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  • Uploaded Aug 01, 03:07 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Len・Kagamine Rin】 Night of Passing 【Original song & PV】

    【Kagamine Len・Kagamine Rin】 Night of Passing 【Original song & PV】

    ----Let's lock eyes and not look away.■Music / TezukaTwitter @aboutlogic■Artwork・video / △○□×(user/21427527)Twitter @miwasiba■R.Guitar / okara(mylist/2...

    Len is so beautiful. OMG!!!!!!!!! They're so cute!! he's so lonely T - T this should be in project diva PROJECT DIVA COSTUMES...

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  • Uploaded Jan 20, 02:45 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Seasonal Feathers【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Seasonal Feathers【Original】

    One day, if I lose this beautiful voice,even so, will you still love me?Music:Hitoshizuku×Yama△【mylist/8159174】【mylist/16330281】Illustrations:Suzunosuk...

    lenelneln 555555 MY TEAAARRSSS Omg omg oh no NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO here we go 888888 88888888 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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  • Uploaded Jan 29, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Yuzuki Yukari・Nekomura Iroha】Ripple【Original Song】

    【Yuzuki Yukari・Nekomura Iroha】Ripple【Original Song】

    ぺぺろん で ございます  メジャーアルバム「ReFraction -BEST OF Peperon P-」sm18448464収録楽曲です。 生きづらい世の中を、あなたはどのように歩いていきますか。...

    their voices are so real xD beautiful song so kawaii aihiteru so cute yukari chan amo vocêsua linda yukari chan my waifu s2s2...

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  • Uploaded May 17, 06:46 PM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -wowaka feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka - "World's End Dancehall" ワールズエンド・ダンスホール

    wowaka feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka - "World's End Dancehall" ワールズエンド・ダン...

    ■Hi, I'm wowaka.  mylist/12484677  Web http://hinichijourecords.com  Twitter http://twitter.com/wowaka


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  • Uploaded Jun 08, 03:55 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【GUMI】加速する恋の電子回廊【初音ミク】


    音楽:クヌースP  イラスト:nkshさん GUMIとミクの初デュエット曲作ってみました(ハモリませんが!) 今回はSynth1とリズム隊だけで作ってみました ◇ニコカ...

    あなたはアルバムバー ? ? ? ? ? ?

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  • Uploaded Jan 24, 12:50 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Original PV】Your Heart and I Becoming One【Hatsune Miku・GUMI】

    【Original PV】Your Heart and I Becoming One【Hatsune Miku・GUMI】

    Hello, it's Masa.That there is a story of very intimate sisters.One day, I have noticed that one of the girls has become inconsistent."Goodbye."Previous Stor...

    adorable hot Asore! thats hot nyanyanya asore oooooo dendendenden den den den pya nya nya nya pya nya nya 私はあなた!! i love masa...

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  • Uploaded Feb 15, 08:43 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin & Len】 Remote Control 【Original PV】

    【Kagamine Rin & Len】 Remote Control 【Original PV】

    グライダー絵師さんとコラボさせて頂きました! title:rimocon 曲詞:Jesus イラスト:グライダー絵師 動画:ワン☆オポ! ※情報※ ■グライダーさんのマイリストです...

    iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thanks and thanks again!!! FOR JubyPhonic L R L R STOP & DASH & UP & TALK B B A B S TAATATTATAATTAT...

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  • Uploaded Sep 27, 09:21 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -┗ | ∵ | ┓ Bamboo Cutter's Overnight Sensation / HoneyWorks feat. Kagamine Rin, Len.

    ┗ | ∵ | ┓ Bamboo Cutter's Overnight Sensation / HoneyWorks feat. Kagamine Rin, Len....

    ┗|∵|┓ハニワです。mylist/20486867 (「'ω')」(「'ω')」(「'ω')」(「'ω')」(「'ω')」(「'ω')」 そらる×ろんver⇒sm18993573 music,lyrics:Gom(HoneyWorks) guitar:海賊...

    spicy OMG HAHAHAHAHA Is this a Death Note reference? XD KYAAAA >e<)/// -but wait.... who is he??? O_O LEN?? hshshshs Rin's so...

