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VOCALOIDハロウィン曲とは、ハロウィンをテーマに作られたVOCALOID曲。また、それらの曲の動画に付けられたタグである。概要ハロウィンに合わせて制作されることが多いため、その殆どが10月に投稿...Read more

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  • Uploaded Oct 31, 05:00 AM

      Ranking -【VOCALOID】Strange Masquerade Halloween【Original MV】

    【VOCALOID】Strange Masquerade Halloween【Original MV】

    Happy Halloween!Machigerita here.「Why don't we start the party?」Vocals Hatsune Miku Kagamine Rin Kagamine Len Megurine Luka KAITO MEIKOLyrics・Music...

    really good using male vocaloid 2spooky4me ————–Strange Masquerade Halloween. “It's unending pleasure———————-&quo wearing a mask...

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  • Uploaded Oct 10, 02:00 AM

      Ranking -【Kagamine Rin】Happy Halloween【Original with PV】

    【Kagamine Rin】Happy Halloween【Original with PV】

    Hello, this is Junky.Here is an information of a card USB memory, "Trick or Miku", containing musicincluding this songhttp://www.umaa.net/news/p759.html♪Movi...

    nossaaaaa que música boa! spoooooooooooooooooo :P 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Jun 18, 03:59 AM

      Ranking -【Kagamine Rin・Kagamine Len】Everyday Halloween【Original PV】

    【Kagamine Rin・Kagamine Len】Everyday Halloween【Original PV】

    My name is 融合P.「I just want to eat sweets in Halloween!」『I just want to mischief in Halloween!』「Zombies also come out in Halloween!」『Halloween at an...

    8888888888888888888 GOD I LOVE HALLOWEEN so cyoot <3 Love this song <3 88888888888888888888 KYOOTT purrfect YEASSH...

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  • Uploaded Oct 21, 04:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】メリーゴーランドと※※とわたし【Hallowe'en】


    淡いパンプキンの夢■作詞作曲:ike 【 @i_k_e_8_9 】mylist/57319782■illustration:消カ器 【 @syoukaki4 】  instと曲のあとがき    http://4.gigafile.nu/1028...

    what to fuck I listened ok.............. dahelll that capela creepy fucking nice

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  • Uploaded Oct 30, 03:44 AM

      Ranking -【Oliver】Pumpkin Spice Dummy【Original Song】

    【Oliver】Pumpkin Spice Dummy【Original Song】


    olli your so cute when you're creepy XD 88888888888 More like 12! Cut me up with your scissors and my intestines go loose Thi...

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  • Uploaded Oct 11, 09:02 AM

      Ranking -【ハロウィン】 ユウレカ 【IA】

    【ハロウィン】 ユウレカ 【IA】


    88888888888888888888 nice keys strange paint things this part is good

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  • Uploaded Nov 06, 09:07 AM

      Ranking -【鏡音リン・レン】前夜祭の黒猫【手描きPV】



    NYAAAAAAAO je l'aime aqui estuvo mexico

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  • Uploaded Nov 26, 03:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA ROCKS&Yuzuki Yukari】Halloween Party【Original MV】

    【IA ROCKS&Yuzuki Yukari】Halloween Party【Original MV】


    finger error my favourite witch♥ almost getting ambiented for this times never thought it would be quiet good IA&Yukari<3 EXC...

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  • Uploaded Jun 30, 07:56 AM

      Ranking -【鏡音リンレン】trick and treat【手描きPV】

    【鏡音リンレン】trick and treat【手描きPV】

    ※血・残酷表現アリ注意 ※本家様→sm5094908 妹がPVを作っていたのを観て作り始めたのですが、PV作りがこんなにも時間が掛かるものだとは思いませんでした。動画ソフト...

    La parte más hype estácerca <u< miku Not cute anymore, hm? *hugs len* MINE *hugs len* kYAHH haha you get blidnded eth~ I du...

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  • Uploaded Oct 31, 01:00 AM

      Ranking -Little Devil Cosmetic/mint* feat. Kagamine Rin

    Little Devil Cosmetic/mint* feat. Kagamine Rin

    *†*Тяiск оя тяёат*†* |ω`*)It's mint* This time, Vampire Rin gives your invitation to a party nobody could sleep through! off Vo.【sm24807280】 I m...

    the translation is pretty bad tho Rin <3 1, 2, 3, 4 –perfect little devil cosmetic! So, can you hear this joyful song? ….even...

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  • Uploaded Oct 19, 09:22 AM

      Ranking -【Gakupo Whisper】Pumpkin Candy【Original Song】

    【Gakupo Whisper】Pumpkin Candy【Original Song】

    とりっくおあとりーと!こんにちは。Sound Team Layer-0のAs'257G(あず)です。がくぽWhisperに悪戯なジャック・オ・ランタンな歌を歌ってもらいました。Lyrics: 水無月...

