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VOCALOID伝説入り直前(ボーカロイドデンセツイリチョクゼン)とは、100万再生間近のVOCALOID曲に付けられるタグである。概要対象となる基準は、この記事内では再生数90万以上(100万未満)...Read more

  • Uploaded Jun 12, 04:08 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -Patchwork Staccato/ Toa feat. Hatsune Miku

    Patchwork Staccato/ Toa feat. Hatsune Miku

    I'm Toa。Is it fine?Is it fine?Can I throw it away?Beautiful illustration:sun923-sama(http://piapro.jp/rose2008)Nice cough:Hatsune Miku-samaWords,Musi...

    쵸쵸우님언급자제좀;; 한국어엄청많네;;;; good~ 야매때 섹스 자지 보지 섹스 쵸쵸우병신 도티...

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  • Uploaded Apr 01, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【GUMI】Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl(LOL)【Original】

    【GUMI】Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl(LOL)【Original】

       V(・_・)<禾ムU〃ゃTょレヽイ可τ〃T=T=〃σ被貝舖TょσレニT=〃∋ゃ⊃〃   Wotamin's version→sm23230667   Music・Vocal edit・Motion : Giga (ギガ) (mylist/789...

    33333333333333333333 ssssssssssssssssssss i love this music ♥ i love voice good good wow oh 888888888888888...

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  • Uploaded Dec 28, 06:29 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【IA】 Life Prolonging Treatment 【Original PV】

    【IA】 Life Prolonging Treatment 【Original PV】

    「How do you like it?」 Song/Lyrics Neru(mylist/15619229) Illustration/Picture Shidu Out January 1, 2010 -『IA/02 -COLOR-』 http://ia-project.net/ia02/

    \neru/\IA/\sidu/ IA♥ wtf i'm inlove with this he's not Konoha ! OKAY !? he dead E-kun RIP WHITE HAIRED ANIME BOY SYNDROME Z...

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  • Uploaded Apr 05, 03:06 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -Alien Alien / Hatsune Miku

    Alien Alien / Hatsune Miku

    Nice to sixth you. NayutalieN here.Please treat me well.Twitter: https://twitter.com/NayutalieNPrevious Work: StratoStella sm27758211Previous Previous Work :...

    さすが hhhhhhhhhhhhhh XDDDDD 8888888888888 WWTT I'm an Alien '3' I GAVE YOU TRANS BE HAPPY ;-; Please support Forgetfulsub...

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  • Uploaded Mar 14, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -[Kagamine Rin, Len]  Death Should Not Have Taken Thee! [Original PV]

    [Kagamine Rin, Len] Death Should Not Have Taken Thee! [Original PV]

    I'm Jesus-P of Wonderful Opportunity.Humbly, I collaborated on this video with Glider.Lyrics & Music: Jesus-PIllustration & Movie: Glider--------------------...

    gg This song is legitimately funny omg RIN PLS foR F UCKS SAKE LE N YOU HAD O N E JOB Len dies all the time jeez Go Len! lol ...

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  • Uploaded Jun 23, 02:13 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -[IA] Perfect Crime Love Letter [Original song with PV]

    [IA] Perfect Crime Love Letter [Original song with PV]

    I am 150P(One-Half). 『In that obscure rumor, even that kid performed with me.』 Lyrics:Suzumu  (mylist/20737161 co57092)  twitter→suzumun Guitar...

    CA IS LIFE AND YOU ALL KNOW IT PEOPLE STaph ONLY CA >:C HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ororoooooooooo iso e cansao de satnana...

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  • Uploaded Apr 24, 05:33 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【Yuzuki Yukari's】Sayonara Chainsaw

    【Yuzuki Yukari's】Sayonara Chainsaw...

    I'm kurageP. This work is a fiction. No, really.Also released song「Sennen no Ame no Owari ni」→sm17637474■Bass: nim user/785886■Mastering: KagomeP mylist/13...

