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    ┗|∵|┓Goodbye to This Mutual, Unrequited Love / HoneyWorks feat. GUMI

    ┗|∵|┓Goodbye to This Mutual, Unrequited Love / HoneyWorks feat. GUMI

    We will be connected ... ┗|∵|┓ This is HoneyWorks. mylist/20486867The title is read as: Sayonara Ryou-Kataomoi (in romaji)★ HoneyWorks major 2nd album to be ...

    thank you LM feels... I am graduating next year sigh... it's more like sensei song artwork the artstyle changed a little this...

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    ┗|∵|┓First Love Picture Book/Aida Miou(cv:Toyosaki Aki)

    ┗|∵|┓First Love Picture Book/Aida Miou(cv:Toyosaki Aki)

    ┗|∵|┓HoneyWorks here. mylist/20486867Vocaloid ver→sm16205143★11/26 on sale HoneyWorks major 2nd albumThis is a track from『Boku ja Dame desu ka?~「Confessi...

    this is cute アニメ<3 カワイイイイイイイイ ヤキモチ<3.。。。 FEELS ;;A;;...

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    【The 10th MMD Cup Main Event】 Battlefield Idol Haruka

    【The 10th MMD Cup Main Event】 Battlefield Idol Haruka

    ※Blood is shownInspired by the works of Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch【Theme:X】MMD Cup Official Site=  Off...

    I just realize that this is from Freddiew's video in Youtube. lol This is goin to be awesome test Nice Good Job! Hahaha lol C...

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    【IA】  Chimera  【MV】

    【IA】 Chimera 【MV】

    ■Vocal IA ROCKS+IA■Lyrics/Music/Movie ATOLS mylist/20696547 ■Twitter・for latest news and more →■YouTube channel →

    nice work ATOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good pv and the tuning is amazing

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    【第13回MMD杯本選】Sweet Devil Colate Remix【モーション配布】

    【第13回MMD杯本選】Sweet Devil Colate Remix【モーション配布】

    ※モーション配布開始しました!合作のモーショントレスです!⊂⌒っ´ω`)っ作成過程ブロマガar606044癶(´益`癶)癶【name:ORENOBOU】 moltolitton(モルト)mylist/362256...


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  • Uploaded Aug 11, 05:53 AM

    【Touhou】 「Love-colored Master Spark」Session【Logical Emotion】

    【Touhou】 「Love-colored Master Spark」Session【Logical Emotion】

    Good evening, this is Marasy in charge of uploading.It seems to be a year and a half since the last Logical Emotion video. (Oh my god!)This time we had a s...

    marasy love ww marasy handd :o wwwwww drmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drm!

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  • Uploaded Oct 22, 04:53 AM

    ちょっとテンション高めの「ラジオ体操第一」を弾いてみた 【ピアノ】

    ちょっとテンション高めの「ラジオ体操第一」を弾いてみた 【ピアノ】

    こんばんは、まらしぃです。ちょっとテンション高めのラジオ体操第一を弾きました。なんでこんなことになったんでしょうねまらお前作 sm24698889 マイリスト mylist/8...

    I love you maarasy~!! ww luv you marasy!! yeeee first comment

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  • Uploaded Sep 26, 04:01 AM

    ┗|∵|┓Friday's Good Mornings-another story-/HoneyWorks feat.Hatsune Miku

    ┗|∵|┓Friday's Good Mornings-another story-/HoneyWorks feat.Hatsune Miku...

    ┗|∵|┓HoneyWorks here. mylist/20486867The guy's POV⇒sm23910729★11/26 on sale HoneyWorks Major 2nd album『Boku ja Dame desu ka?~「Confession Executive Commit...

    Brasil <3 Totemo Kawaii!!!! Honey Works I LOVE YOU!! LOOOOOOVEEEEEE WwWwWwWwWwWwWwWwWwWw CUTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (/U.U/)

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  • Uploaded Feb 20, 07:52 PM

    【Hatsune Miku】 Don't look at me in that way 【Original Song with Hand Drawn PV】

    【Hatsune Miku】 Don't look at me in that way 【Original Song with Hand Drawn PV】...

    ○ Karaoke and Set→ Production Data→ ----- Check out nm13287759 As well as: sm14993928 -...

    O.O loving this song even if its sad xD The first time I watched this (Right after I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry), I thought Oh god >/...

