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IAオリジナル曲とは、IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-を用いたオリジナル楽曲のこと。作者自身によって編曲された楽曲に、VOCALOIDであるIAの歌声を合わせたものが該当する。(なお...Read more

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  • Uploaded Dec 05, 01:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Revenge Syndrome【Original Song】

    【IA】Revenge Syndrome【Original Song】

    "Welcome to my world." Vocal:IA Movie :△○□× [mylist/25806743] Twitter @miwasiba HP:http://miwasiba.iinaa.net/ Lyrics:suzumun [mylist/20737161] [co5709...

    大好きだ(;≧∇≦) =3 ホッ まふまふ (o l ヮl o) YEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH THIS SONG IS AMAZING (o l ヮl o) XD XD :D her...

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  • Uploaded Apr 03, 11:13 PM

      Ranking -【IA×ONE】CITRUS【Original】


    There is surely some resemblance between us.Music: OrangestarIllustration: Hebitsukai (へびつかい)Movie: Not-116Mylist: mylist/37081160 Twitter: https://twi...

    ONEEEEEEEE!! IAAAAAAAAAAAAA! same flavoooooooooooooooo this song is so nice that just now realized IA & ONE standig r...

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  • Uploaded Sep 25, 02:00 AM

      Ranking ---Dash. / ポン恥♪ feat.IA

    --Dash. / ポン恥♪ feat.IA


    It's IA but very shrill here we out here we go nice song anyway try IA rocks it's not IA who is this voicebank_ wut_

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  • Uploaded Aug 21, 05:32 AM

      Ranking -IA「Mind Voice」【Original Song】

    IA「Mind Voice」【Original Song】

    samfreeです。答えなんて無いという答えが見つかりました。作詞・作曲・編曲 samfree mylist/3765386イラストはピアプロ海桜あめさんよりお借りしました http://piapro....

    R.I.P SAM!FINALLY U ARE FREE ;( rip wow R.I.P <3 love you and your music 88888888888888888888 8888888 Goodbye.. Thi...

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  • Uploaded Apr 11, 03:55 AM

      Ranking -【IA】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Original Song with PV】

    【IA】A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night【Original Song with PV】

    I am kemu. [The boy wanted to become human.] Vocals: IA Illustration: Hatsuko (mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 Video: ke-sanβ (mylist/14639164/co171193)...

    Rawr~ <3 Kawaii-desu~ 名前? 全人類 大好き!!!!!!!! CUBE vocaloids are japanese: japan is life: vocaloids are life awaw...

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  • Uploaded Feb 17, 04:03 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Night Tales Deceive【Original MV】

    【IA】Night Tales Deceive【Original MV】

    It's Jin (a.k.a. Shizen no teki-p). It's the 9th song of the project 。 The story of a creepy liar "Since we're doing it, I'll tell you the strangest story I...

    Deceiver Comings Out i`m a liar Kano-kuuuuuun!! 88888888888888888888 Mondainai ...

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  • Uploaded Aug 19, 04:37 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow【Original】

    【IA】Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow【Original】

    To the night sky for meeting again, under where you smile. Previous work: Earphones and a Chorus of Cicadas (イヤホンと蝉時雨) → sm24024502 Movie & Music: ...

    IA u dumbs lol IA すきー!!!www すごいね!! yas yas yas yas yas yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lets...

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  • Uploaded Mar 08, 05:03 AM

      Ranking -【IA】A Realistic Logical Ideologist【Original】

    【IA】A Realistic Logical Ideologist【Original】

    『A Realistic Logical Ideologist』 Music/Lyrics: ゴボウメン (Goboumen)(mylist/28171631) Illustration/Movie:koyubi(mylist/24273955) Kafunsho here. Off voc...

    IA... >< Kawaiii :3 IA Chann >.< nya holi 88888888888888 IA@Realisticlogicide YYAAASSSS GET THE PARTY STARTED I like thi...

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  • Uploaded Jun 18, 07:58 AM

      Ranking -IA  / フクロウ~イケイケ5拍子ロック‼~

    IA / フクロウ~イケイケ5拍子ロック‼~

    IA / フクロウ[オリジナル曲]作詞・作曲・編曲MIYAイラストはピアプロから幸奈よつばさんよりお借りしました!3曲一挙配信1曲目です![IA feat.初音ミク / フクロウ]s...

    lovin this ブラボー

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  • Uploaded Jul 06, 02:00 AM

      Ranking -【オリジナルMV】 アウェスヴィー / ポン恥♪ feat.IA

    【オリジナルMV】 アウェスヴィー / ポン恥♪ feat.IA


    lo guitar too love IA awesome tunning

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  • Uploaded Jul 22, 04:00 AM

      Ranking -【VOCALOID】ウミガミエル【オリジナル曲】


    【IA】hugてるん!http://pc.dwango.jp/portals/music/2115031 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/umigamieru-single/id1154811341?l=en 歌詞 画面の文字で かゆ...

    niiiice Sutafakkusu I like song and video, favorited! Title is "see the sea"? Serious topic. Why the hell...

