル (Mer)Twitter ( @________mer )( mylist/45003418 )□ Movie & Comics :...

    lol wut DID HE DIED!?!?!?! nooooooooooooooooooo Very cute chara design :3 my life.... oasidfoaswk PLS DONT KIL ME ...

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  • Uploaded Jan 22, 11:32 PM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Original Song with PV】Panda Hero【GUMI】

    【Original Song with PV】Panda Hero【GUMI】

    How are you doing, this is hachi here. I wrote the hero song.。 From the 2nd Album「OFFICIAL ORANGE」。I changed the arrangement。 At the beggining it was「...

    bbb VENDORS EMPANADAS Vendo empanadas Panda panda panda ahdjd :v Madre mia xd wtf btw I don't understand <3 This is pandaa 88...

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  • Uploaded Jan 11, 07:24 PM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Hatsune Miku】ElectroSaturator【With Original MV】

    【Hatsune Miku】ElectroSaturator【With Original MV】

    Nice to meet you. This is my first composition. This is a song for those who love electronic music, dupstep and rock, and without enough courage. The superb...

    ooooooh <3 very good!!! Aww yeah.......wahhh??? Great animation!!!/ normal WHoa ?? what the.... /normal LAST DUBSTEEP! Beauti...

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  • Uploaded Dec 20, 11:16 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Hatsune Miku】Two Breaths Walking 【Original PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】Two Breaths Walking 【Original PV】

    I've added PV to DECO*27's Song「Two Breaths Walking」(ニ息歩行) It began here. ■Original Song sm8061508 ■Composer DECO*27's Mylist mylist/9850666  ■Vi...

    DECO*27 FOR PRESIDENT *Guitarra maneira* Es genial ♥♥♥ Mamá, he conocido a alguien que me gusta ♪♫ (^^) Nina, the ...

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  • Uploaded Aug 30, 09:34 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【初音ミク誕生祭2015】未来景イノセンス【MMD-PV】


    8歳の誕生日おめでとうございます!夏の終わりのような、切なくて、大好きな曲。本家様:sm24905365週末慌てて作tt 間に合って良かったです。お借りした物は動画内とコ...

    mikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3 <3 SO, HOT, I WANNA, YOU KNOW, DO SOMETHING HERE

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  • Uploaded Sep 06, 09:27 PM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【iNat×ミク】BPM116 ゼンリキビート【JUMBROCK】

    【iNat×ミク】BPM116 ゼンリキビート【JUMBROCK】


    cool shit tho!! nice vibes lol viiibes calm down?? whoever said engrish can take their racist shit stained hands off the keys...

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  • Uploaded Dec 28, 10:59 PM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - Hatsune Miku's Electric・Angel で手書きアニメ(修正版)

    Hatsune Miku's Electric・Angel で手書きアニメ(修正版)...

    ミクを好きになったきっかけの曲「えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ」(sm1249071)に手書きでアニメ(?)をつけてみた修正版です。 すごくパラパラ動画ですが愛だけは!こ...

    The rin and len version sounds better Miku you're so fucking cute cursor is love cursor is life :3 I do think the Kagamine Ve...

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  • Uploaded Jan 25, 03:24 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - ある逃避の/カラスヤサボウ (Vo.鏡音リン)

    ある逃避の/カラスヤサボウ (Vo.鏡音リン)

    music&movie:カラスヤサボウ [@tghgworks_krsy]mylist/10883206 mastering:かごめP [@kagome_p] mylist/13631314一部イラスト:葉守碧 [@Hamori_Aoi] http://hamori-ao...

    Beautiful song and unique video! I love you maker of this video please let my heart reach yours ♥♥ upotsuu!!!! love every...

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  • Uploaded May 13, 03:00 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - (Miku Original Song PV) O Light (Kikuo)

    (Miku Original Song PV) O Light (Kikuo)

    This is Kikuo. O Light.~Karaoke source~ http://kikuo.jp/karaoke/hikari.zip●Song・Lyrics:きくお (Kikuo) mylist/19082290 @kikuo_sound●Video:Otori mylis...

    Koro sensei? WAKE ME UP INSIDE :'( :'< Forever and ever she waited :( FOREVER AND EVER To wake me up Waiting for you I am her...

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  • Uploaded Sep 17, 03:00 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【GUMI】Hiding My Sweaty Skin【Original MV】

    【GUMI】Hiding My Sweaty Skin【Original MV】


    Gumi is wonderful Ganbatte~ This is beautiful cricket chirps were any different at all Lying across my desk, only the disappe...

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  • Uploaded Jul 17, 02:14 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Kagamine Len】 My Everything 【Original MV】

    【Kagamine Len】 My Everything 【Original MV】

    Hello!Sako Tomohisa(ShounenT)here!On the 7/22、Sako Tomohisa(ShounenT)2nd Album「From me to you」tracklist will be released→http://goo.gl/SPRiEfShounen...

    Why is it so cute? whyyyy I'm crying nowww he look's sufferring.. she's probably heavy.. cute!!!! This is cute <3 PLS DON'T T...

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  • Uploaded Oct 07, 02:27 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - v flower「がらんどう」

    v flower「がらんどう」


    GJ I LOVE BOTH FLOWER X SOHTA OERSKDOKODKSOKRDOF _(:3_JL)_ (:3_JL)_ ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ; w ;...

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  • Uploaded Feb 17, 03:53 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Vocaloid 8】The Form of Dreams【Original】

    【Vocaloid 8】The Form of Dreams【Original】

    I am Fuwari-P! PV&Illustration by Nekomura-san! This is the ninth work。 Predecessor: sm15557881 Karaoke: sm17008148 The first collaboration for a new s...

    wow Replaying this over and over and over Really soft and soothing song. Sweet song... OwO where is kaito... Anh càtím.... ...

