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『IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-』とは、歌手「Lia(リア)」の声を元に制作された音声合成・デスクトップミュージック(DTM)ソフトウェア製品である。※タグを登録する際は右記のよう...Read more

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  • Uploaded Feb 17, 04:03 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Night Tales Deceive【Original MV】

    【IA】Night Tales Deceive【Original MV】

    It's Jin (a.k.a. Shizen no teki-p). It's the 9th song of the project 。 The story of a creepy liar "Since we're doing it, I'll tell you the strangest story I...

    88888888888888888888 OH MY DIRTYYYYYY OH MY DIRTY god is dead and we k...

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  • Uploaded Mar 29, 10:27 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Lost Time Memory【Original MV】

    【IA】Lost Time Memory【Original MV】

    I'm Jin, aka Shizen no Teki-P. This is the 10th song in the series. A story of repeating regret. 「Yet again today, I've loved you.」 ■My second album,「M...

    88888888888888888888 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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  • Uploaded Aug 02, 04:00 AM

      Ranking -Lost One's Weeping/DIVELA REMIX feat. IA ROCKS

    Lost One's Weeping/DIVELA REMIX feat. IA ROCKS...

    [壁]∀゚)タダイマ...どうも、ディヴェラです。今回はNeruさんの曲「ロストワンの号哭」をシンセサイザー達でREMIXさせていただきました。調声を、あの超パーティⅢ MMDライブ...

    OH! wow sounds just as good as the original so coooooooooooooolllll cwhkefisheohwoh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Uploaded Apr 11, 03:55 AM

      Ranking -【IA】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Original Song with PV】

    【IA】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Original Song with PV】

    It's kemu [The boy became human] Vocals: IA Illustration: Hatsuko (mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 Video: ke-sanβ(mylist/14639164/co171193) twitter→keis...

    Si nanay! shiranai! shiranai! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE And there they went COOOOOOOLEST INCOOOOOOOOOOOO...

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  • Uploaded Jul 18, 02:33 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Gentle Ghost Story【Bookmark of Demise Project】

    【IA】Gentle Ghost Story【Bookmark of Demise Project】

    I am 150P. 『In a story of a dream seen during a certain day, even the boy was able to smile.』 Singing:IA B-ka(CV: Katou Emiri)→sm26733981 Drawing:Sa...


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  • Uploaded May 24, 02:00 PM

      Ranking -This Candy Belongs to Me-IA for LamazeP

    This Candy Belongs to Me-IA for LamazeP

    IAちゃんのトクロ動画二回目を作ろうと思ったら歌モノができちゃったでござる の巻                                       ...

    Refusing to let go at the blurred, oozing answer I'll keep going until I arrive melting in my mouth Illusions, imitations are...

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  • Uploaded Oct 31, 12:37 AM

      Ranking -【MMD】疑心暗鬼なIAさん


    M4Layerで色々と肌質実験してみました。フィルム映画特有の青みがかった色調が好きモデルTDA Bunny IA ver1.10(改変) - Reinbuu-sama (deviantart)真・ボコボコにして...

    hot già che tette o_o ♥Nice Expression 0_0 ♥

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  • Uploaded Aug 30, 05:29 AM

      Ranking -【IA】命の墓【オリジナル】



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  • Uploaded May 16, 03:04 AM

      Ranking -[MV] Jin 「Headphone Actor」

    [MV] Jin 「Headphone Actor」

    「Just this once, don't doubt.」 Mekaku City Days 2012.05.30 ON SALE | sm17802813 Music and Lyrics: Jin | mylist/30497131 MV Director: Shidu | mylist/240...

    so what very wow shiduuuu my osh that was deep, and i came from underverse aswell When you cant tell real from fake SAME Same...

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  • Uploaded May 31, 10:54 PM

      Ranking -【IA】Under Sea the Sun【Original Song】

    【IA】Under Sea the Sun【Original Song】

    結構間空いちゃいました!!待っててくれている方すいません!ヒートン twitterID hi_ton_factory 過去曲mylist/10436278

    fill me up to now I beg that wish come once is calling out to us The tomorrow that will only reach you if it will I'll raise ...

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  • Uploaded Oct 29, 03:55 AM

      Ranking -【Luka Miku Gumi IA Rin】 Pomp and Circumstance 【Original】

    【Luka Miku Gumi IA Rin】 Pomp and Circumstance 【Original】

    There is no "If you do do" 【Music】Ume Tora (mylist/28524172) twitter @umetorara 【Illustrations】Masamichie (mylist/24587311) twitter @masamichie Sexy Lu...

    prprpr IAIAIA What did she mean by this? Welcome ( ͡°͜ʖ͡°) ahn, ahn, ahnn AHN! Ahn ahn ahn AHN 这 chichi ..... Aaaaaaa...

