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MAYUオリジナル曲とは、MAYU(VOCALOID)を用いたオリジナル楽曲のことである。概要作家自身によって作られた楽曲に、VOCALOIDであるMAYUの歌声を合わせた歌曲です。(なお、カバー曲や...Read more

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  • Uploaded Jan 12, 04:34 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【Hatsune Miku, GUMI, Kagamine Rin, MAYU】Common Heroes【Original Song・PV】

    【Hatsune Miku, GUMI, Kagamine Rin, MAYU】Common Heroes【Original Song・PV】

    My name's 150P. 『I'm already tired of listening to your conventional, tedious statements.』 Lyrics: suzumu (スズム)  (mylist/20737161 co57092)  t...

    luv this song they're all gay a-ya no stop 허허 c-ta and d-ne are gay nd yandere BEST SONG So cute Awwwww AWW CA INTENSIFIE...

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  • Uploaded Dec 03, 03:24 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -[MAYU] A Lie and a Stuffed Rabbit [Original]

    [MAYU] A Lie and a Stuffed Rabbit [Original]

    It's Dixie "Don't get involved with a yandere IRL" I did not use the yandere setting! ◆ Music & Lyrics: Dixie Flatline (mylist/4193884) ◆ Movie: Bete (myl...

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 IM ALREADY DANCING bite ♪♪♪ kawaii ongaku This song is so bubbly i love it! Circus ¿? PON~~~~~~~ ...

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  • Uploaded Aug 18, 05:10 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MMD Cup 17 Finals Late Set】I Can Only Hear the Sound of Tears【Original MMD-PV】

    【MMD Cup 17 Finals Late Set】I Can Only Hear the Sound of Tears【Original MMD-PV】

    Even now, I still can't forgetthe sound of someone quietly crying, in the deepest corner of their heart.While composing this song, I had the thought. That th...

    the description refers to powapowaP... right? いいね、良い音 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Nov 22, 03:00 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【GUMI・IA・MAYU】If it Rains【original】

    【GUMI・IA・MAYU】If it Rains【original】

    It's FuwariP! Tu-la-la, the falling rain ♪ on our hearts.This is my 15th work!The different Vocaloids' parts are color-coded☆Green→GumiPurple→IAPink→MayuWhi...

    when your bored of your friend TTTTT_TTTTTT cats are from devil regrets... nooooooooooooooooooo feels IA lov...

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  • Uploaded May 04, 03:00 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】Cradle×Infection【Original MV】

    【MAYU】Cradle×Infection【Original MV】

    It's such a long time, I'm Yairi. This song is about a cat.Picture: Akiakane@_akiakaneVideo: Okiku【mylist/25801793】@__LizelMusic: Yairi【mylist/26516489】@...

    this is pure gold Yes, I'd say so. Yairi!!! OMFG INDEED WOAAAH YAIRI-SAAAAAANNNNNN 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Dec 12, 03:00 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【GUMI・IA・MAYU】EGOLOID【Original PV】


    Episode.00「EGOLOID」/ Diarays mylist/28691500This has been included as a song in "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloextra feat. GUMI、IA、MAYU"Official site → http:...

    I love your art, AO-sensei. IAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :3 mayu Mayuuuuu 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Apr 22, 03:34 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】Bad-Mouthing【Original PV】

    【MAYU】Bad-Mouthing【Original PV】


    I just want to die. who badmouth others. am one of those people & thus I, too, They can't help it. saying these bad things. T...

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  • Uploaded Nov 23, 12:40 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness.【Original】

    【MAYU】An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness.【Original】

    This is UtataP. It's a totally pure, honest song, with absolutely no sense of a Yandere personality。      *      *   *     +  I lied!...

    Go kill yourself ; PINK / RED REAL SUB ; But you know, But that's hoping for too much I just want to talk to you Feeling so shy

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  • Uploaded Mar 25, 01:23 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】Black Cat Darling【VOCALOID】

    【MAYU】Black Cat Darling【VOCALOID】

    ボカロ第4作目です。正直こんな歌詞で曲ができるとは思ってなかったです。巡り合わせって面白いですね。ほよ(sm24430124) → 黒猫ダーリン → しりたくない(sm2822744...

    this part reminds me of PowaPowa-P's song "Kokoronokori to Fuyuu"... Come on, darling! Now, let us become one under this blade.

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  • Uploaded Oct 12, 01:17 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】You're Seriously Mad? I'm Not Mistaken Here【Original】

    【MAYU】You're Seriously Mad? I'm Not Mistaken Here【Original】...

