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曖昧さ回避ジンとは、以下のことを表す。ニコニコ動画関連じん(自然の敵P)・・・VOCAROIDプロデューサー。代表曲「カゲロウデイズ」など。 ジン(実況プレイヤー) - ニコニコ動画で活動する実況プレ...Read more

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  • Uploaded Aug 31, 01:00 AM

    JIN -【IA】Outer Science【Original MV】

    【IA】Outer Science【Original MV】

    I'm Shizen-no-Teki-P aka Jin. This is my 14th song.The story revolves around the 'tragedy'.「Let us meet next time, and the next, and the next also」■This so...

    KILL KUROHA I HATE KUROHA SO MUCH Yandere! Rainbow Blood Hooray Snake = MC^2 Nadeko Sengoku best snek UGHHH<3 Kuroha is psyco...

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  • Uploaded May 17, 03:00 AM

    JIN -【Ika-san】Outer Science【Sang it】

    【Ika-san】Outer Science【Sang it】

    <´-ω->「Ah, God, Why」We wanted and tried to sing this dark and merciless song. This is the result.It was really refreshing (^-^) Please hear it if you are...

    88888888888888888 8888888 wow! ! 88888888888888 CAN I MARRY YOU I AM SO GAY FOR HER omg She's the most amazing Ryouseirui !! YES

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  • Uploaded Jul 02, 05:00 AM

    JIN -【IA】Moon-viewing recital【Original MV】

    【IA】Moon-viewing recital【Original MV】

    Shizen no TekiPaka Jin here。This is my 12th track。Story of the continuing-to-believe future。「I will always support you, so don't give up」■It will be in...

    MOMO! MOMO KAWAIIIIIII 기여웡 88888888888888888888 THE ANIME DIDNT SHOW T...

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  • Uploaded Feb 28, 03:02 AM

    JIN -【IA】Room with no key【Original MV】

    【IA】Room with no key【Original MV】

    白神真志朗です。最果ての歌、第4話です。今回色々な人に協力して頂いて、本編連動のボイスドラマを作ることが出来ました。ボイスドラマ第4話『ねがいごと』 sm229883...

    this is now kagerou project, you know 88888888888888888888 omg youre irhgt It's not my fault they found porn in ...

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  • Uploaded May 05, 06:06 AM

    JIN -【Ayano's Night Fever】Happiness Theory×LukaLuka★Night

    【Ayano's Night Fever】Happiness Theory×LukaLuka★Night...

    I added dozens of songs. Nothing came nicely. ... Why do these match... orz This is a mashup of Jin-san's【IA】Ayano's Theory of Happiness (sm20671920), and ...

    wow depression into happiness, wish i could do that the final dame dame yo dancing with tears in my eyes wait its actually ki...

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  • Uploaded Apr 04, 04:14 AM

    JIN -[IA] Nihonbashi Koukashita R Plan [Animation MV]

    [IA] Nihonbashi Koukashita R Plan [Animation MV]

    This is Jin. I was busy making a full animation PV for 細金卓矢 "IA/01 -BIRTH-" planned for release on the 25th of April! The WAV sound source, each bass d...

    Very Nice ЯТОЖЕ, Б/РАТАН!!!111 Ia-chan have more abilities than brazzers bald guy hot coffe in freeze cause I'm crazy af thos...

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  • Uploaded Sep 23, 03:02 AM

    JIN -【Kagamine Len】Outer Science【Rearrange Cover】

    【Kagamine Len】Outer Science【Rearrange Cover】


    ようこそはが体内へ ようこそわが体内へ! YOUKOSO WAGA TAINAI E KUROHA クロハアアアアアアア レン Len-Sama!!! damn you len JAZZ HANDS EVERYONE! WE'RE ALL...

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  • Uploaded May 09, 07:03 PM

    JIN -[JubyPhonic] "Lost Time Memory" I Sang it in English

    [JubyPhonic] "Lost Time Memory" I Sang it in English

    ★Original sm20470051★Lyrics / Composed / Arranged /Guitar Jin twitter jin_jin_suruyo★Bass Shirakami Shin Shirou mylist/31254835★Drums Yuumao mylist/163...

    I finally know those hazy fingers were just looking for this "Me"! I finly know those hazy fingers were just looking for this...

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  • Uploaded May 05, 05:20 AM

    JIN -Ayano's Happiness Theory I tried to sing【nero】

    Ayano's Happiness Theory I tried to sing【nero】...


    めっちゃ好きだった歌 i like this ver~!!! akai f He sings beautifully bakemôn ah..... =v= akarenga Nero No.1~!!! yo...

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  • Uploaded Jan 31, 02:00 AM

    JIN -I tried to sing Outer Science【Soraru】

    I tried to sing Outer Science【Soraru】

    I was allowed to sing Jin's Outer Science.I finally covered this song. original from which i borrowed the music and video:sm21720819Vocal and Mix:Soraru (m...

    Much tsugino R.I.P. ドキドキ TSUGINO TSUGINO TSUGINO everyone is pregnant welcome to soraru's womb www そらるさん大...