    984,987 980,922 わばばばばばばばはば 안녕체인소 쿠라케p님감사해요 다이스키...

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  • Uploaded Jun 12, 01:29 PM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【KAITO】Judgment of Corruption【Original Court Narrative】

    【KAITO】Judgment of Corruption【Original Court Narrative】

    「Money is the best lawyer in Hell」 Lyrics・Compostion・Video: mothy (http://mothy.blog39.fc2.com/) Illustration: you-ring (http://www.ne.jp/asahi/happy/...

    i dont get this Kaitooooo Miniature Garden Girl HOW DO I DOWNLOAD DIS!!!!!!!!!!!!????? so catchy XD dont be selfish xD m...

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  • Uploaded Mar 27, 12:33 PM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -[Hatsune Miku] Hayabusa [Original song]

    [Hatsune Miku] Hayabusa [Original song]

    小惑星探査機「はやぶさ」の復路第2期軌道変換終了、地球への帰還が確実になったことを記念して… 長い長い旅を終えて、間もなく地球に戻り役目を終える「はやぶさ」を、...

    I love this ;w; outer space!!!!!!!! Seeing all the j-comments while listening to this, I've found where I belon

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  • Uploaded Oct 22, 07:54 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku dark】crack【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku dark】crack【Original】

    keeno(キーノ)と申します。遅くなってしまいましたが、2曲目になります。聴いていただければ幸いです。よろしくお願いいたします。Music:keeno (mylist/21780260)Illust...

    so beautifulllll ROCKKKKKKK !!!!@###@ keeno's a master of sadness grasp this hand Please I'm unable to move, being broken I c...

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  • Uploaded May 26, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku】Fuck you, PTA【Original Song】

    【Hatsune Miku】Fuck you, PTA【Original Song】

    I'm afraid. I'm sorry PTA's, it's just a joke. -Music, lyrics and illustration・NashimotoP-mylist/11232206- -Mastering・kaichi-san-mylist/19743695-

    лел(: wooooooooooo WHY DID U LEAVE ME Atta girl dame FAAKYU why there's so much korean? Yea Miku 시끄럽습니다닥치...

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  • Uploaded May 07, 04:06 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【GUMI】 Wrinkle【Original!】

    【GUMI】 Wrinkle【Original!】

    buzzG here。 A song about always looking ahead、directly、always being straightforward、and enforcing your will。 ◆Music & lyrics : buzzG(mylist/13954828)...

    TO 1M VIEWS!!! Getting engaged soon and this song is very relatable <3 oh my it's so sad dahell! T_T >...< :// why this song ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 17, 03:09 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -┗|∵|┓Detained Teacher/HoneyWorks feat.flower

    ┗|∵|┓Detained Teacher/HoneyWorks feat.flower

    Teacher, it's HoneyWorks┗|∵|┓【mylist/20486867】We were allowed to use the new Vocaloid「v flower」!┗|∵|┓ Character name:"flower" The genderless-like powe...

    Inokori desu hai hai hai hai hai Sensei I hate you! Hai hai hai hai hai SENSEIIIIII SENSEIIIIIII Hai hai hai hai hai SENSEIII...

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  • Uploaded Nov 25, 02:34 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -┗|∵|┓Right Now, I'm in Love with You./HoneyWorks feat. Hatsune Miku

    ┗|∵|┓Right Now, I'm in Love with You./HoneyWorks feat. Hatsune Miku...

    The moment I fell in love.┗|∵|┓HoneyWorks here. mylist/20486867★11/26 release of HoneyWorks 2nd major album『Bokujya dame desuka?~「Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai...

    dyiNG He was cuter with the long hair and glasses. He is just too precious. CINNAMON ROLL Omg thats me Lol pantsu KOYUKI THO ...

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  • Uploaded Jun 21, 01:17 PM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku】moonlit bear【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku】moonlit bear【Original】

    「Because on this kind of dark night a frightful bear comes out」 ◆Story of coming across a bear in the woods one day. ◆Illustration drawn by Suzunosuke. ◆...