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  • Uploaded Mar 23, 03:29 AM

    【Nikokara】To My Lost Self(on vocal)

    【Nikokara】To My Lost Self(on vocal)

    こんにちわ、海舟です。こちらは、KEIさんの『迷子の僕に』のon vocal版ニコカラです。動画・音源共に本家様(sm17335463)よりお借りしました。KEIさんのサイト→http:/...

    XD <3 (always) then I always will be If I keep grasping it, & hold onto it tight If I take your outstretched hand but even so...

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  • Uploaded Jun 26, 03:01 AM

    [GUMI] Earth's Final Confession [Original/with PV]

    [GUMI] Earth's Final Confession [Original/with PV]...

    It's kemu. "The boy wanted to say it" Vocals: GUMI Picture: Hatsuko (ハツ子) (mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 Movie: ke-sanβ (mylist/14639164/co171193) tw...

    thanks for the subs where is the cube an english comment passing through KOKOHAKU 5500+ years Confessing after 5000 years... ...

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  • Uploaded Oct 20, 03:00 AM

    【MAYU】Alley Universe 【Original Song】

    【MAYU】Alley Universe 【Original Song】

    Hello、I'm ChouchouP。This song will be included in November 19 release of 3rd major album『End of the World / ChouchouP feat. Hatsune Miku』。That summer wh...

    not bad :3 this is sooooooo good papiyon!!!!! LOVE <3 Great song! it's like an ending song from an anime~♥ i like her voice...

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  • Uploaded Aug 22, 03:00 AM

    【GUMI・Kagamine Rin】Disappearance Addiction【Original PV】

    【GUMI・Kagamine Rin】Disappearance Addiction【Original PV】

    Kairiki Bear here.『I wish everything would disappear』■ Music and Lyrics:Kairiki Bear(かいりきベア)(mylist/25602141)Twitter:@kairiki_bear■ Illustration...

    You can redistribute it if you have permission WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *u* AWESOMEEE! *^* love It's many of Bea...

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  • Uploaded Aug 18, 03:52 AM

    【第13回MMD杯本選】艦これエクストリーム演習 FULL BOOST!

    【第13回MMD杯本選】艦これエクストリーム演習 FULL BOOST!


    the head is AC Jack-O day one hype oh my god jesus why u no fund this??? gumdam age ending? gundammmmmmm Kagaaaaaaaa WOOOO ho...

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  • Uploaded Dec 19, 02:55 AM

    Synchronicity ~Chapter 3  Requiem of the Spinning World~

    Synchronicity ~Chapter 3 Requiem of the Spinning World~

    Peace and blessings to the spinning world Unleash the light, fate, and darkness ■「Hitoshizuku×Yama△」major 1st full album, released on 12/19/2012. This ...

    is this suzunosuke's art WOOO GO MIKU MEH DUN CARE IF EVERYBODY HATES YEH *o* Dem dance MIKU DEH DRAGON T^T XDDD <33 TAT TTAT...

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  • Uploaded Sep 11, 04:00 AM

    【Vocaloid 8】EveR ∞ LastinG ∞ NighT 【Original】

    【Vocaloid 8】EveR ∞ LastinG ∞ NighT 【Original】

    Please forget all about the covered, tender【lie】and fall asleep Then, let's【continue】and play……∞This is a track from「EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalospace fe...

    encore, encore!! HOLY SHET "..... I found the end!" Nunca me canso de escuchar esta canción novela ligera publicada en el Tw...

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  • Uploaded Apr 11, 03:55 AM

    【IA】Six Trillion Years And Overnight Story【Original Song with PV】

    【IA】Six Trillion Years And Overnight Story【Original Song with PV】

    It's kemu [The boy became human] Vocals: IA Illustration: Hatsuko (mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 Video: ke-sanβ(mylist/14639164/co171193) twitter→keis...

    知らない 死なない IT'S SHI NA NA I 死なない shiranai CUBE SENPAI!!! soooo amazing shiranai cube is life dont stah...

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  • Uploaded Jan 14, 12:00 AM

    【GUMI】 Ten-faced 【Original Song and PV】

    【GUMI】 Ten-faced 【Original Song and PV】

    GUMI】十面相【オリジナル曲PV付き】 8/20:新曲投稿しました!【GUMI】交感ノート【オリジナル曲PV付き】sm15366375 YMです。十七作目です。 はんにゃGさんにPVを作っ...

