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  • Uploaded Nov 25, 02:43 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Magical Mirror【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Magical Mirror【Original】

    鏡の向こうは、全て逆の世界。 決して交わらない、逆さ合わせの運命— ■2012年12月19日発売「ひとしずく×やま△」のメジャー1stフルアルバム 『EndlessroLL / ひとしずく×...


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  • Uploaded Aug 03, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【GUMI・Kagamine Rin】Chemical Emotion【Original Song】

    【GUMI・Kagamine Rin】Chemical Emotion【Original Song】

    I'm muhmue.I'm muumuu.I'm muu-tan. (・е・)ノYour feelings and my feelings When come together they will explode■Illustration: eb(http://www.pixiv.net/member....

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is so saaaad :^: ぐみりん。。。*-* rin x gumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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  • Uploaded Feb 18, 06:55 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【鏡音リンレン】89年目の友達【オリジナル曲】



    Is that Hachiko? ;_;

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  • Uploaded Feb 22, 01:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【GUMI & RIN Original】LUVORATORRRRRY!【Voca Labo】

    【GUMI & RIN Original】LUVORATORRRRRY!【Voca Labo】

       DANCE♪L(・_L)♪(ノ_・)ノ♪DANCE   Hiroshima's VOCALOID CLUB Event「VOCALOID LABORATORY」   nickname:『VOCALABO』Event’s newly written song.   event ...

    Why is the robot so hot omf oh my gumi e e e ee ee ???? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH ЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ

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  • Uploaded Dec 24, 03:47 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Nemesis of the Lost Kingdom【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Nemesis of the Lost Kingdom【Original】

    君と見てた夢の未来を…曲:ひとしずく✕やま△【mylist/8159174】【mylist/16330281】 イラスト:鈴ノ助【mylist/14615344】この楽曲は、2013.12.31開催の冬コミC85新譜EVE...

    suzunosuke daisuki i love hitoshizuku so much me love this song so much.. that my english is getting worse LEEEEENNNNNN 88888...

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  • Uploaded Jan 14, 10:45 PM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len Append】Karakuri 卍 Burst【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len Append】Karakuri 卍 Burst【Original】

    Now is the witching hour―Huge criminal organizations and special police, killing hostile dolls and special soldiers。Two people meet each other tonight, figh...

    coment in spanish, oh wait, this song is great feel the power destroy everithing this is one of my favorite songs T.T len: I ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 04, 09:11 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~【Original】

    その夕暮れの出会いは、許されざる禁忌を引き寄せた。 愚かな堕天使、漆黒に身を包んだ人間の少女、禁断の果実、愛と誘惑、そして裏切り。 甘い蜜がしたたる時、全てを...

    the apple nooooooooooooooooo wut? len, did you break with rin? so beautiful Spoiler much XD NOOOOOOOOO kaito NOOOOOO just got...

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  • Uploaded Jun 27, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【GUMI・ Kagamine Rin】Blackhole Artist【Orginal】

    【GUMI・ Kagamine Rin】Blackhole Artist【Orginal】

    GUMI and Kagamine Rin seems to hate art.ボカロオリジナル24作目です。お前ら本当に分かってるのか?という歌です。ボーマス16で頒布された「Sequence」収録曲です...

    I RMMBR I USE 2 RLLY LOVE THIS SONG praise dat face I love the start of the music ; it's like a movie of cops or something x)...

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  • Uploaded May 08, 05:03 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin】Bonus Stage【Kagamine Len】

    【Kagamine Rin】Bonus Stage【Kagamine Len】

    Owata-P here. I finished a song that's just a little bit crazy. ◆ http://garunan.com ◆ ■ Owata-P - mylist/3236873  hinata - mylist/10121432 ■ Hino - http...

    great :D This is my favorite Vocaloid song! I LOVE IT! This song has an MMD motion data. Bonus time GET! :D //shot Switch The...

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  • Uploaded Mar 23, 02:55 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -[Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin] Even as a Female Ninja I Want to Love [Original PV]

    [Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin] Even as a Female Ninja I Want to Love [Original PV]

    MikitoP 2013.3.23 puble ㄨㄨOut of something like privacy or secrecy.ㄨㄨ music&words: MikitoP(mylist/19099704)Twitter @mikito_p_ illust&movie: Saine...

    MIKU-CHAAAAN nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin be my waifu plz be my waifu SOO CUTE...

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  • Uploaded Jul 29, 06:08 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -[Kagamine Rin & Len Power] Jabberwocky-Jabberwocka [Original]

    [Kagamine Rin & Len Power] Jabberwocky-Jabberwocka [Original]

    ......Boring! ジャバウォックの詩:ルイス・キャロル筆のナンセンス詩 結局この世はナンセンス Karasuyasabou here! Thought I'd create something noisy for a chan...

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dd xd8'/ 4c gewcv HAA? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Yes Quite enjoyable Turnip Turnip QUICK DOWNLOAD LINK OK AAAAAAA...