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  • Uploaded Mar 29, 10:27 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Lost Time Memory【Original MV】

    【IA】Lost Time Memory【Original MV】

    I'm Jin, aka Shizen no Teki-P. This is the 10th song in the series. A story of repeating regret. 「Yet again today, I've loved you.」 ■My second album,「M...

    I like this song!!!!!!!!! juuhassai jeng jeng jeng jenggg ikanai yo shin aya is da best innalilahi shintaro shinee ene!!! 18 ...

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  • Uploaded Jul 28, 08:00 PM

      Ranking -【IA & ONE】Into Starlight

    【IA & ONE】Into Starlight...

    IAとONEによる初のダンスPV!2人の息の合ったハモリやコンビネーションダンスをお楽しみください!Words : KURIS&YUICHI NAKASEMusic : KURIS&YUICHI NAKASEM...

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  • Uploaded Feb 17, 04:07 AM

      Ranking -Alice in Freezer / feat.IA

    Alice in Freezer / feat.IA

    Icy-cold nonsense theater. Music:Orangestar https://twitter.com/MikanseiP Illustration:たいそすhttps://twitter.com/si_3My List: mylist/37081160 1st Album: s...

    Yeah >~< 한국말좀쓰지말라고ㅡ you just betrayed all OS shenpai M.B is not illustrating this? lieee ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  • Uploaded Aug 04, 01:59 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Yesterday Evening【Original MV】

    【IA】Yesterday Evening【Original MV】

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki-P. This is my 13th song. This is yesterday's story of being unable to be honest. 「That insensitive attitude, I hate it altho...


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  • Uploaded Oct 05, 02:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Drama and a Deformed City【Original Song】

    【IA】Drama and a Deformed City【Original Song】

    "After we went through the days in iron bars   we saw a world which can make even you smile though you are a crybaby"Let's get out of this prison and go t...

    mafumafu is to cute? ;; please kill me? hahaha IA's voice tho :V AAAAA UEUE MAFUMAFUUUU~~~~ Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

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  • Uploaded Dec 31, 02:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Night of Sixth Magnitude Stars (remix)【Original】

    【IA】Night of Sixth Magnitude Stars (remix)【Original】

    Good evening. I am "nejishiki".I had my first work Night of Sixth Magnitude Stars (六等星の夜) adjusted and remixed as the last work of this year. It has be...

    greatly nejishiki

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  • Uploaded Jul 21, 01:01 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Children Record【Original PV】

    【IA】Children Record【Original PV】

    It's ShizennotekiP a.k.a. Jin. This will be the Kagerou Project opening theme. Story of children who face forward. "The boys and girls are feverish. Here th...

    Sintaro kun!!!! Marry Like Sky XD ai kotoba red scene dat feet tho XD me wong jowo too :v JIN is love JIN is life XD korean s...

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  • Uploaded Apr 22, 03:57 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Ayano's Theory of Happiness【Original Song with MV】

    【IA】Ayano's Theory of Happiness【Original Song with MV】...

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki-P. This is my 11th work. A story of memories left in the heart. 「Let us hope those days would continue on forever」 ■This ...

    Ayano jjang! onion slicing... excuse me.. let's me slice this onion here... :3 akane iro onegai Welp The Fake Subs... A theor...

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  • Uploaded Sep 16, 06:35 AM

      Ranking -【IA】 Aquila 【Original Song】

    【IA】 Aquila 【Original Song】

    ケダルイともうします。 まだまだあついですね。 涼しい夜に聴いてほしい曲です。 "生まれて消えて、まだ見ぬ未来へ繋がって" music/ケダルイ@HisKowloon mylist/5...

    beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaawesome this girl have 2 big oppais nice starting th...

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  • Uploaded Dec 28, 06:29 AM

      Ranking -【IA】 Life Prolonging Treatment 【Original PV】

    【IA】 Life Prolonging Treatment 【Original PV】

    「How do you like it?」 Song/Lyrics Neru(mylist/15619229) Illustration/Picture Shidu Out January 1, 2010 -『IA/02 -COLOR-』 http://ia-project.net/ia02/

    love it shishishidu erctus bluelus those gorditas of chicharron are crazy tasty lel it's too tall shidu squares shiduuuu Lol,...