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  • Uploaded Oct 31, 03:25 AM

    JIN -【By a Virgin】Outer Science【Sang It】

    【By a Virgin】Outer Science【Sang It】

    Good day to you, my name is Bis.I was allowed to sing Outer Science by 2 4 childish righteousness.The lovely original:sm21720819Things that I was allowed to...

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's bis' original joke title / desc by the way, the original 'virgin / 24 childishness...

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  • Uploaded Apr 30, 08:10 AM

    JIN -【Yumeko】Ayano's Happiness Theory【I tried to play and sing】

    【Yumeko】Ayano's Happiness Theory【I tried to play and sing】...

    Yumeko's here! 私も3つ下の弟と、犬と、最近妹になりたいって言ってくれたKちゃんのお姉ちゃんなので、知ってるだけの気持ちをいっぱい込めました。聴いてください^...


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  • Uploaded Mar 04, 02:53 AM

    JIN -2013 Hit Vocaloid Song Mashup

    2013 Hit Vocaloid Song Mashup

    I selected 31 songs uploaded last year and put them in a mash up. Outer Science, Common Heroes, Isshoku Sokuhatsu Zen Girl, Electric Saturator, Otsukimi Re...

    !! what the... Welcome to my concert feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee CRIER PLS OMG CRIER...

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  • Uploaded Jan 31, 03:53 PM

    JIN -【IA】 Imagination Forest 【Original PV】

    【IA】 Imagination Forest 【Original PV】

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki-P. This is my fifth work. A story of a dreaming Medusa. 「That's the reason why even the world is unexpected and bizarre.」 ...


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  • Uploaded Apr 20, 03:26 AM

    JIN -「daze」Google Translate Ver.

    「daze」Google Translate Ver.

    Thanks for Waiting! This is what happened when I translated the lyrics of「daze」to English and then back into Japanese again。「daze」 Sung without knowing ...

    boooo BOOOOOOOOOOO HENKAH HENHAH Let's BOOOOOOOO 88888888888888888888 Let's BOOOOOOO let's eseseseses mata ESE...

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  • Uploaded May 29, 04:33 AM

    JIN -【MV】daze【Lyrics Ver.】

    【MV】daze【Lyrics Ver.】

    Jin here. This is the opening theme of the anime "Mekakucity Actors". 「Together with the『lonely you』」 ■The [daze/days] single will be released on June...

    Oh my I love JinP i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Mecakucity Actors doesn't contain al...

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  • Uploaded Mar 29, 08:01 AM

    JIN -【Hatsune Miku+IA】Konoha's State of the World【Original PV】

    【Hatsune Miku+IA】Konoha's State of the World【Original PV】...

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki P. This is my 6th work. A story of a human's waking eyes. 「For example, it was such a future.」 ■ This song is included in...

    Is this from Kagerou Daze? 한글자막감사합니다. I love vocaloids!! not again nooooo MY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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  • Uploaded Jul 31, 04:00 AM

    JIN -”Night Tales Deceive” Sang It【Panaman & nqrse】

    ”Night Tales Deceive” Sang It【Panaman & nqrse】

    We are Panaman and nqrse.Please watch it.Original Song:(sm20116702)Sang by:Panaman (mylist/27542460)(@pana_pana_man)Rap, Sang and Mixed by:nqrse (mylist...

    ああああああああああ PANAMAN YAS omg OMG panaman & nqrse!!! Ok, I can die in happy now 요바나시디세이브!!!! KANO QWQ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 22, 03:57 AM

    JIN -【IA】Ayano's Theory of Happiness【Original Song with MV】

    【IA】Ayano's Theory of Happiness【Original Song with MV】...

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki-P. This is my 11th work. A story of memories left in the heart. 「Let us hope those days would continue on forever」 ■This ...

    88888888888888888888 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Dec 31, 01:00 AM

    JIN -【JiNと喘息】アイネクライネ 踊ってみた【オリジナル振付】

    【JiNと喘息】アイネクライネ 踊ってみた【オリジナル振付】

    JiN:やっぱ身長でかいっすね喘 息:大人の男の膝小僧使用音源:sm23225630(●´ε`●) ありがとうございました。JiN mylist/34131446 co1365084 TW→@jin_handsi...

    it's called eine kleine what is the song? this is amazing! まなこのやつもいいけ I'm speechless. This is amazing... Wow kakoi ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 05, 06:18 AM

    JIN -【Ikasan】 Lost Time Memory 【Sang it】

    【Ikasan】 Lost Time Memory 【Sang it】

    <´-ω->「Can you hear me?」18 years old…2 years later…ill just be a computer-game holic(◞‸◟)※apologise that the sound and the video isn't on the same ti...

    boy? girl? I love her voice Wwww ikaaaaaaaaa OOOOOOH to think a girl sang it.. 声がすごい what a girl sang this song but...

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  • Uploaded May 26, 08:08 AM

    JIN -【IA】 Kisaragi Attention 【Original PV】

    【IA】 Kisaragi Attention 【Original PV】

    I'm Jin aka Shizen no teki-P。This is my 7th work。 This is a story of an idol that couldn't be told to anyone。 「Today was a disaster, but seems like I'm...