    三 ああああああああああ

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  • Uploaded Feb 09, 10:34 AM

    【Singing with a Vague Memory】Black★Rock Shooter【Glutamine】

    【Singing with a Vague Memory】Black★Rock Shooter【Glutamine】

    The 3rd Video!!Singing my favorite song!!I love it but I still remembered the lyrics vaguely wwwFabulous song by supercell⇒sm3645817Entry of Glutamine Tour...

    the song was great the cover is better !!!!! wktk OMGOGMOGMOGMOGMOGMOG BLACK ROCK SHOOTER...

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  • Uploaded Jul 10, 05:02 AM

    【Suzumu】 First day of King's Excercises 【__】

    【Suzumu】 First day of King's Excercises 【__】...

    Hello, Underbar (__) here。「とある日の国王体操第一」☆作詞:スズム&__(アンダーバー)☆作曲:スズム☆編曲:スズム☆イラスト&動画:さいね歌ったやつ→mylist/163...

    DANCING MODE ACTIVATE baby baby baby xD the heck ( ᐛ)パァ( ᐛ)パァ( ᐛ)パァ( ᐛ)パァ( ᐛ)パァ( ᐛ)パァ( ...

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  • Uploaded Nov 29, 02:00 AM

    【kradness&Reol】Childish War【Sang It】

    【kradness&Reol】Childish War【Sang It】

    Krad「(`o´)」Reol「(`o´)」Giga「(´・ཀ・`)」New album「KRAD VORTEX / kradness (sm22314348) 」released December 4. Rin & Len Ver. → ( sm22349544 )   Music/A...

    DFSD QFS F?JS S DFD TOOO 88888888888888888888 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Oct 28, 11:58 PM




    10 years ;m; Love you Meiko, always ;m;

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  • Uploaded Jul 30, 04:17 AM

     【Ars/SenBoku/SLH/Pan men】danced Dangerous situation ☆ Zen girl【Buddha Power Otokojuku】

     【Ars/SenBoku/SLH/Pan men】danced Dangerous situation ☆ Zen girl【Buddha Power Otokojuku】

    Danced it.Collaboration name:Buddha Power Otokojuku【I saw even though I sang⇒】sm21445140Original:sm21283394Choreography Kent-senseiShooting・Editing:Bu...

    IZUMIIII o(≧o≦)o i dont know which one i should focus on.. they are all so awesome *o* omg they are fantastic *0* how doe...

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  • Uploaded Jul 20, 12:48 AM

    Maji 1000% LOVE Translated to English and retranslated back to Japanese turning it into a very funny song

    Maji 1000% LOVE Translated to English and retranslated back to Japanese turning it into a very funny...

    I'm Freedel Searching on Wikipedia while listening to the song's lyrics and typedthem to translator to translate to English,and then translated back toJapane...

    Wha? I'm laughing so hard!!!!! lol Omg now I'm wondering if he google translated this HAHAHAHA AKANBO wwwwwww lololololololol...

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  • Uploaded May 10, 02:00 AM




    very cute! wow that's super cute! c:

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  • Uploaded Feb 13, 12:00 AM

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Electric・Angel【ArrangeCover】

    【Kagamine Rin・Len】Electric・Angel【ArrangeCover】

    Original:sm1249071 Hand drawn Anime:sm1894085 Lyrics/Composition : Yasuo(ヤスオ) (mylist/5214338) Illustration/PV:Nishiki Koi(二色鯉) (mylist/19232830) Mu...

    Rin XD better than Miku's version not bad YAAAY <3 SO MUCH LOVE DON'T DIEEE °w° STAAAARS NO This video was my wallpaper on ...

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  • Uploaded May 16, 04:32 AM

    I played 「Senbonzakura」again 【piano】

    I played 「Senbonzakura」again 【piano】

    Good evening, Marasy here.For 1 million views on my Senbonzakura cover (sm16309076), thank you very muchI made a commemorative video, though it is late!I had...

    dis is awesome!!! THANK GOD FOR REPEAT PLAYBACK BUTTON wkwk ^_^ SENBONZAKURA!!!!! daitn hutekini wwwwwwwwwwwwwwcarwww he...