    I LOVE YOU MIKU CHAN SO KAWAII COME ON TO BRAZIL PLEASE vocal Kaito ????? The tuning is amazing! I... I have no other words, ...

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  • Uploaded Jan 02, 01:00 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【Kagamine Len】Middle Schooler Disease Outburst Boy【Original MV】

    【Kagamine Len】Middle Schooler Disease Outburst Boy【Original MV】

    Song of the men who've gone aggravated.■Songwriting:Rerulili mylist/16274546 @rerulili■Mastering:KagomeP mylist/13631314 @kagome_p■Video:HoShima http://...

    RELEASE MAH SEARCHLIGHT! Rerulili for baeee hawt PA PA AP PA PA PA PAPAPPAPPA Rerulili refrains wtf ETERNAL-FREAKING-FOR BL...

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  • Uploaded Apr 13, 12:57 PM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -Hatsune Miku Original Song 「Rampage of Hatsune Miku(LONG VERSION)」

    Hatsune Miku Original Song 「Rampage of Hatsune Miku(LONG VERSION)」


    哇哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦 ああああああああああ finallyyyyyyyyy af...

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  • Uploaded Feb 24, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -[Hatsune Miku / Megurine Luka] Akatsuki Arrival [Original]

    [Hatsune Miku / Megurine Luka] Akatsuki Arrival [Original]

    You are irreplaceable─ ─ ─ ─ ■ Last Note here. I'm pretty sure the theme of this song is moving on. Music&Words / Last Note. (mylist/22274906) Guitar /...

    I AM ALREADY LIKING THIS SONG YES THIS IS MY WAIFUS VOICE Luka x Miku <3 Why u die miku!? ;-; MikuXLuka <3 OMG Luka X Miku :3...

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  • Uploaded Jun 10, 03:06 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -[Hatsune Miku] Liar [Original]

    [Hatsune Miku] Liar [Original]

     Kaichi-san/chester-san There are various karaoke and MP3 tracks here. Please come if you like (((っ´ω`c)))♪♪ http://piapro.jp/sigmam ツイッター http://tw...

    i love this song so much !!! You whom I love you so stay as who you are in my heart because I'm throwing everything away I'm ...

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  • Uploaded Jun 28, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【GUMI】Ecstatic Vivace【Original】

    【GUMI】Ecstatic Vivace【Original】

    ミカグラ学園組曲 『書道部』八坂 ひみ Last Note.です。絶望的に字がヘタなので書道とは無縁です!◆7月25日にMF文庫Jより小説『ミカグラ学園組曲1 放課後ストライド...

    wowowo wowow :V que vos mas fea , mejor hubiesen puesto a Miku THE CHIBI IS SO CUUTE ALL THE SPARKLEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PON PON! ...

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  • Uploaded Nov 30, 01:44 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -初音ミクがオリジナル曲を歌ってくれました「ストロボナイツ」



    im gonna eventually make an a capella of this. For us. Do not cry; this is not our end. But please do not cry; this is not th...

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  • Uploaded Sep 02, 04:01 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【GUMI】 Rosetta 【Original Song + PV】

    【GUMI】 Rosetta 【Original Song + PV】

    I'm monaca:factory aka Tooka-P (10日P). \I will just shout out where love has gone~~/ Music & Lyrics: monaca:factory mylist/7105341 Video & Illustratio...

    yeah good wow gumi YEAH! I will just shout out where love has gone. Ferris wheel, If I can't stop them My heartbeats, Traffic...

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  • Uploaded Dec 27, 03:03 PM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【Kagamine Len】 Kagamine Len got to sing "Tori No Uta" 【Shotaloid】

    【Kagamine Len】 Kagamine Len got to sing "Tori No Uta" 【Shotaloid】

    No description

    。。。。 乃~ ♥♥♥ Firts!