    It's that time of the year again! ^o^ this sounds Beautiful <3 I love Gakupo power

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  • Uploaded Oct 05, 12:00 PM

      Ranking -【Kagamine Rin】giga cartoon witch【Original song】

    【Kagamine Rin】giga cartoon witch【Original song】

    黒澤まどかです。ハロウィンも近いし、今回は魔女の曲。鏡音リン(Append warm)が歌っています。戯画から生まれしgigaの魔術を使うこの娘の役割とは…?" あたしの魔法で...

    Witch-chi-chi! Giga-giga-giga, witch-chi-chi! witch-ch-chi witch-ch-chi Tra-la-li-la-rin-ran witch-ch-chii witch-ch-chi witch...

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  • Uploaded Oct 22, 07:03 AM

      Ranking -[Kaito/Hatsune Miku] Crazy Clown [Original]

    [Kaito/Hatsune Miku] Crazy Clown [Original]


    kaito is to hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hottest clown if clowns was this cute i wouldnt be sraced of them

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  • Uploaded Oct 30, 06:23 PM

      Ranking -【KAITO V3】Night at the Castle【Original】

    【KAITO V3】Night at the Castle【Original】

    ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ Happy Halloween! My other songs: mylist/24117907Youtube link (better quality): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9uEmMsB0nM

    ??????TIME ??????FOR ??????SPOOKY ??????SEXY ??????KAITO?????? HALLOWEEN ??????DRAWS ??????NEAR GJ ???????????????????? i love deep voiced kaito hhhhhhhhh ...

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  • Uploaded Oct 11, 01:12 PM

      Ranking -【Original Song with PV】Humorous Dream of Mrs. Pumpkin【Hatsune Miku】

    【Original Song with PV】Humorous Dream of Mrs. Pumpkin【Hatsune Miku】

    Hello, I'm Hachi. ■ハロウィンに先駆けました。 ■Happy Halloween! ■I uploaded the Karaoke & MP3 http://piapro.jp/content/hg8a03pzz9vf6trz ■Original Song Li...

    Sp00Ky Heyooo O.O Thanks for the subs! Densha no naka! This is a really great Hachi song, and yet only 67 comments? creepy Ah...

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  • Uploaded Oct 31, 03:08 AM

      Ranking -ハロウィンモンスタァパーティナイトを演奏してみた



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  • Uploaded Oct 16, 04:30 PM

      Ranking -【kagamine rin・kagamine len】 Club Nightmare 【Original with PV】

    【kagamine rin・kagamine len】 Club Nightmare 【Original with PV】

    I'm called YuugouP。『A fun world is here ―Club Nightmare―』Different song but similar theme『Everyday Halloween エブリデイハロウィン(sm21146738)』【イベント...

    DANCE la la la la la la la la la la la HAPPy HALOWEEN too what? XD The beat QwQ is beautiful la la la la la la la la la la la...

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  • Uploaded Oct 30, 10:49 AM

      Ranking -【リン・レン・KAITO・IA】前夜祭の魔法【オリジナル】



    Until our wishes come true! In exchange for sweets lies The false dreams are in your hands Come now, try and be frightened So...

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  • Uploaded Oct 23, 10:08 PM

      Ranking -【Hatsune Miku Append】That Girl isn't Scared of Me【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku Append】That Girl isn't Scared of Me【Original】...

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Trick or die? If you bring back humans who've killed people, you'll come back to life. That's a forbidden secret art which mustn't be don...

    will live again. with this, I I had forgotten; Ah, I see now, take YOU with me. I'm just gonna Hello there. Goodbye. YOU just...

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  • Uploaded Oct 25, 11:36 AM

      Ranking -【Kagamine Rin】"Trich, Trach, Trick Parade"【Kagamine Len】

    【Kagamine Rin】"Trich, Trach, Trick Parade"【Kagamine Len】


    motoku is not a good translator and scream till the day draws near! Uphold a fire This long line continues throughout the tow...

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  • Uploaded Oct 29, 01:30 AM

      Ranking -【Vocaloid Halloween】Cinderella of Mutual Deathly Love【MAYU Original】

    【Vocaloid Halloween】Cinderella of Mutual Deathly Love【MAYU Original】

    Hello, Hayabusa Usagi here ( 「 '×' )「This is my 8th original submission/This Halloween I'm submitting 2 works, centered around【light】anddark】.This here is...

    I am sorry for this comment, I didn't see the translation. ^^^ SOMEBODY TRANSLATE THIS SONG. MAYU <# I am the Cinderella of m...