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  • Uploaded Oct 22, 06:37 AM

    初音ミク - XVDS【オリジナル】

    初音ミク - XVDS【オリジナル】

    This video has been deleted.■colateです。某サイトでお気に入りのえっち動画が消されたときの男子高校生のダブステップです。■10/26のM3にて頒布される「Synergy-Styl...

    i think the person who mad the song dont know how to make story XD ... dafaq POOORRRRNNNN dafuq wait what!? such lyrics lol,a...

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  • Uploaded Nov 30, 02:19 AM

    「Thousand Cherry Blossoms」 Played it【Piano】

    「Thousand Cherry Blossoms」 Played it【Piano】

    Good evening, this is Marasy. This time I will be playing Senbonzakura by KurousaP (黒うさP) A highly requested song that absolutely had to be played duri...

    노래는노래고독도는우 88888888888888888888 8888888888...

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  • Uploaded Feb 14, 04:00 AM

    【第12回MMD杯本選】KiLLER LADY REMIX【モーション配布】

    【第12回MMD杯本選】KiLLER LADY REMIX【モーション配布】


    i think theyre from gintama :I who r they

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  • Uploaded Oct 10, 05:00 PM

    【IA】アメリカ~We are all right!~ / じん【MMD-PV】

    【IA】アメリカ~We are all right!~ / じん【MMD-PV】

IA×SUPER GT 「CiRCUiT BEATS- SUPER GT 20th Anniversary-」から先行でお届け!

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  • Uploaded Sep 27, 04:24 AM

    【GUMI(40mP)】The Boy and The Magical Robot (Album Edit Ver.) 【Original PV】

    【GUMI(40mP)】The Boy and The Magical Robot (Album Edit Ver.) 【Original PV】

    Even though it was a slightly awkward sounding voice...Vocal:GUMIMusic:40mP(mylist/7975931)Movie:たま(mylist/8994160)Piano:事務員G(mylist/3971593)G...

    always had goosebumps from this part i like the meaning of the song very cute song me too hai todoite imasu anata no utagoe w...

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  • Video search by keyword サイト - 零シリーズ+フリーゲーム 72時間ゲーム実況

    零シリーズ+フリーゲーム 72時間ゲーム実況

    • Starts: Aug 09, 05:00 AM
    • Visitors: 2,553,418
    • Comments: 2,509,921

    【放送内容】 今年もやります!ホラーゲームぶっ通し生放送! 今回は本気で怖い! 様々な恐怖があなたを襲います。 プレイするゲームタイトルは『零 zero』『零 紅い...

  • Video search by keyword サイト - ガンホー公式パズドラ生放送~降臨チャレンジ10本勝負~


    • Starts: Feb 20, 01:00 AM
    • Visitors: 2,371,655
    • Comments: 840,767

    今回の放送は、『パズル&ドラゴンズ』2周年を記念して、 今まで登場してきた降臨ダンジョンの中から選ばれた10本に連続チャレンジ! 今回、強敵との連続バトルに挑...

  • Video search by keyword サイト - ガンホー公式 パズドラ生放送~第7回 ゼウス・ヴァルカン降臨!~

    ガンホー公式 パズドラ生放送~第7回 ゼウス・ヴァ...

    • Starts: Jun 13, 04:00 AM
    • Visitors: 1,879,371
    • Comments: 645,051

    「ガンホー公式 パズドラ生放送」第7回目の放送が決定!! 放送日当日から48時間限定で配信される 新降臨ダンジョン「ゼウス・ヴァルカン降臨!」に AppBankの「むら...

  • Video search by keyword サイト - ガンホー公式 パズドラ生放送~第10回 ゼウス・マーキュリー降臨~

    ガンホー公式 パズドラ生放送~第10回 ゼウス・マ...

    • Starts: Sep 12, 01:00 AM
    • Visitors: 1,427,070
    • Comments: 645,945

    「ガンホー公式 パズドラ生放送」第10回目の放送が決定!! 放送日当日に配信予定の、 新降臨ダンジョン「ゼウス・マーキュリー降臨!」に 初見でチャレンジするぞ!!...

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この項目ではシリーズ全般について記述しています。 ゲームシリーズ第1作については「パラサイト・イヴ(ゲーム)」を参照。 『パラサイト・イヴ』 (PARASITE EVE) とは、瀬名秀明による小説、お...

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