    WOW! :D Gorilla is Chasing you... RUN Bad Luck wow SHINTAROUUU OW WO-OWWWW WOW momo^^ it's your fault to be seious cute, momo...

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  • Uploaded May 12, 02:04 AM

    JIN -【Jin】Mekaku City Days【Album Crossfade】

    【Jin】Mekaku City Days【Album Crossfade】

    I'm Jin, called Shizen-no-Teki-P. An album crossfade was born. A truthful story of offbeat boys and girls. 「I will never forget tomorrow, either」 On Sa...

    shinigami Sekaaaaai days Toumei Answer, fucking nice song Forestoooo Jinzoooooou Ene no -whatever- kisaragi attention headpho...

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  • Uploaded Sep 02, 01:18 AM

    JIN -【IA】Summer Time Record【Original MV】

    【IA】Summer Time Record【Original MV】

    It's Shizen no Teki-P a.k.a Jin. This will be the ending theme for「Kagerou Project」 The storyline revolves around what will happen in the future. 「See you...

    Nuuuuu It's the onoin ninjas! damn ninjas whyyyyyyyyyy Getting ready for Reload Alright This is Very SAD For me OMG... a song...

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  • Uploaded Feb 17, 04:17 AM

    JIN -【Hatsune Miku】Artificial Enemy【Original Song】

    【Hatsune Miku】Artificial Enemy【Original Song】

    This is my first post. I wonder if it's painful for you to listen to? I'm really sorry. I've been allowed to add a P to my name. Thank you very much! I have...

    she is not Miku! just...just looks like! Mekakusity! woop shes dead underrated as hell!!!! love this song 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 D...

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  • Uploaded Dec 14, 02:00 PM

    JIN -【IA】Headphone Actor【Original PV】

    【IA】Headphone Actor【Original PV】

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki P. This is my 4th work. A story of the day the world ended. 「Just once, don't doubt.」 Here's the karaoke and lyrics. http:...

    Welcome To Amazone V.2 utagawanaide I like earphones more when diahrrea strikes... soy de dul Sounds better in MC almbum13 GO...

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  • Uploaded Mar 07, 12:12 AM

    JIN -【AMV】Yobanashi Deceive/Jin ft. LiSA & MARiA

    【AMV】Yobanashi Deceive/Jin ft. LiSA & MARiA

    Jin here.This is the rerecorded version of Yobanashi Deceive.■MEKAKUCITY M's COMPLETE~Mekakucity Actors Vocal and Soundtrack Collection~ On sale on April 1...

    awwwwwweeeeeeessssso I want that flower.......... Dat jazz organ mmmmmmm yeeeee boi 앙앍카노개잘생겼어..

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  • Uploaded Mar 28, 04:00 AM

    JIN -【AMV】Outer Science / Jin ft. ONE

    【AMV】Outer Science / Jin ft. ONE

    This is Jin.This is the new version of "Outer Science"■MEKAKUCITY M's COMPLETE~Mekakucity Actors・Vocal & Sound Collection~ will be released on April 1.ht...

    am i the only one with bad quality? so many birds oooooooooooooooooaaa ooooooooo aaaaaaaa oooooooooooo...

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  • Uploaded Jul 12, 01:09 PM

    JIN -【Hatsune Miku】Your Voice【Oriignal】

    【Hatsune Miku】Your Voice【Oriignal】

    Yoshihiです。友人のJIN氏との共作です。イラスト:箱田えこさん http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=20539調教リファレンス:ウサコさん mylist/4978449iTunes、amazo...

    Nice :) Kimi no Kotae don't notice anything, & just let me stay by your side. I have to turn away. Please, Unable to look you...

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  • Uploaded May 29, 04:10 AM

    JIN -【Hatsune Miku】Blindfold Code【Original】

    【Hatsune Miku】Blindfold Code【Original】

    I'm Shizen-no-Teki-P, aka Jin. This is my second video. A story of those who scramble around the streets. 「Well, you're part of the Blindfold Gang now.」 K...

    seriously?? just picture?? What to hell? Just stooooooop! +++DJ WISK + MC's Dezin Ryda.3"Vader^cD Wisk b2b DJ Devious...2006...

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  • Uploaded Sep 12, 01:00 AM

    JIN -Summertime Record -Acoustic ver.- Sang It【Mafumafu】

    Summertime Record -Acoustic ver.- Sang It【Mafumafu】

    Gathering at our secret base, we just say how fun it was.Let's recall those days.I was allowed to sing Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)'s『Summer Time Record』Thank yo...

    i cry ㅠㅠ..i love you so much mafumafu!!♡♡ 88888888888888888888 ;-;) the feeeeeels ...

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  • Uploaded Apr 09, 09:53 AM

    JIN -【IA】少年ブレイヴ【PV】



    セトだ!! Tomodachi ni Narou xD best Jin (Kagerou project) song. :') Definittely a great song... but's illegal to listen th...

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