To users that downloaded music
To users that would like to download music
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Music download step

*1 If the uploader does not allow the download function of the video the button will not appear.

*2 The download button will appear below the video player on the Harajuku Version.

*3 Download time may vary.

*4 After the file is downloaded, please close the the pop-up window.


Q Can everyone use this function?
a niconicoユーザーであれば誰でもダウンロードできます。
Q I want to know the recommended setting.
a niconicoヘルプ(パソコンスマートフォン)をご覧ください。なお、一部のスマートフォンでは、正常に動作しない場合があります。
Q Please tell us the file format that will be downloaded.
a AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). The following information will be inserted from metadata.
Song Title : Video name, Artist name : Uploader name, artwork (Jacket) : Video thumbnail, album name : video name


  • Downloading audio might differ from videos.
  • Download may be unavailable by the rights holder's decision.