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  • Uploaded Nov 01, 10:43 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -[H. Miku] Sakura Season - Full.ver (Original)

    [H. Miku] Sakura Season - Full.ver (Original)

    Seeing sakura blossoms each year makes me blue somewhat. To express that feeling, I uploaded this with the theme of bereavement.超絶手描きクオリティ感謝…!sm...

    桜 Damn nice! .3. wow o_o First video I saw on NicoVideo! this was my first vocaloid song still remember this Sakura, Sakura...

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  • Uploaded Oct 04, 10:24 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -「celluloid」 song by Hatsune Miku

    「celluloid」 song by Hatsune Miku

    This is the revised version.→sm3612709Karaoke→http://piapro.jp/t/1Fm8Who made it (baker)→user/1923193

    <3 <3 <3 <3 i always come back to listen to this lovely song ;w; ;_; 0000 should be on live concert !! best song ever SO SAD ...

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  • Uploaded Jan 09, 11:14 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【VY2・VY1V3】Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain【Original Song】

    【VY2・VY1V3】Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain【Original Song】

    口の中にできるアレとか。 My list mylist/18564543 Orchestra etc.→http://piapro.jp/EZFG 【PS 2012/11/22】 500.000 views, thank you thank you very much!!!...

    <3 Ojala pronto llegue a ver una canción legendaria It it it it it it it... Love Yuuma's voice Je veux te voir, c'est toi qu...

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  • Uploaded Feb 19, 02:16 PM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -Hatsune Miku - Yami-iro Alice (Dark Alice) [Original Song]

    Hatsune Miku - Yami-iro Alice (Dark Alice) [Original Song]

    [info to be added soon]

    Legend! Legend! For Samfree! FOR SAMFREE! 88888888888888888888 R.I.P SAMFREE let's make this a legend! It's almost t...

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  • Uploaded Oct 30, 05:37 PM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【Hatsune Miku】3331【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku】3331【Original】

    ひと月ぶりです。ナノウと申します。 9月発売のアルバム「Waltz Of Anomalies」からの一曲です。 とても素敵なイラスト&動画を付けてくれたお二人に最大限の感謝です。...

    ada orang indo kagak? life song wow OMG great this is soo coool Woooooh this is like my mind put into a song e muito boa esta...

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  • Uploaded Jun 15, 10:19 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -Hatsune Miku Original Song「Toosenbo/Not letting You Pass」

    Hatsune Miku Original Song「Toosenbo/Not letting You Pass」

    ■ I'm wowaka.  mylist/12484677  Web http://hitori-atelier.com  Twitter http://twitter.com/wowaka

    ohhhhhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHH I won't let you through. Smile with your innocent eyes! Please let go of me. Please keep your eyes o...

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  • Uploaded Jun 06, 03:13 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -【2014年6月6日時点】100万再生直前ボカロ曲メドレー!!!【全20曲】


    ※2015/4/5 新メドレー投稿しました!よかったら!!【最新版!!】100万再生越えVOCALOID曲 全曲サビメドレー!!【全217曲】→【sm25958409】こんにちは!今回は6月6日...

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  • Uploaded Aug 12, 10:13 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -Hatsune Miku - VOiCE (ORIGINAL)

    Hatsune Miku - VOiCE (ORIGINAL)


    hey i kinda like the beats This song is awesome!

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  • Uploaded Oct 16, 07:57 AM

    VOCALOID伝説入り直前 -Hatsune Miku's A little "that" song no.14 - Don't just take off your clothes! -Full ver.-

    Hatsune Miku's A little "that" song no.14 - Don't just take off your clothes! -Full ver.-...

    Originally create this song was to get scolded by Miku, I love Miku very much!!! Err... W hat am I talking about?!!! This song was included in "EXIT TUNES P...

    SHUT THE F*** UP RIGHT NOW! "Hey, when did you 'shoot it out'(event happen after female masturbate)?" You read to much of R-1...

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