    "Wait, are you angry?" ■Karaoke:nc79465 ■This is a sequel to "An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness." (sm19418883). [Ill...

    EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE DAIJOBU dssssadsw :) YANDERE! SO CUTE! XD KAWAIIIIII yandere mayu <3 Yande- yande- yandereeee!!!! v...

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  • Uploaded Dec 21, 06:41 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -[MAYU] Love Logic [Original · MMD-PV]

    [MAYU] Love Logic [Original · MMD-PV]

    ^ · Song ☆ MAYU 丿 ω · ^). We have used a model of the work Mr. cactus. (Distribution is not included with the model, so unfortunately Mon 8 ※ Windows100%) m...

    can i get a plush version of uso mimi (is that what it's called?) Yamaha (Y) かわいい kawaii cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...

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  • Uploaded Dec 01, 01:59 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -[MAYU & IA] Innovation [original PV]

    [MAYU & IA] Innovation [original PV]

    P B is. I was doing whatever they want to do, I have to become a member before I knew it amazing. Innovation true! ◆ Executive members ◆, composer: P B lyric...

    well doing towards the free distance The two of us placed our feelings on it, the distant, high, white clouds flow to tomorro...

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  • Uploaded Jul 05, 04:50 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -The Day I Found Myself【MAYU】

    The Day I Found Myself【MAYU】

    幸せな家庭に生まれた少女。ある日を境に少女は家族から無視され始めた。詞:sarry (mylist/19433805)曲:屍P (mylist/35112185) twitter:shohei_kyojyaku絵:Rem (http...

    For sure, I had been here, loved I'm not alone Those warm days Even though I want to be loved Even though I was loved All wer...

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  • Uploaded Jun 17, 04:00 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【GUMI・MAYU】Are You a Werewolf?【Original】

    【GUMI・MAYU】Are You a Werewolf?【Original】

    This is Yucha. It's been a while!Music: Yucha @ychhhhIllust: Kyo zip @kyo_zipMovie: Emumelo @emumelooEngineer: yasu(Tinkle-POP) @yasu_Tinklespecial thanks:ha...

    Que bueno es esa musica but even then, I must head toward it. A tragic parting, with the scenario falling apart— The word goo...

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  • Uploaded Oct 25, 02:07 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -MAYU Original Song "Escape From Dystopia"

    MAYU Original Song "Escape From Dystopia"

    "My worthless life is ..." Lyrics ・Composition ・ Illustration ・Video: cosMo@Bousou-P (mylist/3335347) "VOCALOID3 Library MAYU" debuts December 5, 2012. ... :3 MAYU-CHAN, YOU ARE AMH FAVORITE >< 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Jun 29, 09:56 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】Go Ahead(๑'ᴗ'๑)【Original PV】

    【MAYU】Go Ahead(๑'ᴗ'๑)【Original PV】...


    Ahh... though I've gotten sick of listening to your pet theory. Go ahead, go ahead, feel free to do whatever you want, Just d...

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  • Uploaded Oct 29, 01:30 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【Vocaloid Halloween】Cinderella of Mutual Deathly Love【MAYU Original】

    【Vocaloid Halloween】Cinderella of Mutual Deathly Love【MAYU Original】

    Hello, Hayabusa Usagi here ( 「 '×' )「This is my 8th original submission/This Halloween I'm submitting 2 works, centered around【light】anddark】.This here is...

    I am sorry for this comment, I didn't see the translation. ^^^ SOMEBODY TRANSLATE THIS SONG. MAYU <# I am the Cinderella of m...

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  • Uploaded Mar 19, 06:07 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】Alive【Original Song】

    【MAYU】Alive【Original Song】


    English Translation? MAYU <3

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  • Uploaded Nov 01, 07:43 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】せおちゃんおにぎり買ってこい!feat.MAYU【オリジナル】


    VOCALOID3 ライブラリ「MAYU」でオリジナル曲を作ってみました・・・といっても、これは夢で見た内容であって中の人とか実際に存在する人とは全く関係ございません!わ...

    *-* adorable

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  • Uploaded Oct 14, 05:13 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】The Thought【Original】

    【MAYU】The Thought【Original】


    Aw, so cute >.<

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  • Uploaded Oct 17, 04:00 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -[GUMI・IA・MAYU] Shabadiba [Original]

    [GUMI・IA・MAYU] Shabadiba [Original]

    FuwariP here! でぃばでぃばたいそ~うっ☆ 14作目になりますっ! 「EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloexist feat. GUMI、IA、MAYU」に収録されています。公式HP:http://vocal...

    these three are my fave Vocaloids and I need to know what this is about Someone actually NEEDS to sub this in English. I need...