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  • Uploaded Oct 30, 02:43 AM

      Ranking -【Kagamine Rin & Len】Trick And Treat【Original Song】

    【Kagamine Rin & Len】Trick And Treat【Original Song】

    今日はちょっと黒めのうp主です。 魔が差してハロウィンの曲作りました。 ぱーちーやる方はBGMに使っていただけると嬉しいです。 絵はいつもの友人が……こ、、、これ...

    hehe owo bows ;o CANNIBLISM #sxy ahhhahahhahahahahah (instrumental awsomeness) mmmmm sxy bunny i memorized the english ver of...

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  • Uploaded Oct 08, 03:00 AM

      Ranking -【Hatsune Miku】Oblivious Pumpkin【Original PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】Oblivious Pumpkin【Original PV】

    The person saying, "How do you do?" is called PinocchioP saying, "How do you do?" A fork-lift going up and down. It's a guy of FamilyMart's Halloween. https...

    Sugoi~~! o.o PUMPKINZZZZZ honestly, take a minute to reflect on what you just saw. again weird this is so weird it'screepy! g...

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  • Uploaded Oct 16, 07:43 PM

      Ranking -【Oliver・Kagamine Len】Dummy March【Original Song】

    【Oliver・Kagamine Len】Dummy March【Original Song】

    人間かダミーか、所詮は同じもの。イラスト:水梦 http://piapro.jp/appleelma曲:モモカシュー mylist/28183671和訳:Shius http://www.youtube.com/user/Shiusfrom...

    Tulapeetata Luppashah Tuleeluteffetah Teelalupapa Fanny Kagamine / Leiko Kagome is here 8D usaually what i wish has never hap...

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  • Uploaded Oct 30, 08:01 AM

      Ranking -【VOCALOID】Darker Halloween YumYummy Gillia【Original song】

    【VOCALOID】Darker Halloween YumYummy Gillia【Original song】

    I'm Machigerita! It's Halloween! Yes! That's right! Give! Me! Candy! This story comes to an end at this, please stay tuned to the new series. (When I liste...

    Our name is “Yum Yummy Gillia" The so-called “storytellers". completely obsessed with (1031)“Halloween&quo You guys have a...

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  • Uploaded Oct 30, 06:40 AM

      Ranking -【VOCALOID】Halloween Patisserie Tricka Torka【It's Halloween】

    【VOCALOID】Halloween Patisserie Tricka Torka【It's Halloween】...


    On “Halloween". Make it candy. It's a party. Tricka Torka. The flavor trapped in your cheeks. Eat and dance. The dead, and ...

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  • Uploaded Oct 29, 08:00 AM

      Ranking -【VOCALOID Original Song】Halloween Monster Party Night

    【VOCALOID Original Song】Halloween Monster Party Night

    2009/10/31 A new Halloween has begun! →sm86617860http://machigerita.web.fc2.com/1031.htmlMachige homepage→http://machigerita.web.fc2.com/

    Welcome! You've figured that out now? Hey, how did you die? You won't return to your beloved world over there You definitely ...

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  • Uploaded Mar 20, 03:15 PM

      Ranking -【ミク・ルカ・KAITO】 Trick or Treat 【ハロゥインコラボ最終章】

    【ミク・ルカ・KAITO】 Trick or Treat 【ハロゥインコラボ最終章】

    A love triangle Hallowe'en最終章 -Trick or Treat-物語紡ごうのコラボ。このコラボグループ一周年記念ハロゥイン企画無事全章完成に至りました本当に皆様お疲れ様でし...


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  • Uploaded Oct 21, 12:21 AM

      Ranking -【ニコカラ】trick or love to me (off vocal)【コーラスあり】

    【ニコカラ】trick or love to me (off vocal)【コーラスあり】

    ぺんすて様の「trick or love to me」のニコカラを作らさせて頂きました。本家様【初音ミク】trick or love to me【オリジナル】→【sm28425939】音源入手先等 →ご本人...

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  • Uploaded Oct 18, 09:18 PM

      Ranking -初音ミク オリジナル 「猫とカボチャの舞曲」 by tom"U"

    初音ミク オリジナル 「猫とカボチャの舞曲」 by tom"U"

    Music by tom"U"https://twitter.com/tomU_TinkleIllustration by shimayouhttps://twitter.com/shi_mayouhttp://piapro.jp/shima_youMix & Mastering by yasuhttps://t...

    demora para garegar please tell me im not the only one who loves the art here

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  • Uploaded Oct 30, 09:29 PM

      Ranking -【鏡音レン】はかないあらし【オリジナル曲】


    こんにちわんこ!ハロウィンの日ですがハロウィンっぽくない曲ができあがり、本人はいたって真面目にハロウィンイメージしました!!などと供述しておりry 犬丸「今回...

    his hands reeked of soil Dear oh dear, Mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday My, let's save killing ourselves together for next week...

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  • Uploaded Oct 30, 11:10 AM

      Ranking -【初音ミク】ハロー、パンプキン【オリジナル曲】



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