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  • Uploaded May 20, 03:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】ツヅレミライ【オリジナル曲】


    Fish Chipsと申します。2作目です。よろしければ最後まで聞いてください!◆Music:Fish Chips mylist/55222433https://twitter.com/fishchips2525Inst&Lyrics:http://pia...

    this is nice!! :DDDD

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  • Uploaded Aug 21, 05:32 AM

      Ranking -IA「Mind Voice」【Original Song】

    IA「Mind Voice」【Original Song】

    samfreeです。答えなんて無いという答えが見つかりました。作詞・作曲・編曲 samfree mylist/3765386イラストはピアプロ海桜あめさんよりお借りしました http://piapro....

    wow R.I.P <3 love you and your music 88888888888888888888 8888888 Goodbye.. This song is so meaningful... I love hi...

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  • Uploaded Feb 17, 04:07 AM

      Ranking -Alice in Freezer / feat.IA

    Alice in Freezer / feat.IA

    Icy-cold nonsense theater. Music:Orangestar https://twitter.com/MikanseiP Illustration:たいそすhttps://twitter.com/si_3マイリスト mylist/37081160 1stアルバム...


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  • Uploaded Aug 14, 06:37 AM

      Ranking -【第15回MMD杯本選】ボーカロイド戦争



    Need translation konyol destroy while... yukaria is life ( ͡°͜ʖ͡°) D IS THIS DRAGON BALL Z NOW?! XD CeVIO pops up out o...

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  • Uploaded Aug 10, 03:01 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Apple Fireworks and Sea of Soda【Original Song】

    【IA】Apple Fireworks and Sea of Soda【Original Song】

    「Drinking someone's tears       I don't want to be like these laughable adults」 I equated that kind of world to a festival Vocal :IA Movie :ま...

    weaboos everywhere beutiful no mas brazileños porfa dejen un espacio pa los boricuas tanto espanol en una pagina japonesa, d...

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  • Uploaded Nov 08, 09:46 AM

      Ranking -『バビル2世』 歌:IA(IA ROCKS) VOCALOIDカバー曲

    『バビル2世』 歌:IA(IA ROCKS) VOCALOIDカバー曲


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  • Uploaded Aug 19, 04:37 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow【Original】

    【IA】Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow【Original】

    To the night sky for meeting again, under where you smile. Previous work: Earphones and a Chorus of Cicadas (イヤホンと蝉時雨) → sm24024502 Movie & Music: ...

    88888888888888888888 88888888888888888888 AAAAA...

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  • Uploaded Aug 04, 01:59 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Yesterday Evening【Original MV】

    【IA】Yesterday Evening【Original MV】

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki-P. This is my 13th song. This is yesterday's story of being unable to be honest. 「That insensitive attitude, I hate it altho...

    MITSUKETATATARATAAAA 어떻게좀해주세요신이 어떤방법으로든전하고 ...

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  • Uploaded Aug 31, 01:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Outer Science【Original MV】

    【IA】Outer Science【Original MV】

    I'm Shizen-no-Teki-P aka Jin. This is my 14th song.The story revolves around the 'tragedy'.「Let us meet next time, and the next, and the next also」■This so...

    .... Why do I feel like he is Error! Sans? y esto se va adecontorlaaaaaaaaaa aiudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y esto...

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  • Uploaded Dec 20, 01:19 AM

      Ranking -【IA feat. Kagamine Rin】Super Nuko World【Original song】

    【IA feat. Kagamine Rin】Super Nuko World【Original song】

    _('ω'_)⌒)ノ ShachihokoMay nuko become more lovable in this worldVocal : IANyao : Kagamine RinMovie : Mafuteru[mylist/39671664] Twitter @uni_mafuteruMusic : ...

    kawaii kawaiiiii!!!! 88888888888888888888 KAWAII! NAOO~ NYAAAOOO~ tsun MEMES Admin...Whut Animu??? XDDD A SHOTA MA...