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  • Uploaded Dec 27, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -[Megurine Luka Hatsune Miku] Rin-chan now! [2011 Kagamine birthday celebration]

    [Megurine Luka Hatsune Miku] Rin-chan now! [2011 Kagamine birthday celebration]

    オワタPです。鏡音生誕祭ということで今回はリンちゃんが全力で主役です。 1年間たくさんの人に愛されました、ありがとう!         ◆ http://garunan.com ◆ ...

    kawaii luka Rin-Chan Now 린짱! <3 린짱린짱린짱! 린짱나우! りんナウ!! 린짱!!! 린짱나우! 린짱나우 GOR...

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  • Uploaded Jul 11, 04:17 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【GUMI X Kagamine Len】Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life【Original Song with PV】

    【GUMI X Kagamine Len】Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life【Original Song with PV】...

    Nemです=^・ェ・^= Wow, it kinda looks like these two have side-burns。 2012年6月20日、This is the their best album record with their music.. 「from Neverland~...

    OMG I ship GumixLen now! nyan nyan nyan~ Oh all the kawaii... my heart can't take it! LEN!!! <3 He seems so cute... i love th...

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  • Uploaded May 17, 06:46 PM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -Hatsune Miku ・Megurine Luka Original Song 「World's End Dancehall」

    Hatsune Miku ・Megurine Luka Original Song 「World's End Dancehall」...

    ■Hi, I'm wowaka.  mylist/12484677  Web http://hinichijourecords.com  Twitter http://twitter.com/wowaka

    LUKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I like rolling girl and unhappy refrain a lot too...

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  • Uploaded Dec 21, 01:18 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -[Hatsune Miku & GUMI] Christmas Eve Eradication Superiority Endorsement Group [Original]

    [Hatsune Miku & GUMI] Christmas Eve Eradication Superiority Endorsement Group [Original]

    How do you do, I'm called Chutoro. Christmas is getting close, so I best wipe my tears away whilst I make this. To be thinking about various things、I wish...

    WTF GUMI?! lol coming up after the break, how much liberals are destroying America ish it all together are joining the Atheis...

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  • Uploaded Apr 03, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Bug-Eaten Psychedelism【Original PV】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Bug-Eaten Psychedelism【Original PV】

    「The back side of personalities and the story's key」+❘Heisei Project❘+■Music: zips (じっぷす)  twitter:@Zips3Heisei Project mylist/36489569■Movie: Not-116...


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  • Uploaded Apr 24, 01:26 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Heaven And Hell【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Heaven And Hell【Original】

    Now, which will you go to?■曲:ひとしずく×やま△【mylist/8159174】【mylist/16330281】


    88888888888888888888 LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE D...

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  • Uploaded Aug 21, 06:16 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【 Kagamine Len × Hatsune Miku 】Tonic Girl Rhapsody【Original】

    【 Kagamine Len × Hatsune Miku 】Tonic Girl Rhapsody【Original】

    Welcome\Customers who had problems are always welcome in Len-kun's bar.■movie:Cirimen(mylist/33957407)■music:385sentimental(mylist/29720196)twitter:38...

    Len x Miku <3 <3 !!!!!!! :333 awwwww ^^ Beautiful video! X3 FUUUUUUUUU rinx len >:( ♥!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♣♥ <3 ...

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  • Uploaded Dec 20, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【GUMI ・Kagamine Rin】Invisible【Original Song with PV】

    【GUMI ・Kagamine Rin】Invisible【Original Song with PV】

    kemuです。 「少年はよだかになりたかった」 歌:GUMI・鏡音リン 絵:ハツ子(mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 動画:ke-sanβ(mylist/14639164/co171193) twitter→kei...

    Amazing subtitler.... ~(>.<)~~(>. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!! I saw russ...

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  • Uploaded Aug 22, 03:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【GUMI・Kagamine Rin】Disappearance Addiction【Original PV】

    【GUMI・Kagamine Rin】Disappearance Addiction【Original PV】

    Kairiki Bear here.『I wish everything would disappear』■ Music and Lyrics:Kairiki Bear(かいりきベア)(mylist/25602141)Twitter:@kairiki_bear■ Illustration...

    I'm dancing in sorrow Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Lie,lie,lie,lie o.o This is like "a fake fake psychotropic. Lov...

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  • Uploaded Mar 14, 04:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -[Kagamine Rin, Len]  Death Should Not Have Taken Thee! [Original PV]

    [Kagamine Rin, Len] Death Should Not Have Taken Thee! [Original PV]

    I'm Jesus-P of Wonderful Opportunity.Humbly, I collaborated on this video with Glider.Lyrics & Music: Jesus-PIllustration & Movie: Glider--------------------...

    HOURS OF GRINDING FOR NOTHING oh goddd this PV is wonderful THIS IS ATELIER! (other parts are Dragon Quest) GG taken out so f...