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  • Uploaded Feb 14, 11:32 PM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】I Don't Wanna Know【Original MMD-PV】

    【MAYU】I Don't Wanna Know【Original MMD-PV】...

    I Don't Wanna Know (๑'ᴗ'๑)Included song and motion in the video,since both are made by myself,the theme is「W」。Special thanks:もなかThanks for giving me ...

    mayu!!!!!!!!!!! CUTEE!!!!! SIRITAKUNAI 152 *instantly my-lists song* I like mayu now!!!!!! whats the BPM? that youre dump to ...

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  • Uploaded Dec 04, 12:05 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】Blood-Stained Switch【Original】

    【MAYU】Blood-Stained Switch【Original】

    「The switch was pressed, but not by me.」 Lyrics・Composition・Animation: mothy ( (mylist/5298418) Illustration: you-ring (htt...

    I'm not evil OOOOOOOOOO: L Poor girl :c viva viva happy ~ Blood Stained Switch its like...mutant third arm? Well, can't have ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 02, 03:40 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】WishIsOver~Dreams~【Original PV】

    【MAYU】WishIsOver~Dreams~【Original PV】


    Fufufufu though you are no more. I can only weep by your side, the energy to talk about my dream, and without so much as you ...

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  • Uploaded Aug 26, 04:14 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】1000 Year Time Capsule 【Original】

    【MAYU】1000 Year Time Capsule 【Original】

    Should we leap 1000 years into the future…□Song/Video:ひとしずくP (Hitoshizuku-P)×やま△ (Yama)【mylist/8159174】【mylist/16330281】This song has been includ...

    this sounds great! Please, all the way, 1000 years into the future... Even 100 years into the future, no matter what... her t...

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  • Uploaded Mar 20, 02:00 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYUオリジナル曲】 Why do you make "kawaii"?

    【MAYUオリジナル曲】 Why do you make "kawaii"?


    Mayu sounds really great! -Yuzuki Yukari

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  • Uploaded Mar 30, 02:09 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】InTheChaos~ゆめ~【オリジナルMMD-PV】



    Ah! It's good!

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  • Uploaded Dec 05, 02:35 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -MAYU Original Song "ELLIE"

    MAYU Original Song "ELLIE"

    It's sele. If that women was dead, you and I could both be happy... Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement : sele ( Illustration : Y...

    I'm hooked lalalalalalalalalala It´s amazing Mayu!!!! <3 8888888888888...

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  • Uploaded Mar 01, 05:07 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -MAYU Original Song『Elsa-Maria』

    MAYU Original Song『Elsa-Maria』

    seleです。ヤンデレ曲『ELLIE』被害者視点解答編です。 愛した人といる事が罪なのならば--------私はどんな罰も受けると決めていたの。 作詞/作曲/編曲 : sele (http:/...

    すごい歌! TT-TT lalalalalalalalalala Tobi chiru senketsu ga akaku s...

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  • Uploaded Feb 22, 09:34 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】I Make A Silly Face【Original PV】

    【MAYU】I Make A Silly Face【Original PV】

    Nice to meet everyone, nice to meet you, I'm PinocchioP Happy new year Lyrics・Composition/ピノキオP (PinocchioP) mylist/11284855 Video・Picture/エジエレキ...

    What do you do when the metal slivers drag you off of a cliffside? 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Sep 11, 04:01 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【GUMI・MAYU】It’s Sudden, But We Became Idols【Original PV】

    【GUMI・MAYU】It’s Sudden, But We Became Idols【Original PV】

    ゆちゃと申します。たまには元気が出そうな感じのやつやってみました馬刺し食べたい曲:ゆちゃ(mylist/11120757) @ychhhh絵・動画:水奈(mylist/19199987) @mina_mmMast...

    we start from here- dying it the colour of dreams bye bye from the half-baked today, the times you just can't reach are too e...

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  • Uploaded Nov 07, 04:35 AM

    MAYUオリジナル曲 -【MAYU】 Yuudachi no Ribon (A Ribbon of Sudden Evening Showers)【Original PV】

    【MAYU】 Yuudachi no Ribon (A Ribbon of Sudden Evening Showers)【Original PV】

    MikitoP(みきとP) 2012.11.7 publ ------"I want to keep it a secret! I really do!"..."My lips are sealed" music&words MikitoP(mylist/19099704)Twitter @m...

    ¡Me encanta esta canción! (♥ω♥) ~♪ I really like this part where Mayu sings something (idk what but) awww my first s...

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