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  • Uploaded Jun 18, 03:59 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Kagamine Len】Everyday Halloween【Original PV】

    【Kagamine Rin・Kagamine Len】Everyday Halloween【Original PV】

    My name is 融合P.「I just want to eat sweets in Halloween!」『I just want to mischief in Halloween!』「Zombies also come out in Halloween!」『Halloween at an...

    8888888888888888888 GOD I LOVE HALLOWEEN so cyoot <3 Love this song <3 88888888888888888888 KYOOTT purrfect YEASSH...

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  • Uploaded Apr 03, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Bug-Eaten Psychedelism【Original PV】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Bug-Eaten Psychedelism【Original PV】

    「The back side of personalities and the story's key」+❘Heisei Project❘+■Music: zips (じっぷす)  twitter:@Zips3Heisei Project mylist/36489569■Movie: Not-116...

    sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa len violame a mi tambien wowww...

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  • Uploaded Jul 29, 06:54 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -Megurine Luka・Kagamine Rin Original Song 「ANTI THE∞HOLiC」

    Megurine Luka・Kagamine Rin Original Song 「ANTI THE∞HOLiC」

    ◆I deliver it via waves of a higher frequency than usual, please regard me well. I dare say, a singing musical composition of the highest degree of difficult...

    ㅜ어ㅓ kek Reality. That beautiful Piano.. Luka and Rin gooo~~!! sugoi ahhh Lalalalalalalalalala

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  • Uploaded Mar 23, 02:55 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Hatsune Miku・Kagamine Rin】Even a Kunoichi Needs Love【Original PV】

    【Hatsune Miku・Kagamine Rin】Even a Kunoichi Needs Love【Original PV】

    MikitoP 2013.3.23 puble ㄨㄨOut of something like privacy or secrecy.ㄨㄨ Music & Lyrics: Mikito-P(mylist/19099704)Twitter @mikito_p_ Illust & Movie: ...

    응아니야ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뭐여이겤ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅆㅃ 12347 jkghjkgf 1234 Kagemine Rin!! I love Vocaloid!! my girls xD oooooooooooooooooooo

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  • Uploaded Aug 07, 11:35 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin & Hatsune Miku】Reverse Rainbow【Original・PV】

    【Kagamine Rin & Hatsune Miku】Reverse Rainbow【Original・PV】


    Sakasama Rainbow ... <--- boi what the heck Every body watching this video is speaking english Moe ( 0fa-df0a-fd0a-df0a-d

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  • Uploaded May 13, 08:34 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Len&KAITO】erase or zero【Duet/Original】

    【Kagamine Len&KAITO】erase or zero【Duet/Original】

    Thank you, bestgt, for torturing KAITO to make sm2810651、and tring to make him duet with Len【9/20 Update】:100,000 thank you for the views and Hall of Fam...

    erase or zero THIS IS THE BEST KAITO + LEN DUET ever. Love the duet, there voices work so well together 음

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  • Uploaded Jan 05, 01:08 PM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -Hatsune Miku・Kagamine Rin「Promise」【Original Song】

    Hatsune Miku・Kagamine Rin「Promise」【Original Song】

    ミクとリンを一緒に熱く歌わせてみました。お金は貸しません。■ボーカロイドオリジナル曲→mylist/3765386 歌ってみたもの→mylist/12898207 その他関わったもの→mylist...

    promise so cute s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2s2 RIP Samfree RIP Samfree... ;w; YAAAAS Samfree :-( Thanks for another awsome song samfr...

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  • Uploaded Jan 20, 07:57 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin┗|∵|┓】Suki, Kirai (Like, Dislike)【Kagamine Len Append ・Original PV】

    【Kagamine Rin┗|∵|┓】Suki, Kirai (Like, Dislike)【Kagamine Len Append ・Original PV】

    ┗|・.・|┓♪ HoneyWorks here. (mylist/20486867)It's only Len Append.GigaP Arrange version! ⇒ sm19663995 Len:「Do you like me? (  ◕´ ー ◕`)ドヤァ」 Rin:「(。◕ˇ_ˇ◕...

    ahahaha ♡♡♡ My mouth is burning!!! KISS!!! So cute for me =v= incest is so cute...okno incest is so cute... okno awww incest ...