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  • Uploaded Jul 08, 06:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【初音ミク・IA】 sigh 【オリジナル】

    【初音ミク・IA】 sigh 【オリジナル】


    *though lol get your english straight first ^*though* lol get your english straight first this is so good, even tough, what a...

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  • Uploaded Aug 25, 05:10 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Hatsune Miku, KAITO】 Cendrillon 【Original Song】

    【Hatsune Miku, KAITO】 Cendrillon 【Original Song】

    I uploaded a Rin/Len version of this song, named "Adolescence", here: sm5666270 "Cendrillon" is the French name for Cinderella. Illustrations: yunomi (ゆの...

    88888888888888888888 miku kaitooo love love love love love love love l...

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  • Uploaded Jan 24, 12:50 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Original PV】Your Heart and I Becoming One【Hatsune Miku・GUMI】

    【Original PV】Your Heart and I Becoming One【Hatsune Miku・GUMI】

    Hello, it's Masa.That there is a story of very intimate sisters.One day, I have noticed that one of the girls has become inconsistent."Goodbye."Previous Stor...

    thats hot nyanyanya asore oooooo dendendenden den den den pya nya nya nya pya nya nya 私はあなた!! i love masaaaaaaaaaaa...

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  • Uploaded Jun 27, 01:50 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Original song PV】Fox's Marriage【Hatsune Miku・GUMI】

    【Original song PV】Fox's Marriage【Hatsune Miku・GUMI】...

    Hello, it's Masa.They were doomed to never meet.It was also said that her parents pampered her so much she turned mad.The truth? No one knows.Note ※Lyrics ar...

    おいしいおいしいずっ 助けて!! 助けて ああああああああああ

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  • Uploaded Nov 29, 02:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Childish War【Original】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Childish War【Original】

    There is no other battle fought more honorably.   Yai Yai Yai Yai~tsu!(`o´)    This is a new song written for「KRAD VORTEX / kradness(sm22314348)」( ...

    SUGOI totally in love XD RIN & LEN <33333 team rin btw NOOO IS ME still team riiny Hai hai hai this song ROCKS 88888888888888...

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  • Uploaded Jul 18, 03:47 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -Hello Work Youth [Rin Kagamine Len] [Original PV]

    Hello Work Youth [Rin Kagamine Len] [Original PV]

    What I'm not objection by youth spring P "prisoner, a Blue literally? No objection "" Everyone "! Buruharuhttp :/ / www1.axfc: Key pu...

    Thank you for using our services. Thank you for using our services We don't wish for money we didn't earn ourselves Buru haru...

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  • Uploaded Feb 08, 01:27 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【巡音ルカと神威がくぽ】ggrks-ググれカス-【オリジナル曲】



    gawd luka's stabbing gakupo with a fork.. O-O Gakupo ♥Luka GGRKS! :3 gakupo!

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  • Uploaded Aug 02, 01:19 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Megurine Luka・Kagamine Len】Perfect Crime【Original Song】

    【Megurine Luka・Kagamine Len】Perfect Crime【Original Song】

    完璧に今、君を手に入れる作詞・作曲・編曲 SAM(samfree)イラスト かる http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=426002C78頒布のアルバム「Crime」収録曲です。詳細ペー...

    Dude, len's like 14 while luka's 25, dis is gross surely you haven't :3 love love love it love dasoku's version my first time...

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  • Uploaded Jan 24, 01:02 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -Overeating Habit: Idol Syndrome/Suzumu feat.GUMI&MAYU

    Overeating Habit: Idol Syndrome/Suzumu feat.GUMI&MAYU

    誰か叱ってあげれば良かったのに。  「それは食べ過ぎた『君』の話」   -其の- 貴方の心を覗いてみましょう。 初めまして。スズムと申します。 脊髄で聴いて頂け...

    GUMI FTW GUMI KAGAMINE ダンシング! MAYU really looks like IA in this. OMG EARGASMMMMMMM Suomalainen kommentti #2 jeah! S...

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  • Uploaded Nov 24, 07:00 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -【Kagamine Rin・Len】Human Disqualification【Original Song】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Human Disqualification【Original Song】

    「神に問ふ。無抵抗は罪なりや?」■曲/詞Neru /mylist/15619229■絵potchi mylist/18146716

    it reminds me one old soviet movie for teens Aweome. ­ da Awesome. So15 9415615656 Really good song I love this song this is...

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  • Uploaded Nov 21, 02:01 AM

    VOCALOIDデュエット曲 -SPL [Len Kagamine Hatsune Miku] [with original music MV]

    SPL [Len Kagamine Hatsune Miku] [with original music MV]

    In love with all the summer season! It's the perfect love song carbonate system this season! I am not aware of a girl and boy clumsy somewhere, feel it. Fate...

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh 2cute4me kiss, please i love these two together Len x Miku!!!!!!!! <3 miku <3 LENKU !!!! LEN X MIKU FTW !!! woo...

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