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  • Uploaded Oct 24, 09:06 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 3D MikumikuPV

    3D MikumikuPV

    ニコニコの3D職人は変態揃いか!(仕事しろって言うなよ…)LW+unReal,AEで制作。 俺の大好きな半目ミクのオリジナルはこちら→sm1142379 ★お借りしました★ ●みくみくにし...

    ???????????????????? 오 Yay HELLO 为什么我看不到弹幕 wow!!!! ミクミクミク lol Miku is God

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  • Uploaded Jul 17, 03:30 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【手描き】 罪の名前 【PV】

    【手描き】 罪の名前 【PV】

    本家様 sm29021785 Special Thanks:ひぃ (user/19526489) 動画:小猫まり (mylist/37798939) @mari_kosaji

    크윽 죄의명전 clearly its because she's a dirty albino nandayo kore OMG *^* o 88888888888888888888 sh...

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  • Uploaded Jun 29, 09:08 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Kagamine Len】Servant of Evil【Hand-drawn PV】

    【Kagamine Len】Servant of Evil【Hand-drawn PV】

    *素晴らしい御本家様→sm3133304 *何度聞いても泣いてしまう悪ノ召使をPVに出来たら良いなあと 勝手な解釈あると思いますご了承をば そして十人十色の解釈をして頂け...

    TTT•TTT<\3 len♥♥♥♥ TT.TT 넌그곳에서웃고있어줘 내가널지킬테니까 너의적이되더라도 만약세상의모두가 어른들의제멋대로인사 축복하는종소리 기대속에서우린태어났 너를지킨다,그걸위해

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  • Uploaded Jul 05, 03:00 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【鏡音リン】電歯リズム【オリジナル】


    不憫なリンちゎん;;;;;;;レンクンオリヴァもいるょ(11月の鏡音まつりでます)■曲動画 : MANMES 【mylist/37652222】 @manmes214■歌詞 : サバコP 様 【mylist/29720196...

    oh? this is so good cute song lol love ittt she had dental caries!! the is going to the dentist!! yoo this song is preetty good

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  • Uploaded Jan 29, 03:08 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - [Hatsune Miku] Tell Your World MAD Full – Made it

    [Hatsune Miku] Tell Your World MAD Full – Made it

    "This is a promo-video that I made after seeing the Google CM. Music; Tell Your World (livetune, kz) 00:24-00:40 (From the Google CM) 01:37-02:02 (From Hats...

    dd GOOD MOVIE!! AAAAAAAAAAAA MIKU! 한국인들웰케많냐;; Miku-chan KAWAIII >_< Miku is best eber MMD LA best Damn, miku'...

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  • Uploaded Jun 25, 09:00 PM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【勝手にPV】きみにごめんね【祝GUMI誕&1周年】



    88888888888888888888 wtf mmm kawaiii TT omg cute GUMI~

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  • Uploaded Aug 06, 08:00 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - Harunikimito [PV blackboard] [Street Myo be let]

    Harunikimito [PV blackboard] [Street Myo be let]

    Mistake had been cat-like notation Boro's Bonga → sm13920294 author, I'm Mr. "bolo cat" is incorrect. (Myo), our "Street Myo be back" together the sesame ass...

    oh my god, this music video is so gorgeous...... test

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  • Uploaded Jul 16, 03:00 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【tilt×Mozuya】Resonance Before Dawn【Original MV】

    【tilt×Mozuya】Resonance Before Dawn【Original MV】

    "Let's produce something great," we thought, and indeed it took about 2 years. Hello, this is tilt-six.I created this with Mozuya-san, with our theme being: ...

    88888888888888888888 88888888888888888888 love Beautiful!! NIIIICE LOVE THE COLORS aliens woah the colours are so right h...

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  • Uploaded Mar 28, 09:41 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Project DIVA F】 The Lost One's Weeping 【Arute】

    【Project DIVA F】 The Lost One's Weeping 【Arute】...

    It's Alta. エディット42作目、「F」1作目にして最終作。今回は[「東京テディベア」でお馴染み、Neruさんの「The Lost One's Weeping(sm20244918」でPV作らせていた...

    *--------* <3333333333333333 JUST.... LOVE THAT *-* OK then oh rin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!

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  • Uploaded Mar 13, 07:01 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【手書き】鏡音三大悲劇を映画ダイジェスト風にしてみた【PV】


    お待たせしました。全員で鏡音への愛を全力でぶつけました。上映開始です。・原曲、元ネタ「悪ノ娘(sm2916956)」「悪ノ召使(sm3133304)」悪ノP「soundless voice(sm4977...

    the cup fell... SERVANT OF EVILLL nvm... Daughter of evil Servant of evil? ;A; nO YESSSSS DAUGHTER OF EVIL This animation is ...

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  • Uploaded Jun 22, 04:51 AM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【Megurine Luka】Hot Milk【Original】

    【Megurine Luka】Hot Milk【Original】

    Lyrics・Composition:明太Rocker (MentaiRocker)Picture・Video:あちこあこ (Achiko Ako)Works so far: mylist/25184074

    omg this metal intro tho <3 is this on spotify those sweet, hot tears getting caught in my throat that's gone dry, until I fa...

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  • Uploaded Aug 31, 02:30 PM

    Video search by keyword VOCALOID名PVリンク - 【初音ミク】勝手なアニメ「恋スルVOC@LOID」【'09生誕祭PV(遅刻)】



    TETO ♡ RODARODAAAAAAAAAA!!! 88888888888888888888 i love this song oh god fanloids so cute omg 2016 now i...

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