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  • Uploaded Jul 18, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Rin*Luka】drop pop candy【Original】

    【Rin*Luka】drop pop candy【Original】

       Chin Chin Pop ('ᾥ‘)    Reol-chan and Giga-chan Version sm24029695    Music / Vocal Edit : Giga (ギガ) (mylist/7894586) (@GigaMozuku)    Ly...

    IT'S LUKA PEOPLE NOT LEN aaaaaaaaaaa Cancion qla wena ??????(^^)(^^)(^^)(^ ら差は POPIPO PIIIIIIIII Luka Sempai???Whaaaaat? NICO.N...

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  • Uploaded Sep 19, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin Len】KSGR Jigoku no Kei 【Original MV/WanOpo】

    【Kagamine Rin Len】KSGR Jigoku no Kei 【Original MV/WanOpo】

    なぁ兄弟? ( ´ー`)σ)Д`) Song:じーざす(mylist/14519854)(@WAN_OPO)Illust:グライダー(mylist/5536211)Movie:ワンオポ--------------------------------------...

    no way, she didn't@ :0 oh daaamn, ahaha nande soretanda my phone background no, he ate her bread TuT heheheh its about them f...

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  • Uploaded Feb 05, 02:38 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】 Spinning song - 紡唄 -【Original Song】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】 Spinning song - 紡唄 -【Original Song】

    ■Download available on JOYSOUND.Thank you! ■I was happy to be included in EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalogenesis.(http://vocalogenesis.com/) I would appreciate...

    Just found this song. I feel so much chinese and weaboo pride. so beautiful :D theres so much feeling in this song! i like ri...

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  • Uploaded Aug 25, 05:10 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Hatsune Miku, KAITO】 Cendrillon 【Original Song】

    【Hatsune Miku, KAITO】 Cendrillon 【Original Song】

    I uploaded a Rin/Len version of this song, titled "Adolescence", here: sm5666270 "Cendrillon" is the French name for Cinderella. Illustrations: yunomi  T...

    note: this is the same person who illustrated the JBF PV ^-^ kaito!!! i'll sit my gakukai sadness in the corner, it's not wel...

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  • Uploaded Dec 23, 07:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【鏡音V4X】MIDI MASTER!!【オリジナルMV/ワンオポ】

    【鏡音V4X】MIDI MASTER!!【オリジナルMV/ワンオポ】

    鏡音V4X発売&聖誕祭おめでとう!!◆2010_act02(原曲)→sm11271109◇2012_appennd+V3 →sm17936577Song:じーざすP(mylist/14519854)(@WAN_OPO)イラストは、ピアプロか...

    IM SO I LOVE MY GIRL MY BOY PATH HBAY YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so good love this ending but the original had more energy imo ...

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  • Uploaded Sep 21, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin/Len】Tokyo Zombie Land【Original MV/Wanopo】

    【Kagamine Rin/Len】Tokyo Zombie Land【Original MV/Wanopo】

    ヘ(0Д0ヘ) song:Jesus-P(@WAN_OPO) Illust:△○□× (mylist/25806743) @miwasiba Movie:Okiku (mylist/25801793) @__Lizel --------------------------------------...

    same kagamine len is my daddy SATAN LENPAI NOTICE ME V2 nuuuuuuu SHES SO KYOT MAMA SAN RIN IS SO KYOT WOWOW *v* TOKYO ZONBI R...