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  • Uploaded Aug 30, 02:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Water Lily【Original Song】

    【IA】Water Lily【Original Song】

    曲、アレンジ:snowy* さんこと、shigeki kimura さん → http://profile.ameba.jp/ywons/詞:innisfree → http://twitter.com/innisfree_greenイラスト、動画:soriku ...

    hating that wate song... but this song is awesome lovin this postal endure. to forever love, one wishes for it Indeed, much like

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  • Uploaded Sep 12, 03:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】コンシーテッド・ボーイ【オリジナルMV】


    「信じられるのは、僕だけのはずだろう」どうも*Lunaです。「H**rtful Pieces」に収録されている曲です。購入はこちらから → https://luna-catbird.booth.pm/クロスフ...

    8888888 nice kemu? hohoho this is good 88888888888888888888 omg that op..

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  • Uploaded Aug 31, 01:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】Outer Science【Original MV】

    【IA】Outer Science【Original MV】

    I'm Shizen-no-Teki-P aka Jin. This is my 14th song.The story revolves around the 'tragedy'.「Let us meet next time, and the next, and the next also」■This so...


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  • Uploaded Dec 14, 02:00 PM

      Ranking -【IA】Headphone Actor【Original PV】

    【IA】Headphone Actor【Original PV】

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki P. This is my 4th work. A story of the day the world ended. 「Just once, don't doubt.」 Here's the karaoke and lyrics. http:...

    Welcome To Amazone V.2 utagawanaide I like earphones more when diahrrea strikes... soy de dul Sounds better in MC almbum13 GO...

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  • Uploaded May 26, 08:08 AM

      Ranking -【IA】 Kisaragi Attention 【Original PV】

    【IA】 Kisaragi Attention 【Original PV】

    I'm Jin aka Shizen no teki-P。This is my 7th work。 This is a story of an idol that couldn't be told to anyone。 「Today was a disaster, but seems like I'm...

    Gorilla is Chasing you... RUN Bad Luck wow SHINTAROUUU OW WO-OWWWW WOW momo^^ it's your fault to be seious cute, momo sorry, ...

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  • Uploaded Jan 31, 03:53 PM

      Ranking -【IA】 Imagination Forest 【Original PV】

    【IA】 Imagination Forest 【Original PV】

    This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki-P. This is my fifth work. A story of a dreaming Medusa. 「That's the reason why even the world is unexpected and bizarre.」 ...

    doushiyo? seto coming out tok tok tok me wo awasenaide CUTE OMG THAT SMILE MAKES MY DAYYYYYY :))) OMG OMG MY KOKORO, I CAN'T ...

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  • Uploaded Sep 22, 03:00 AM

      Ranking -【IA】ハジメの十歩【オリジナル】


    僕です。歌:IA絵:無地パンツ【@moneyrough】動画:Pits(ぴーつ)【@pits_song03】音楽・エンコード:アルペジア【mylist/46402787】             NN...

    niiiiiice ok, less bad what?

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  • Uploaded Jul 26, 05:30 AM

      Ranking -【GUMI Whisper×IA】アネモネとキンセンカ【オリジナル】ショートVer

    【GUMI Whisper×IA】アネモネとキンセンカ【オリジナル】ショートVer

    作詞作編曲⇒tagamiILLUST⇒alca「それはとても素敵な事。 それはとても綺麗。 それはとても優しくて大切でした。」〠〠〠〠 癒し系です 〠〠〠〠 〠〠〠〠 ウルトラ...

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  • Uploaded Sep 21, 03:02 AM

      Ranking -【IA】 Miss You 【オリジナル曲】

    【IA】 Miss You 【オリジナル曲】


    888888888888888888 I love rainy pv nice af woooah bum

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  • Uploaded Sep 15, 04:00 AM

      Ranking -You're Mine / RyuNAta feat.IA

    You're Mine / RyuNAta feat.IA ...


    If you`re mine, eu poso ir para a cadeia feliz... cute It's not miku, you damn child! I say, I love IA, but a this notes I ju...

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  • Uploaded Sep 19, 03:00 AM

      Ranking -【Sachiko / IA】 二人三脚 【オリジナル】

    【Sachiko / IA】 二人三脚 【オリジナル】


    Story about Mother and Daughter :' I love this song so much 88888888888888888888 chills damn it :'( yaaaas I ne...

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