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  • Uploaded Jun 29, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 39 Music!/Hatsune Miku

    39 Music!/Hatsune Miku

    Sing, dance, and feel the cuteness. Please keep on going!"39 Music!"This is the theme song for Hatsune Miku "Magical Mirai 2016"music&words Mikito-P @mikito_...

    3 (9999999999 SAN-KYUU MUSIC 39393939393939393939 miku...... 888888888888888888..

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  • Uploaded Apr 03, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Kagamine Rin・Len】Bug-Eaten Psychedelism【Original PV】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Bug-Eaten Psychedelism【Original PV】

    「The back side of personalities and the story's key」+❘Heisei Project❘+■Music: zips (じっぷす)  twitter:@Zips3Heisei Project mylist/36489569■Movie: Not-116...

    sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa len violame a mi tambien wowww...

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  • Uploaded Jan 08, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 『Bad・Dance・Hall』Tried to sing【Panaman】

    『Bad・Dance・Hall』Tried to sing【Panaman】

    Hello, I am Panaman.I want to sing songs.Take care of me, please.This song that I tried to sing is the first track ofPanaman's 1st Album,「Campanula」, and t...

    88888888888888888888 飛べえええええええ 88888888888888888888 88888888888888888888 GOOOOOOOOO AAAAAA...

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  • Uploaded Aug 03, 05:30 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Kagamine Len】Villainous self-riser【Original MV / Wan Opo】

    【Kagamine Len】Villainous self-riser【Original MV / Wan Opo】

    Loss loss dance nya!!【Simultaneous Post】kradness-kun's vocal ver.→sm26849449Composition・Lyrics:Jesus (mylist/14519854)(@WAN_OPO)Illust:△○□×(mylist/25806...

    ... ooo OOO | me wow i`m love this song destopu mushic (? レンはすごいです BURAIKKU JIKO RAIZAAAAAAAAA わああああ My head makes spins... N...

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  • Uploaded Jul 26, 02:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【COF】Unforgettable Night 【Original PV】

    【COF】Unforgettable Night 【Original PV】

    Circle of friends vol.4Thank you for waiting us!COF!This year, the tour will be held in summer and winter!Please prepare for yourself!So here is the song...

    ikr! no english, nooo ;-; ahahahah uwaaaaaah :0 THE NIGHT'S JUST BEGINNING ;D U CAN HEAT THINGS UP WITH ME ;) ILL GO TO YOU I...

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  • Uploaded Jul 12, 01:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Amatsuki×Mafumafu】No Logic@Sang it【Original PV】

    【Amatsuki×Mafumafu】No Logic@Sang it【Original PV】

    ★Mafutsuki 4th collaboration☆ This has finally became our 4th work!This time, we were allowed to sing No Logic!We borrowed the arrangement version from So...

    SUKII ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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  • Uploaded Aug 13, 12:01 AM

      Video Ranking - 【COF】Link【Original PV】

    【COF】Link【Original PV】

    Circle of friends vol.2 has started! Through this tour, we hope to make lots of people smile. Crossfade is here【sm21476288】vocal:Amatsuki【mylist/160161...


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  • Uploaded Feb 28, 12:00 AM

      Video Ranking - ☪ I tried to Sing『Death Disco』 by Amatsuki

    ☪ I tried to Sing『Death Disco』 by Amatsuki

    I sang SEKAI NO OWARI's「Death Disco」.I really love this song, by all means please shout.◆Music: SEKAI NO OWARI◆Movie: Not-116(mylist/24089942)◆Mix: まふ...

    amatsuki <3 i was looking for covers of this song and here, and i am not disappointed ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • Uploaded Aug 25, 02:03 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Mafumafu】Dream Fireworks @Sang My Own Song

    【Mafumafu】Dream Fireworks @Sang My Own Song

    Hey!I posted my original song『Dream Fireworks』a few weeks ago and decided to sing it。This is the first time I sang my own song。Memories also everything ...

    so good! wwwwwwe I love you too!!!!!!! yatto so good song♥♥I love you mahukun!!! <3 ♡まふまふ♡ 888888888888888888..

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  • Uploaded Aug 23, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【GUMI】Imitation Psychotropic【Original PV】

    【GUMI】Imitation Psychotropic【Original PV】

    Kairiki Bear here。"Though it might just all be easier if I'm alone from now on"■Lyrics・Music:かいりきベア (Kairiki Bear)(mylist/25602141)Twitter【http:/...


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  • Uploaded Aug 01, 02:01 AM

      Video Ranking - 【IA】Dream Fireworks【Original Song】

    【IA】Dream Fireworks【Original Song】

    Will you disappear after leaving me behind?Vocal :IAIllust: Soraneshii Twitter @soraneseeMovie : Not-116 [mylist/2...