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  • Uploaded Feb 24, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -[Hatsune Miku / Megurine Luka] Akatsuki Arrival [Original]

    [Hatsune Miku / Megurine Luka] Akatsuki Arrival [Original]

    You are irreplaceable─ ─ ─ ─ ■ Last Note here. I'm pretty sure the theme of this song is moving on. Music&Words / Last Note. (mylist/22274906) Guitar /...

    gogo!! 1000000!! do you EVEN guitar riff? I AM ALREADY LIKING THIS SONG YES THIS IS MY WAIFUS VOICE Luka x Miku <3 Why u die ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 04, 09:11 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~【Original】

    The meeting at night、would eventually lead to an unforgivable sin。 A pathetic fallen angel、a human girl 、the forbidden fruit、love and allurement、and a ...

    So sad its not romeo and juliet noooooooooo mikuxlen no no no kawaii yuriiiii SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! AND YOU'RE TO BLAME! WH...

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  • Uploaded Oct 27, 05:28 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【H. Miku & K. Rin】Tower of Rain and Dream【Original】

    【H. Miku & K. Rin】Tower of Rain and Dream【Original】

    Tower of Rain and Dream - Amayume Rou - The fleeting words "I will go to meet you, please wait" Although the season has elapsed and cycled, we have become a...

    not yuri wtf which translate is right :c Were all a dream… If everything, that oath we swore in the sunset, For the unfulfill...

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  • Uploaded Oct 07, 01:27 PM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【鏡音リンレン】赤い花【オリジナル曲】


    下らない嘘を吐いたって君は笑顔で信じるのさ テーマは不倫。作詞作曲:におPイラスト:ギンコさんまいりす*mylist/4784825 ついった*@niotch


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  • Uploaded Nov 21, 02:01 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -SPL [Len Kagamine Hatsune Miku] [with original music MV]

    SPL [Len Kagamine Hatsune Miku] [with original music MV]

    In love with all the summer season! It's the perfect love song carbonate system this season! I am not aware of a girl and boy clumsy somewhere, feel it. Fate...

    What does SPL even mean?? OH This is adorable! <3 I love Lenmiku♥ Len♥Miku forever ! If you came here to talk shit about Lenx...

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  • Uploaded Dec 20, 01:04 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】2D World Emancipation Proclamation【Original Song】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】2D World Emancipation Proclamation【Original Song】


    The world I wished for can now be found right here… my imagination. This paradise isn't just But is that really the happy end...

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  • Uploaded Jan 21, 06:42 PM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【鏡音リン・レン】送墓唄【オリジナル】



    ON MY LEFT EARPHONE LEN-KUN IS SINGIIINNNNGGG!!! sounds awesome .................... i already feel disturbed should i watc...

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  • Uploaded Dec 26, 07:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Hachi Hachi Flowery Battle of Kagamines【Kabuki Punk・With PV】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Hachi Hachi Flowery Battle of Kagamines【Kabuki Punk・With PV】

    東西、東西の声高く 今月今夜は二周年暗雲渦巻く世の中で 光るは天の双子星浜の真砂は尽きるとも 尽きぬ思ひを唄に変へ鏡音八八花宴(はなのえん) 咲かすは恋路、...

    The one on the left is Rin, and the one on the right is Len. yes, that's Rin. rin? Um.. Which Kagamine is WHIIICH? Is that Rin??

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  • Uploaded Jun 10, 01:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【結月ゆかり×IA】グリモワール・メサイア【オリジナル曲】


    二人の少女が織り成す、残酷で非情で純粋な、旅の話。「グリモワール・メサイア」は、ノベル作品として「小説家になろう」にて連載中です。 →http://ncode.syosetu.com...

    救われた 88888888888888 nope, really nice! nice <3333

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  • Uploaded Apr 19, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Rin-chan feat. Len-kun】Pinko Stick Luv【Original】

    【Rin-chan feat. Len-kun】Pinko Stick Luv【Original】

       ╰U╯Those who desire the dangerous pinkost will go to the ocean╰U╯   Reol version (sm20644295)   Music/Arrange/Mix: ギガ (GigaP) (mylist/7894586...

    Ahhh~ Rin-chan is so adorable ^-^ len rappppp KAJIKI MAGURO yuuki wo kudasai chotto de iikara kamisama onegai doki doki isoga...

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