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  • Uploaded May 20, 02:30 AM

      Ranking -【IA】rainy【Original MV】

    【IA】rainy【Original MV】

    nakiです。梅雨が近いね。music&lyric:nakiTwitter:@NakiGmai【https://twitter.com/NakiGmai】mylist【mylist/38831949】Illustration:toriniku様movie:D:様Drum adv...

    sweety <3

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  • Uploaded Feb 02, 01:00 AM

      Ranking -【LukaMikuGumiIARin】FLASH BACK【Original/Umetora】

    【LukaMikuGumiIARin】FLASH BACK【Original/Umetora】

    Flashback, somehow it sounds deliciousヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ 【Song and etc】Umetora (mylist/28524172) Karaoke → http://piapro.jp/t/ccMh Karaoke w/ harmony → http://pi...

    reol way better tbh I love Divine Diva sO MUCH WHAT THE HECK miku ou Here comes... Rin!!!! Get Ready! Here it comes.... we ne...

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  • Uploaded Apr 22, 03:57 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Ayano's Theory of Happiness【Original Song with MV】

    【IA】Ayano's Theory of Happiness【Original Song with MV】...

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki-P. This is my 11th work. A story of memories left in the heart. 「Let us hope those days would continue on forever」 ■This ...

    UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU T.T oh god... <3 these false sub me lol These subs are great 아야노의행복이론 (간주중...

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  • Uploaded Apr 23, 03:14 AM

      Ranking -【IA】踊れオーケストラ【オリジナル曲】


    ▼ ♯12.音と踊る少女の話。曲/YASUHIRO(康寛)⇒[@yasuhiro_vanq]絵/こもも⇒[@komomomomoketa] クロスフェード!?→sm28728596踊れオーケストラ~INST.歌詞~➡http://piapro....

    wow!! it do cool IA <3 cool This is one adorable orchestra/circus/mus I wanna be part of :DDD goodbye, miss floral thief. ye

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  • Uploaded Jul 17, 05:09 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Earphones and a Chorus of Cicadas【Original】

    【IA】Earphones and a Chorus of Cicadas【Original】

    My earphones became silent. In the silence arising at the moment, it was surely smiling. Everything seemed perfect in that world. I loved summer, the summe...

    the beat is so catchyyy i love this song sooooo much ☆═━┈┈☆═━┈┈☆═━┈┈☆═━┈┈

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  • Uploaded Aug 19, 11:26 AM

      Ranking -「IA」 -ERROR 「VOCALOIDカバ」


    Another entry for the Galaco Contest.[] vsqx by grandmasterflames159 , i edited it alot though. [] i hope i win Galaco ^_^

    I Love Her :V

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  • Uploaded May 17, 09:59 PM

      Ranking -[MMD]SEE THE LIGHTS[モーション配布するかな・・・]

    [MMD]SEE THE LIGHTS[モーション配布するかな・・・]



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  • Uploaded Dec 09, 02:30 AM

      Ranking -【Luka Miku Gumi IA Rin】Matchless Warriors/ Ikkitousen【Original MV/Umetora】

    【Luka Miku Gumi IA Rin】Matchless Warriors/ Ikkitousen【Original MV/Umetora】

    ΦωΦ【Music, movie, etc.】梅とら/ Umetora (mylist/28524172) twitter @umetoraraKaraoke → http://piapro.jp/t/qdxrKaraoke with chorus → http://piapro.jp/t/fwceB...

    Wow....these lyrics are deep. HUEHUEHUEHEUHUEHUEHU Honestly I think th...

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  • Uploaded Sep 02, 01:18 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Summer Time Record【Original MV】

    【IA】Summer Time Record【Original MV】

    It's Shizen no Teki-P a.k.a Jin. This will be the ending theme for「Kagerou Project」 The storyline revolves around what will happen in the future. 「See you...

    This is a good end? Thx Shizen no Teki P :) Haruka >< aiudaaaa .VVVVVVVV 코노하사랑해요하악하 Jin destruis...

    • Views 2,524,975
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  • Uploaded Jun 23, 02:13 AM

      Ranking -[IA] Perfect Crime Love Letter [Original song with PV]

    [IA] Perfect Crime Love Letter [Original song with PV]

    I am 150P(One-Half). 『In that obscure rumor, even that kid performed with me.』 Lyrics:Suzumu  (mylist/20737161 co57092)  twitter→suzumun Guitar...

    C-ta best male gay yandere don't answer it I love the vegtable lyrics memes CA is love SHIP i love this gay AH HAHA HAHA HAHA...

    • Views 944,375
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  • Uploaded Oct 27, 04:10 AM

      Ranking -[IA] Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game [Original Song・PV]

    [IA] Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game [Original Song・PV]

    Hello, my name is 150-P (One Half). "I heard a rumor somewhere, that the girl wanted to become a mirror." Lyrics: Suzumu (mylist/20737161 co57092)...

    C-ta is the real yandere not D-ne d-ne is way better than b-ko aaaaaaaaa d-ne = best veggie waifu chairsssssss CHAIRS CAHIRS ...

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