    Wishing I got on NND earlier >w< Kaze fukeba yume no mani mani. ;A; god bless mafu mafumafu where u at??!?! I'm legit crying....

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  • Uploaded Feb 03, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - D!VE @Shoose【I Tried To Sing】

    D!VE @Shoose【I Tried To Sing】

    ――― Extremely unhealthy voice.      It'll not be too much♡■Music/Lyric : add9(ヘリP)様 mylist/21123711 twitter(@heri_add9)■Lyric : かなき 様 mylist...

    88888888888888888888 <3 <3 oh myyy his voice~~ so sexy~~ ?????? too much sexiness sexy ...

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  • Uploaded Jan 13, 02:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 『The Picture Book of First Love -another story-』 Arrange ver. @Sang it【Mafumafu】

    『The Picture Book of First Love -another story-』 Arrange ver. @Sang it【Mafumafu】

    I wonder if all the「Lovers」who were told as「Weirdo」could get over itHappy new year this is MafumafuNew year, you could say it as a graduation season fo...


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  • Uploaded Mar 29, 02:00 AM

      Video Ranking - Boys and Girls Chameleon Symptom@Sang it【Mafumafu】

    Boys and Girls Chameleon Symptom@Sang it【Mafumafu】


    Neru×mafumafu is great!! KILL ME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MAFUUUU his range im screaming His voice ...

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  • Uploaded Mar 12, 04:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Sang it with such atmosphere】Knife【Glutamine】

    【Sang it with such atmosphere】Knife【Glutamine】

    The 29th hit!! The kind-hearted boy is still not a boy yet. ■The wonderful original song⇒Knife(by Power Code-P)■Illustration:RAHWIA (mylist/21533864) ■Mov...

    88888888888888888888 88888888888888888888 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

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  • Uploaded Apr 04, 09:00 PM

      Video Ranking - 【Mafumafu】Magical Girl Happiness Theory@I tried to sing

    【Mafumafu】Magical Girl Happiness Theory@I tried to sing

    When i talk, it's like the time has stopped, no one wants to reply to me 。So this is the time magic。I was allowed to sing Tohma's Magical Girl Happiness Th...

    but he can go way more feminine than that lol aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa So upbeat!!! Ikemen 魔法少女はとでもかわ mafu's low voice is ...

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  • Uploaded Jan 08, 03:07 AM

      Video Ranking - Bad Dance Hall (ver.Kagamine Rin)/Karasuya Sabou

    Bad Dance Hall (ver.Kagamine Rin)/Karasuya Sabou


    this is super good Close them, open them, and all that's left is to scream it out! clap your hands together, come on! Close t...

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  • Uploaded Dec 30, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Kagamine Rin & Hatsune Miku】 Flowers of Evil 【Original PV】

    【Kagamine Rin & Hatsune Miku】 Flowers of Evil 【Original PV】

    You shitheads.■Lyrics & music: -K-【mylist/29510531】■Artwork: Yunikona【mylist/33410895】■Video...

    very dark hmmmm? glasses = evil riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin riiiin gooo kagamine colors awesomeness dangggg I thought this was a mot...

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  • Uploaded Apr 03, 11:13 PM

      Video Ranking - 【IA×ONE】CITRUS【Original】


    There is surely some resemblance between us.Music: OrangestarIllustration: Hebitsukai (へびつかい)Movie: Not-116Mylist: mylist/37081160 Twitter: https://twi...

    ONEEEEEEEE!! IAAAAAAAAAAAAA! same flavoooooooooooooooo this song is so nice that just now realized IA & ONE standig r...

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  • Uploaded May 01, 02:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【COF】Forever Friends ( Tomodachi no Mama de )【Original PV】

    【COF】Forever Friends ( Tomodachi no Mama de )【Original PV】

    Nicoradio, thank you for these past 3 months !This is a song with lyrics that were written with all of the listeners of it !Also, let's all meet at this summ...

    88888888888888888888 88888888888888888888 kashiiiii kashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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  • Uploaded Sep 03, 02:01 AM

      Video Ranking - Despairity: A Hero's Treatment/Suzumu feat.Soraru【Single Crossfade】

    Despairity: A Hero's Treatment/Suzumu feat.Soraru【Single Crossfade】...

    「Dangan Ronpa: The Animation」Ending Theme: Suzumu feat.Soraru/Despairity: A Hero's Treatment2013.9.4 ReleasedLimited Edition[CD+DVD]¥1,680(tex include...

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SORAJESUS aaAAAAAAAAAA CUTIE I like Kuronokuro's arts~~...

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  • Uploaded Dec 28, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【VOCALOIDs】 Hello Laughter 【Original】

    【VOCALOIDs】 Hello Laughter 【Original】

    ほら、キミもこの音楽を構成する一人だ! ■This is Last Note.。I am making a song of gratitude to "upload" this from us to you。 Music & Words / Last Note....


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  • Uploaded Sep 21, 04:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【IA】「Ib」【Original PV】

    【IA】「Ib」【Original PV】

    Good evening. Diarays here, yeah, that user who can settle on anything. For this vid I made a video from the world of the free game of the same title ,"Ib."...

    Neaaaaaar! erubi my ears the rap the game horrified me, but this song is AWESOME!!! 888 ia ib♡ ib! ib ib garryyyyyy!!!!!!! ...

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  • Uploaded Nov 04, 06:33 AM

      Video Ranking - 【オリジナルPV】小夜子歌ってみた【ななな】


    エリとタカユキとはこれから友達になります。素敵すぎる本家様 sm15251289動画:Not-116様 user/14605359MIX:らくろう様イラスト:ゆこた様オリジナルPVありがとうご...

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  • Uploaded Aug 22, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【GUMI・Kagamine Rin】Disappearance Addiction【Original PV】

    【GUMI・Kagamine Rin】Disappearance Addiction【Original PV】

    Kairiki Bear here.『I wish everything would disappear』■ Music and Lyrics:Kairiki Bear(かいりきベア)(mylist/25602141)Twitter:@kairiki_bear■ Illustration...

    10/10 rly cute tbh! AI AI AI AI AI AI AIA IA IAIAB A zz ai ai ai ai ai ai! Amazing !!!! I looooooove it !!!!! Whoaa.... 3, 2, 1

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  • Uploaded Oct 06, 02:01 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Aka/Shi/Inu】We tried to sing Free!OP 『Rage on』【Chikoku-gumi】

    【Aka/Shi/Inu】We tried to sing Free!OP 『Rage on』【Chikoku-gumi】


    poor child ^^ free!!!!!! I have been waiting for a long time!!!!! Yas!!!! 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Sep 10, 02:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Hatsune Miku】 End of the World 【Original PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】 End of the World 【Original PV】

    Hello、I'm Chouchou-P。This is the main song of the release of November 19 3rd major album『End of the World / Chouchou-P feat. Hatsune Miku』。And then the ...

    muy bueno glorious world girl! nice~~~~~ WHOaaaaaaaaa! nice~~~ ohhhh hnng that art wonderful piano *^* P4 inspired song ? dat...

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  • Uploaded Dec 26, 04:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【IA】 Heisei Cataclysm 【Original PV】

    【IA】 Heisei Cataclysm 【Original PV】

    “A pleasant era will murder people.” Hello, this is Zips. About the work this time, I tried to produce while respecting Nicovideo’s popular elements as mu...

    This is so awesome, i don't know why to hide it. Heisei! IA♥ The tuning... IT'S BEAUTIFULLLL chắc chết hic! me eyes... ...

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  • Uploaded Jul 19, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Mafumafu】Soul Distortion Terrorism@I tried singing

    【Mafumafu】Soul Distortion Terrorism@I tried singing

    僕が歴史の掛け札体力をつけたくてランニングを始めました。玄関の扉を開けるところで断念しました。■Original PV: sm21105730 Vocal&MixMafumafu [mylist/22993832 /...

    it's so good bbbbbbbb dkdkdkdkdkdk wow mafu!! comments mafu is love better than original <3 why are the comments like this lmao

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  • Uploaded Apr 25, 03:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【IA】Angel of Death【Original】

    【IA】Angel of Death【Original】

    「Teach me.」Included in Mafumafu's 1st doujin vocaloid album『明鏡止水』(sm20653453).Order pageAnimate: Lagoa:

    why you stop making music, mafu-chin? Mekakushi dan? It was yours? 88888888888 T___T oshiete~ AWESOME mafus tuning is actuall...

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  • Uploaded Jul 12, 04:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【IA・Lily】Miss & Kiss【Original PV】

    【IA・Lily】Miss & Kiss【Original PV】

    ■Produce : Diarays(ディアレイズ) mylist/28691500失った夜と約束の朝と■Music : ショウタロス■Words : コウ■Illustration : 優木きら■Movie : Not-116 mylist/2408994...

    this is so good omg i love sound of piano!! Lily woha Why is this not working for me. All I hear is some annoying beeping. ._...

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  • Uploaded Apr 11, 04:00 AM

      Video Ranking - 【Luka・IA・Lily・MAYU】Dream Demon【OriginalPV】

    【Luka・IA・Lily・MAYU】Dream Demon【OriginalPV】

    Diarays here. If VOCALOID becomes ○○○ the series (temporary) the first volume (finish). This time is Succubus. □We will participate in Nico Nico Choukaigi (B...

    Dududududududu dudududu MAYUUUUUUUUUUU i love the instrumental SLAYYY Luka my queen good song sounds cool mayu <3 <3 cx FOOOO...

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